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Washington Nationals in first place despite struggles of their star outfielder
Thu, 12 September 2013
The Baltimore Orioles are, in most ways, a better baseball team than they were last year. – Last year, they scored 712 runs. This year, they are on pace to score 760. – Last year, they gave up 705 runs. This year, they are on pace to give up a similar 712. – Last year,…
Tue, 10 September 2013
With his win over Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open on Monday, Rafael Nadal may have seized the mantle as the best player of a generation that also includes Roger Federer.
Fri, 6 September 2013
Anything can happen on the football field -- especially when Peyton Manning is under center.
Thu, 5 September 2013

Denver likes its quarterback, Peyton Manning. But it won't revere him until he brings home a title.

Tue, 3 September 2013

Hard as it may be to believe, even if he never plays another down, Tim Tebow has had a better NFL career than nearly all of the 15 other Heisman Trophy winning QBs of the past 25 years.

Thu, 29 August 2013

Bob Davie, Ty Willingham and Charlie Weis all failed after initial success at Notre Dame. What will set Brian Kelly apart? "He understands us," his players say.

Wed, 28 August 2013
There seems to be an impression out there that pitchers get hurt today more than they ever did before. It seems that every time a high profile pitcher gets hurt — the latest of these being Mets phenom Matt Harvey — that we get a rash of stories like this one from my friend Terry…
Mon, 26 August 2013
Who is Player of the Year? When evaluating greatness, for a season or a career, majors are the measuring stick, writes Joe Posnanski.
Fri, 23 August 2013
Tony Gonzalez has caught more passes, set more more records and played in more games than any tight end in history. But the one thing he's missing brought Gonzalez back for one final season.
Thu, 22 August 2013
First of all, the Ichiro getting to 4,000 total hits thing is awesome. No qualifier. It’s awesome. Ichiro is a singular player, absolutely one-of-a-kind. No player in Major League Baseball history has stockpiled hits as quickly as Ichiro Suzuki. He has 2,722 hits in his first 13 seasons — that’s 175 more than Pete Rose.…
Wed, 21 August 2013
This is about the Philadelphia Phillies, but let’s start with the Chiefs. I have always been fascinated by the Kansas City Chiefs of the 1970s. You probably know that the Chiefs of the late 1960s and early 1970s were among the best teams in football. They played in Super Bowl I, and they won Super…
Mon, 19 August 2013
A lot of people are talking about the awesomeness of Miguel Cabrera … and rightfully so. He’s the best hitter on earth right now. I love watching the guy hit baseballs. Thing is, I heard someone on television the other day say something like: “I’ve never seen a better hitter than Miguel Cabrera.” And I…
Sat, 17 August 2013
What is it good for? Joe Posnanski has some beef with how it will shape the AL MVP race.
Fri, 16 August 2013

Already late in replay reform, MLB's proposed challenge system is a very poorly conceived idea.

Thu, 15 August 2013
How can one understand the unrivaled level of passion Premier League fans boast for their clubs and sport? View it through their eyes.