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What does Joel Embiid do when he's bored at practice?

CAMDEN, N.J. — Just when you thought you saw it all from Joel Embiid against the Pistons, he expanded his offensive game the next day at practice.

Embiid isn’t limited to just a basketball. He proved Tuesday he can score with an exercise ball as well.

The afternoon after posting a monster 30 points in the Sixers' first win of the season, Embiid did soccer-type footwork drills with a medicine ball. Then he shot the ball and managed to land it atop the rim.

At that point, there was nothing left to do but walk away in victory. 

Embiid grew up playing soccer. He attended an exhibition game in Wales prior to the  Champions League this past June, where he discussed his passion for the sport.

"I played futbol my whole life so [I play] whenever I get the chance. I got some skills," Embiid said at the time.