Tony Wroten made a YouTube movie about the Sixers' young rap group

Tony Wroten made a YouTube movie about the Sixers' young rap group

The 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers may only have something like six actual NBA players (says Brett Brown), but at least they have a rap group, ammirite?!? Shit this is gonna be a long season.

No, really. Apparently some of the youngsters on the Sixers roster including Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Wroten have formed a rap group they call "whop." As Thad Young explains, "They're actually not bad. They have like three legit songs."

What does "whop" stand for? "We handle our problems," apparently. I'm curious how they'll handle the Atlantic Division.

Tony Wroten also made a YouTube movie about them. So there's that.

Instant Analysis:

1. This video was directed by Wroten and someone named "Tom Official."

2. This video introduces "Team Whop," comprised of Wroten, Michael-Carter Williams and partially-guaranteed, undrafted rookie free agents Khalif Wyatt and Vander Blue.

3. The video's YouTube summary reads as follows: "Introducing Team WHOP :Vander Blue , Khalif Wyatt , Michael Carter williams , Tony Wroten ...all of the 76ers . Step into the lives of a few young men who continue to make their dreams come true . Making it to the NBA to becoming entertainment moguls to becoming solid young leaders !! L'S ...we handle our problems"

4. The season hasn't started, three of them are rookies, it's possible only three of the four will wind up on the opening-night roster, and they're already beginning to talk about their futures as entertainment moguls.

5. They're already out of milk, which means before they can become entertainment moguls, Michael Carter-Williams is going to have to first master cereal.

6. Thad Young can't talk about this without laughing and appears to inhabit a strange space between: "I honestly think this is funny / I mean I don't get it, but they're good guys / Really the whole thing is pretty silly / Holy shit, we are going to be so bad."

7. Wroten introduces a story a little more than three minutes in with, "We was in Spain ... or Manchester ... or one of those."

8. Their patented handshake consists of two back-hand pumps and two inside-left-thigh slaps with a slight backwards lean.

9. They do own an iron and an ironing board.

10. The elevator scene at the 5:23 mark.


12. Chubby baby in an orange hoodie at 6:40:

13. To be continued ...

NBC Sports Philadelphia Internship - Advertising/Sales


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Joel Embiid 'surprised' by amount of playing time in Sixers' opener

Joel Embiid 'surprised' by amount of playing time in Sixers' opener

WASHINGTON — In the end, Joel Embiid’s playing time was a non-issue.

After days of frustration leading up to opening night, Embiid played just three seconds shy of 27 minutes against the Wizards. That far surpassed the 16 minutes he anticipated a day earlier on Tuesday. 

“I was surprised,” Embiid said following the Sixers’ 120-115 loss (see observations). “I was expecting way less than that, but it just shows you they trust me.”

Brett Brown had maintained Embiid’s minutes were going to be more flexible than last year and he wasn’t locked into a specific number by the medical staff. Initially, Brown projected Embiid would play somewhere in the teens, but the game presented an opportunity for him to log more. 

Embiid had played 21:38 through three quarters and it seemed, based on last season, he was done for the night. The coaching staff calculated Embiid had over 20 minutes to rest between the third and the fourth quarters, so Brown put him back into the game with just over five minutes to play. He finished the game with 18 points, 13 rebounds, three assists, a block and four turnovers. 

“It’s a range,” Brown said. “It’s more of a plan that we have this year than a restriction. When you look at and you feel the flow of the game, that’s where the variables come in.”

Embiid wants open lines of communication between him and the medical staff — for him to know what its planning and for him to be honest about how he is feeling.

“It’s on me to not lie to them and tell them how my body feels when I’m tired,” Embiid said. “At some point through the game I was tired and I told them to take me out.”

Embiid is ready for a new outlook on his availability moving forward. 

“We’ve got to stop calling it 'minutes restrictions,'" Embiid said. "There’s a plan with that — it’s just go out and play. If you’re tired, get out because injuries happen more often when you’re tired.”