Playoff Predictions: On the outside looking in


Playoff Predictions: On the outside looking in

The list of teams still in playoff contention keeps getting smaller and smaller, but another crazy weekend could make it a lot bigger. Not included in the playoff conversation are several teams who are just outside of the committee's radar for serious contenders.

Temple, Houston and Toledo are all currently undefeated. None of those teams make this week's list of playoff projections, however, because non of them have a strong power conference win. Memphis has the win over Ole Miss, but even they remain a long shot. Perfection may not be good enough for Group of Five teams to reach the playoff.

The ACC Coastal Division is a three-horse race between Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Duke who all currently have 6-1 records. One of those teams is going to play for the conference championship. What happens if they win? These three teams are power conference teams with only one loss. Aren't they playoff contenders?

Not yet.

None of those three teams is going to get any real consideration until the go 11-1. Even then, they will still need to win the championship game and even then, would a one-loss Pittsburgh have a better resume than say, a one-loss Alabama? Of course not.

And let's not forget all those strong two-loss teams like Wisconsin, Northwestern, UCLA, Georgia, Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Can all of those teams be dismissed just because they have two losses?

For now, pretty much. The two-loss plateau is enough to eliminate teams from serious contention in my book. A lot would have to happen for those re-emerge into the conversation. There would have to be chaos over the next few weeks, more chaos than we are used to even from college football.

That's not to say that none of these teams can eventually crack into the playoff projections. Temple will make the list next week should they upset Notre Dame. If a Coastal team manages to go 11-1, of course the selection committee will take notice. The Pac-12 and the SEC could easily be won by a two-loss team which would completely change the landscape of the current projections.

This list is a projection, however, not a ranking. A Group of Five team is not going to make the playoff, the Coastal Champion will not be 11-1 and they certainly won't beat Clemson (will they Miami?) and the committee won't be able to overlook two losses on a team's resume.

Probably....This is college football after all. Nothing is certain.

You know which teams didn't make the cut, so who did? See here in this week's College Football Playoff projections.

Not only did UMBC own Virginia on the court, they owned the Twitter world

USA Today Sports Images

Not only did UMBC own Virginia on the court, they owned the Twitter world

They said it could not be done, no No. 16 seed would ever beat a No. 1 seed. The odds would be too great and the obstacle too steep.

As we all know, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), just proved that all wrong.


All season the top-ranked Virginia Cavaliers dominated their opponents. They dictated pace, held opponents to less than 55 points, and smothered teams by forcing turnovers.

The roles filled on Friday evening and with an up-tempo 74-54 victory, UMBC proved the impossible.

The hardwood is not the only place that UMBC owned last night, they grabbed headlines, attention, and thousands of fans (literally) on Twitter.

Someone grabbed a hold of the UMBC Athletics Twitter account and took the upset by storm.

It all started when Seth Davis poked the bear:

and they were relentless.

Oh yeah, I forgot Seth Davis:

Then they started get snarky and owning everyone:

As someone who graduated from a commuter school, I can relate:

More Seth Davis:

Back to Twitter:

I guess that application wave actually was a thing or people wanted to know what ‘UMBC’ stood for:

Game. Set. History.

Now here come the shots against other schools:

Yeah, don’t jump on this bandwagon Terps fans. Stay in College Park:

I did not take long for other social media icons to start reaching out:

Oh and Seth Davis eventually did apologize:

Started the night at 5,588 and jumped up to 51.7 K. No one cares what you think Steven:

If you liked what you saw thank Zach Seidel, not an intern, not a student athlete who provided those tweets last night.

Zach, you just earned yourself a raise and we’ll see you in the Second Round.

NCAA Tournament 2018: UMBC vs. Kansas State Second Round, time, TV channel, how to watch

USA Today Sports Images

NCAA Tournament 2018: UMBC vs. Kansas State Second Round, time, TV channel, how to watch

After shocking the world and doing what no other team has done before, the UMBC Retrievers are not done yet.

Yes, UMBC became the first No. 16 seed to knock off a No. 1 seed. And against a Virginia team that was the only dominant squad in all of college basketball, no one expected it (except Troy Machir).

Remember the Retrievers barely made it to the NCAA tournament with a buzzer-beater from Jairus Lyles.  

Lyles scored a game-high 28 points in their historic upset as the team went 50 percent from behind the arc with 12 three-pointers.

Up next they play No. 9 Kansas State who looked shaky in their First Round win over Creighton. Can the Cinderella run for the Retrievers continue? Either way anything they do would be a first for a No. 16 seed going forward.

Virginia and UNC UMBC will match up on Sunday in Charlotte, NC. 

Here is the NCAA Tournament information:


UMBC vs. Kansas State How to Watch

What: 2018 NCAA Tournament Second Round, South Region

Who: No. 16 UMBC (25-10, 12-4 America East) vs. No. 9 Kansas State (23-11, 10-8 Big 12)

When: 7:45 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 18.

Where: Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

TV Channel: TruTV

Online Stream:  March Madness Live on

TV Announcers: TBA Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Grant Hill (analyst), Bill Raftery (analyst), Tracy Wolfson (reporter)

Twitter: @UVAMensHoops, @KStateMBB


UMBC vs. Kansas State Bracket Analysis

How They Got Here: UMBC (Auto-bid, America East Champions), Kansas State (at-large)

Previous Meeting: First Meeting

Next Round: Winner of No. 5 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Buffalo

South Region Bracket:

No. 16 UMBC vs. No. 9 Kansas State
No. 5 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Buffalo

No. 11 Loyola Chicago vs. No. 3 Tennessee
No. 7 Nevada vs. No. 2 Cincinnati

UMBC vs. Kansas State Betting Spread, Lines & Odds

Favorites: N/A
Over/Under: N/A
Money Line: N/A
Against The Spread: UMBC is 4-1 ATS this season, Kansas State is 15-16 ATS.

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