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Saltwater Experience
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June 1, 2011, 11:06 am

Saltwater Experience
Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor have won over 200 tournament titles and 7000 + professional, guided days between them. Join them as they share their knowledge of inshore and offshore saltwater fishing in a fun and educational format. Utilizing the latest HD camera equipment and the most skilled production team in outdoor television, Saltwater Experience highlights the natural beauty of the Florida Keys as well as the indigenous wildlife above and below the water. Don't miss Saltwater Experience on Versus!

left/NBCSports/Sections/Fishing/Saltwater Experience/SE Tom Main.jpg164048000left#000000http://msnbcmedia.msn.com1PfalsefalseTom Rowland
For the last 12 years, Tom has spent hours daily, perfecting his flycasting and teaching techniques. In Los Angeles, Tom recorded a 131 foot fly cast with a standard 5 weight fly line and 9 foot graphite fly rod. In 2000, Tom competed in the inaugural ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY and won two medals, a silver in the Flycasting division and a Gold in the Overall. Since 1997, Tom Rowland's tournament record includes more than 65 championships, divisional wins or top 5 finishes in international, national, regional and local tournaments for a wide variety of species. If his name or face is familiar, it may be because he has demonstrated at fishing shows around the country, published articles and photography in books and magazines and filmed more than 25 nationally televised fishing shows before creating Saltwater Experience. Saltwater Experience is the culmination of Tom Rowland's fishing goals by allowing others to see what captivates Tom to obsession. See Tom in Saltwater Experience on Versus.

left/NBCSports/Sections/Fishing/Saltwater Experience/SE Rich Main.jpg164048000left#000000http://msnbcmedia.msn.com1PfalsefalseRich Tudor
Captain Rich Tudor grew up living and fishing in south Florida and the Florida Keys. He and his family lived and worked in Homestead, Florida, but they spent every free moment at their weekend home on Long Key. Fishing was a way of life in the Tudor home. During summer, spring and Christmas vacations, he worked as a mate on the top Islamorada charter boats. This is when he first realized he could make a living doing what he loved. Rich quickly earned his captain's license and started chartering offshore boats as well as guiding inshore. He has now teamed up with his top tournament rival, Captain Tom Rowland. Together they have become one of top teams in the world of competitive inshore saltwater fishing. On January 2003, in there first IFA Mercury Ranger Redfish tournament together, they finished 2nd out of 125 professional teams. Their combination of professionalism and performance has made the one of most highly sponsored teams on the redfish tour.See Rich in Saltwater Experience on Versus.

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