WWE legend Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat once lost his pet iguana in the Spectrum


WWE legend Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat once lost his pet iguana in the Spectrum

Did any of you happen to see a 6-foot long iguana around the Spectrum or roaming the streets of South Philadelphia sometime back in the '80s? If you did, WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat would probably like to speak with you. Fellow WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (HOOOOOOOOOOO!) was interviewed by Brian Haddad on WIP last night and shared yet another tale of Spectrum lore, this one about the time Steamboat lost his pet iguana somewhere in the arena and never saw it again. The building was a stronghold of the then-WWF during pro wrestling’s territory era of the 1970s and 80s and the organization would hold shows multiple times a year there during that time period. During last night’s interview, Duggan told Haddad that Steamboat let the iguana loose during one of the WWF’s stops at the Spectrum back in the day and never saw the lizard ever again. “Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat lost his iguana,” Duggan said. “He had a big, giant iguana that he used to carry and it got loose in the Spectrum and disappeared. So the big rumor in the old Philly Spectrum was that the thing grew to six feet long eating grass in the Spectrum.” Grass, spiders, rats, ticket stubs, decades-old stale popcorn – you name it and that runaway iguana probably ate it in the Spectrum. Despite the fact they each no longer exist, old-school WWF and the Spectrum are gifts that just keep on giving.

Eagles-hater Pete Morelli allowed to referee future Birds' games

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Eagles-hater Pete Morelli allowed to referee future Birds' games

If you like penalties and hate the Eagles, you clicked on the right story.

Alleged Eagles hater Pete Morelli will be allowed to referee future Birds' games after the league found no signs of bias towards the Eagles. 

How's this for bias? In a Week 6 win over the Panthers, the Eagles were flagged 10 times for 126 yards. Compare that to the Panthers' one penalty for one yard and you see the problem.

But it wasn't the first time Morelli got flag-happy against the Eagles. In Morelli's last 4 Eagles' games — all away from the Linc — his crew has thrown 40 penalties for 396 yards to opponents' eight penalties for 74 yards. I'm not a numbers guy, but something seems off here.

In true Philly sports fashion, the Eagles will now reach the Super Bowl where Morelli and Co. will be waiting to rain yellow on the field leading to an Andy Reid-led Chiefs' victory where Reid orchestrates an efficient two-minute game-winning drive, perfectly utilizing all three timeouts. 

Sixers caricature t-shirt giveaway for Opening Night is fantastic


Sixers caricature t-shirt giveaway for Opening Night is fantastic

Ask any NBA expert in the land and they'll tell you that the Philadelphia 76ers are a vastly improved product on the court this season.

We're talkin' bout playoffs.

But in similarly good news for local fans attending tonight's home opener against the Celtics, the team appears to have upped their game in the giveaway department as well.

Fans attending tonight's Opening Night against Boston will receive a pretty dope caricature t-shirt featuring all of your favorite Sixers, courtesy of Independence Blue Cross.

I don't know who looks cooler: Joel Embiid with his 'fro (RIP) or Brett Brown with the biggest grin on his face knowing he finally has a healthy Ben Simmons running the show.

"It’s really special to have this level of support and excitement for the Philadelphia 76ers from our incredible fans across the Greater Philadelphia Area, and from the basketball community as a whole,” Chris Heck, 76ers President of Business Operations, said. “We look forward to harnessing our fans’ intensity, energy and passion in front of a sold-out crowd on Opening Night."

The team is also rolling out a new way for fans to be seen on the jumbotron at the Wells Fargo Center during the game, via the PhilaFanGram, "an innovative camera system that allows fans to uniquely capture their game day experience in the stands."