Watch: Ben Simmons dominated some amateurs in Australia, barely tried and finished with 34 points

Footage of Ben Simmons playing in a basketball game in Australia has been making the rounds and the Sixers rookie showed off some hops with a couple of nice dunks.

In addition to seeing Simmons looking healthy on the court making players attempting to guard him look foolish, one of the underrated aspects of the video is hearing Australian newscasters describe the game.

The game is described as a "social match" which seems to me like a glorified pickup game featuring a bunch of amateurs. Simmons clearly outclasses everyone on the court. It seems as if Simmons was simply filling in as a favor to a friend.

Here's how the DailyMail described Ben dominating:

From slam dunks to look-away passes and long range shots it was as if his opponents didn't exist as Simmons totaled 34 points.

'He didn't try until the last quarter and then scored like 15 in a row and dunked on two blokes... I've never seen anything like it,' one spectator told the Herald Sun.

You can enjoy two local newscasts talking about the big event below.