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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho responds to fans' questions
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January 10, 2014, 11:45 am

The following fan interview with Jose Mourinho is running in the current issue of Chelsea magazine. If you'd like to ask Mourinho a question, you can tweet your question to @chelseafc using #CFCMag or, alternatively, you can email A selection of the best and most original questions will be put to the manager, with his answers appearing in the magazine.

Here's what Mourinho had to say:

Q: What is your opinion on striker pairings re-surfacing this season in the Premier League? Can playing two up front justify losing control in midfield? (Sébastien C. @SeBlueLion, via Twitter)

Mourinho: "Two strikers is always an option, but it is not adapted to the strengths of our squad. We have lots of good players behind the strikers and our style of play is based on their dynamic and their creativity. So, we are more of a 4-2-3-1 team."

Q: Does it give you more pleasure watching your team win a hard-fought battle of a game than watching them walk over someone 4 or 5-0? (Andy Simms @Simms91, via Twitter)

Mourinho: "Football is about the balance between quality and mentality. Of course, I love to win easily with great attacking football, but I enjoy it a lot when there is a hard battle and a team has to really fight to get the points."

Q: What do you write in your notepad during the game? (Luca Andreacchio, via Facebook)

Mourinho: "During the first half of the game, I prepare the half-time team talk. I read the first half, I take my notes, I prepare my interventions at half-time based on the notes and where I feel I can help my players. So, I make the notes in order to be ready to make my changes."

Q: How much time do you spend studying the opposition in terms of their strengths and weaknesses? (Tomandrewscfc, via Instagram)

Mourinho: "It depends. I have my staff who start studying the opposition a few weeks before each match and they give me all they have about them the week before the match. Then, I read and watch what they have prepared, I organise the week’s training sessions in relation to the opposition and our game plan and I normally watch three of the opponent’s matches."

Q: Are there any books you recommend for aspiring coaches? (Lawrence S @LawrenceShamieh, via Twitter)

Mourinho: "There are a lot of books now and the internet is full of options, but I would say the best thing is to watch football -– not as a fan, but with a coach’s eyes -– and to analyse matches. After that, develop a philosophy by yourself. Books are no more than a way to discover more football culture."

Q: How can you predict if a young player has a bright future or not? (Nizar Tabka, via Facebook)

Mourinho: "When a young player is top, you know. You feel it. They come to train with the first team and with the first details they say: 'I am here!'"

Q: You have been fortunate enough to work with both Ronaldos. Which one was best at his peak? (Zobayr Nader, via Facebook)

Mourinho: "I had Ronaldo and Ronaldo; I had Figo and Stoichkov; I had Ibrahimovic and Drogba; I had Lampard and Terry ... I had, I had, I had ... dozens of top, top players! I also had the ones without the same talent, but with big hearts -– and they gave everything to me."

The latest edition of Chelsea magazine will be available to download via tablet starting January 13 at


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