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Dos and don'ts for still enjoying this Sunday while the Redskins are off on their bye


Dos and don'ts for still enjoying this Sunday while the Redskins are off on their bye

Bye weeks can be tricky for NFL fans. While everyone else's teams are busy tossing touchdowns, being penalized for idiotic blocks in the back on punt returns and picking off DeShone Kizer, you're left looking forward to the next week of action.

That somewhat empty feeling is one Redskins supporters will experience this weekend, as Washington will be on its bye along with three other franchises. But a fun football Sunday can still be had by all Burgundy and Gold lovers, as long as they pursue it properly.

And to pursue it properly, those Burgundy and Gold lovers should follow these dos and don'ts.


Do: Watch the NFL.

You may be thinking that, since the Redskins are off on Sunday, you can use your newfound free time to do things like take your kids to the pumpkin patch or get that lunch with the neigbors you don't really like but have to be polite to out of the way.

If you find yourself thinking that way, here's a tip: Stop. You're acting like a crazy person. This isn't to say you are a crazy person, just that you're acting like one.

There are only 17 NFL Sundays every year. You must cherish each and every one; they're simply too precious to be discarded just because the 'Skins aren't suiting up. When pro football isn't going on, after all, the viewing options on a typical Sunday are bowling or season 24, episode 9 of House Hunters (that's the one where newlyweds need to find a house before the wedding, apparently).

Cheer on the Packers as they play the Cowboys. Watch Ravens-Raiders to see if Joe Flacco can somehow push his QB rating to a sub-zero level. Whatever you do, just tune in to Week 5, even without the promise of a Redskins game. 

Don't: Wake up early.

Kirk Cousins, Ryan Kerrigan and all those other players are on their bye. You can treat this Sunday as yours, too.

The last two Redskins matchups have been primetime affairs. Add those late nights to long work weeks, and your sleep schedule is probably starting to resemble where the Giants are in the NFC East: behind.

Fortunately, with Washington off, there are no tailgates to prepare for or any last-second scouting of opponents to do. In fact, there's not even an inevitable blowout in London to laugh at in the morning. While you should still be in front of the TV for the one o'clock showdowns, there's no point in getting up much earlier than that if you can avoid it.


Do: Reacquaint yourself with those closest to you.

While you'll still be paying close attention to the gridiron goings on, you won't have to do so as intensely because the Redskins won't be involved. Therefore, it's the perfect chance for you to have conversations with and reconnect to those living in your home.

Ask your spouse or significant other deep questions like, "How are you?" and "What have you been up to since Week 1?" Have a kid in school? Try this line on 'em: "What grade are you in again?"

After their break, the Redskins will return and play for the next 12 weeks. So this Sunday represents a chance to rekindle relationships with friends and family right before you return to ignoring them for another three months (or four if Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed get going).

Don't: Start any Redskins in your fantasy league.

Chris Thompson has been a beast this year, but racking up points for your squad in your PPR league while on a bye is something even he can't do.

BONUS DO: Subscribe to NBC Sports Washington's #RedskinsTalk podcast.

How do you like your podcasts? Full of exclusive player interviews, instant postgame analysis and banter between hosts who spend too much time too close together?

Then NBC Sports Washington's #RedskinsTalk pod is the one for you. Worth mentioning: A new one drops Sunday, because there is no bye week for producing strong, in-depth content.

Click here for the #RedskinsTalk on Apple Podcastshere for Google Play.

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Five takeaways from the Redskins' humiliating loss to the Chargers

USA Today Sports

Five takeaways from the Redskins' humiliating loss to the Chargers

CARSON, CA—Here are five observations from the Redskins' disappointing loss to the Chargers.

If you can’t overcome adversity, this is what happens: The last two weeks the Redskins have faced some tough times. And instead of responding by fighting back against the Cowboys last week and the Chargers today, they have folded. Teams in the NFL are pretty even in terms of talent. Most will go through bad stretches at some point during a given game. It’s how you respond to the challenges when they arise that often makes the difference between winning and losing. The Redskins’ inability to respond left them way in the dust the last two games.

Kirk Cousins isn’t there yet: This was another game where you couldn’t really blame the quarterback for the loss but at the same time he didn’t do enough to pull the team to a win. He made some good throws but two in particular—the one that was tipped and intercepted to set up a Chargers field goal and the overthrow of Vernon Davis on fourth down when the Redskins had a chance to make it a game—were costly. Again, I don’t expect Cousins to put 30 points on the board by himself. But along with the rest of the team, he didn’t do enough in response to adversity.

The defense has fallen apart: This is no longer a fluke, it’s an epidemic. They have allowed 30 points or more in six of their last eight games. Sure, they have been hit with injuries but today they lined up nine Week 1 starters. I’ll bet that compares favorably to many other teams around the NFL. I’m not sure if it needs to be totally rebuilt but it certainly needs another solid draft and a free agent or two.

The Redskins tried to balance the offense: At one point in the third quarter, the Redskins had nearly the same number of running plays as passing plays. That was a good plan but the Redskins just couldn’t sustain anything on offense. They ran just 50 plays and went two for 12 on third down. You just aren’t going to win doing that.

Breeland gets first defensive TD of the year: They could have used it much earlier but Bashaud Breeland got a hold of a pass in the fourth quarter and bolted 96 yards for the Redskins’ first defensive TD of the season. Jay Gruden talked about the need to get big plays, game-changing plays, especially if you can’t convert on third down. If that had come earlier, it would have qualified. As it was, it just made the final score less embarrassing.

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Redskins fail to be competitive on offense or defense vs. the Chargers

USA Today Sports

Redskins fail to be competitive on offense or defense vs. the Chargers

CARSON, Calif. — The Redskins limped to the finish line in Week 14 against the Chargers, resulting in the team's least inspiring game of the season.

Here are my observations during the Redskins’ 30-13 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

—The Chargers had a opening good drive going but Anthony Lanier tipped a third-down pass to stall it in the red zone.

A lot of fans missed the drive as this photo shows.


—It was shades of the Redskins’ loss in Kansas City as the Redskins gave help in the form of major penalties to give a hand to an offense that didn’t really need it. The drive was 10 plays, 92 yards, with a pass interference, facemask, and personal foul moving things along for the home team. It’s 10-0 and the Redskins have run five plays with one first down.

—It’s getting late early for the Redskins. Kirk Cousins overthrew a pass intended for Vernon Davis with two defenders in the vicinity. The safety tipped it and linebacker Kyle Emanuel picked it off and returned it to the Redskins 29. The defense held and the Chargers got a field goal to take a 13-0 lead.

—The Redskins got what they needed with some good plays by Cousins to make up for the bad interception. He found Ryan Grant down the middle for 28 yards and then he threw a nice pass to Niles Paul to convert and fourth and two. Three plays later he bought time and threw to Vernon Davis for 23 yards and a touchdown. The Redskins had life at 13-6. 

— One play after the Redskins made it a one-score game, Rivers aired it out to receiver Tyrell Williams, who had left Josh Norman a few steps behind him. The pass was on the money to complete the 75-yard TD play.

—After Cousins and Davis just missed connections on a fourth-down pass:

—The Redskins make it to halftime trailing by “only” 17. The Chargers have racked up 354 yards of offense in the first half. Six times this year the Redskins have given up fewer than that in an entire game. 

—After the Chargers’ first punt:

—Just before the Chargers made it worse by scoring a TD to go up 30-6:

—The Redskins didn’t come to play today. The defense, which is missing only three Week 1 starters, just couldn’t stop the Chargers offense. And the offense had some chances to make it a shootout type of game but something always went wrong.

—My friend Dale Earnhardt Jr. sums it up well here:

Fan analysis

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.