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January 30, 2012, 9:01 am

Season on the Edge
Our show goes beyond the boundaries of your typical fishing show. We are explorers, seeking those places that are off the beaten path, sometimes dangerous and always exciting. Season on the Edger has an adventurous spirit, shows concern for the environment, and exhibits a stylized look and production quality that is usually only associated with film making.

In every episode we fish, we travel, we hang out with people that are pretty cool if not a little crazy. We invite ourselves into their best drinking establishments, food places, barbecue joints and Honky-Tonks. We fish some more, talk a lot of trash, walk the edge if it helps us catch big fish, walk the extreme edge if it helps us catch bigger fish. We explore the culture of each location especially if it means more good food and drink, sometimes we even find good music (the chances of that increase if we're talking Blues or Country). We wrap it all up by fishing some more. Let's just say every show is a heck of an adventure.

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Ken fishes, he films and he's been doing both most of his life. He thought he would be a professional football player until he played college football (University of Washington). That fantasy came to a crashing halt when he found out (to no one else's surprise) he had no hands. Being much better at catching fish than footballs he graduated from college to pursue the life of an Alaskan fishing guide/film maker. He spends his summers guiding for the Rainbow Bay Resort Hunting and Fishing Lodge in Pedro Bay, Alaska and his off season (if he's not fishing) he works in the film industry.

"Fishing is a funny thing. I remember my first fish, a cockeyed Goggle Eye that I caught when I was 7 years old. I kid you not, a Goggle Eye with a crooked eye. I asked my Dad what kind of fish this was and he said "a Goggle Eye", I thought my Dad was crazy. It didn't matter, this sickly fish sparked a fire that has consumed me since. Only one other fish in my life I remember as vividly, my first Largemouth Bass. I was 13 and caught this fish on a Black and Yellow Hula Popper. It weighed 4 pounds, the cut off weight in which a Largemouth becomes a "Respectable" Largemouth. I carried it like a medal as I walked into my father's Rod and Gun club. His friends would stop to admire it, ask me how I caught it and what I caught it on. Then each would reach into their pockets to slip me a dollar bill. Big money in those days. I was so proud of that fish! The great adult fisherman of the Rod and Gun Club asked me for information on matters of fishing, and then paid me to boot! This is why I film. I would trade every fish I have ever caught to have filmed these two moments of my life. When I'm guiding in Alaska and I see a client hooked to a fish of his lifetime I don't reach for a net, I reach for my camera because I know to land the fish on film will land it forever."

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