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Razor Dobbs Alive
About Razor Dobbs Alive
October 4, 2011, 10:10 am

Razor Dobbs Alive
Razor Dobbs takes the television screen by storm as he hunts tirelessly through bush veld thorn and desert sand for the ultimate connection with Mother Earth. A total departure form the predictable hunting show format, RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE delves into all areas of the psyche including the supernatural -all while hunting big game from America to Africa. Razor Dobbs holds nothing back and delivers like no other host on television. RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE is hunting entertainment at it's best.

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Through the eyes of hunter Razor Dobbs, it's a different world...a world of vibrant emotion and intense passion for the dirt, thorns, tusks and antlers that he relentlessly pursues on a daily basis. A survivor of numerous near death experiences, including nearly fatal elephant charge, he lives the highs and perils of hunting big game that he's dreamed about since he was a kid.

Born and raised in Texas, he got his first rifle at the age of 8 and has never looked back. Razor's opinionated attitude is definitely Texan but he's far from the stereotypical, easy going, "Texas Good Old Boy." Razor is all about mega intensity big game hunting and high-energy living pivoting on chaos and control. "Were not walking on a groomed golf course here," says Razor, "...every situation is a potential live wire."

Eccentric as Razor is with his odd colored bows, long hair, black beret and fascination with sushi, it doesn't over shadow his hunting prowess. Instead, his eccentricities create a contagious energy that can't be ignored or denied. All in all, Razor's passion delivers an entertainment dynamic to the screen that the shooting sports world has never seen. Razor is authentic. Razor is relentless. Razor is the new face of outdoors television.

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