That's Mayor Jason Kelce to you, Philadelphia

That's Mayor Jason Kelce to you, Philadelphia

Thank you for your service, Jim Kenney. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors as you have officially been replaced.

The honorable Mayor Kelce, your term has officially begun. Seriously.

Ok, well, kinda. At least Wikipedia says so.

After his epic, accurately profane Eagles victory parade diatribe, Kelce saw his name appear on the Mayor of Philadelphia's Wikipedia page over the last few days to reflect his new title as Mayor of Philadelphia (it's since been changed, but you can see it in the picture above).

That's one thing. An actual nameplate in City Hall is another. And Kelce has a crudely drawn amateur art project one of those, too!

Check this out:

This all now has us imagining Kelce in a new, obnoxiously shiny and glittery Mummers outfit screaming until his blood vessels burst in City Council chambers about the soda tax.

Good times.

Joel Embiid roasts Colin Cowherd for Sixers prediction

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Joel Embiid roasts Colin Cowherd for Sixers prediction

Colin Cowherd was worried about Sixers fans blowing up his Twitter account.

Really, his chief concern should have been Joel Embiid.

"The minute that game's over," Cowherd said, "my Twitter account's going to literally be in flames."

Embiid, a social media virtuoso, made certain Cowherd's nightmare came true.

You see, the Sixers on Wednesday night won their 40th game of the season by blasting the 19-win Grizzlies, 119-105, at the Wells Fargo Center (see observations).

Prior to the season's start, Cowherd, a host of the FS1 show "The Herd," lambasted the thought of Brett Brown's team achieving such a feat.

So a little wager was made:

"You know what I don't like about this, I don't like a couple of pro athletes … suddenly ganging up on me," Cowherd said, joking around. "I'm not a big fan of this."

That's too bad.

Embiid and Simmons felt no sympathy after the victory.

COLIN COWARD.... Coach deserves a lot of credit #40wins #TheProcess

A post shared by Joel "The Process" Embiid (@joelembiid) on

Now, Philly just needs to get the guy his jersey.

Maybe Embiid can sign it for him: "Trust the Process."

Meanwhile, these guys have 40 wins ... and they're not done yet.

Villanova hits icy patch on road to Final Four


Villanova hits icy patch on road to Final Four

The Philadelphia area — Villanova is not located *in* Philly proper — is being blasted by a huge snowstorm on Wednesday.

Could it keep the Wildcats from getting off campus and out of Philadelphia for the big NCAA Tournament game on Friday against West Virginia up in Boston?

It could! Check out the footage of their bus getting caught on the ice:

But the answer to the above question is probably "no." Jay Wright said they made it out OK.

The key takeaway here? The road to the Final Four needs to be properly plowed and salted.