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On the fringes of the playoff picture, the Redskins have a chance to make a run

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On the fringes of the playoff picture, the Redskins have a chance to make a run

At the midpoint of their season, the Redskins find themselves where they often do at this time of year.

They are in the playoff picture if you use a wide-angle lens.

They can remain relevant but they don’t have much of a margin for error.

At 4-4, the Redskins are currently the 10th seed in the NFC. The top six make the playoffs so, yes, they have some work to do.

They are behind two other 4-4 teams, the Falcons and Lions, due to their conference record. The Redskins are 3-3 in the NFC, with the three losses coming against the NFC East and the three wins against the NFC West. They can help themselves tremendously in the coming weeks, with games coming up against the Vikings and Saints. If they can notch those two conference wins, they will be sitting in good shape in that tiebreaker category.


The Redskins picked up a potentially big tiebreaker with their win over the Seahawks. Seattle currently sits a game ahead of the Redskins at 5-3 but if the two teams do wind up with the same record, the Redskins will have the upper hand with their head-to-head victory. Their earlier win over the Rams could help them in the same way if the Seahawks rise up and take the NFC West and Los Angeles is in the wild card hunt.

None of this will matter if the Redskins can’t take advantage of their softening schedule over the last six games of the season. So far, the Redskins have played eight games and their opponents have won a combined 42 games. That is the second-most in the NFC. That may help them as strength of schedule is on the list of tiebreakers but it is fifth in priority, so it’s unlikely to come into play.


After two more games against the division leading Vikings and Saints, both 6-2, they have one more game against a team that currently has a winning record. That one is against the 5-3 Cowboys in Dallas, a game that shapes up to be big in terms of the standings, head-to-head record, and division and conference records.

The other games are against the 1-7 Giants (twice), the 4-4 Cardinals, and the Broncos and Chargers, both 3-5. Those are not guaranteed wins by any stretch but if they play the second half of the schedule as well as they played the first half against a buzzsaw, they may be in good shape when it comes to sorting out the teams in and out of the playoffs.

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How the Redskins survived Thanksgiving with the Giants


How the Redskins survived Thanksgiving with the Giants

The Redskins' survived a Thanksgiving night scare from the New York Giants in Week 12 at FedEx Field.

Here are my observations during the Redskins’ “a win is a win” 20-10 victory.

— Jamison Crowder made a diving, reaching catch that gained all of two yards. But it got the Redskins their initial first down of the game after two three and outs so it is noteworthy.

— But the series ended when Josh Doctson went out of bounds just before converting a third and 15. It looks like he could have and the other yard. Then Doctson dropped the fourth and one pass and the Giants took over at their own 41. The mistakes continue to mount and the Redskins continue to allow the Giants to stick around.

Brian Mitchell does not like the flow of the Redskins’ offense.

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— The Giants used a third and 15 conversion and a fourth and one conversion to drive to the first points of the game. There really is no excuse for the third and long as the Giants are severely depleted at receiver and on the offensive line.

— Crowder got lost behind the Giants secondary on third and eight and hauled in a Kirk Cousins pass for 39 yards to the New York 38. It was the first Redskins’ offensive jolt of the day.

— Redskins get first offensive jolt of the day with Cousins to Crowder for 39 yards to the Giants 38, converting a third and eight. But then he dropped a potential third-down conversion and the Redskins had to punt. Again, someone needs to make a play or the season will be over before we eat the first leftover turkey sandwich.

— The Redskins do dent the scoreboard but it’s only a field goal, set up by a pass interference penalty. A sack led to a red zone failure and they settled for three. At least they got to the red zone.

— After catching a 33-yard pass from Cousins, Crowder scored for the first time this year. Kudos to Cousins on the play for scrambling on third down and keeping it alive long enough for Crowder to get open. Redskins 10, Giants 3

— The Redskins are playing some good defense but the Giants offense is making plenty of mistakes. Manning has missed several open receivers. Evan dropped a third-down pass that was on the money. They are showing why they are 2-8.

—  It looked like Cousins’ toe got caught in the turf as he tossed a pass in the direction of Byron Maxwell. The field is not looking too good and that good be responsible for Cousins’ footwork problems. In any case, the ball bounced off of Byron Marshall’s hands and Janoris Jenkins turned it into a game-tying pick six.

— The Redskins got a drive going and moved from their own 10 into Giants territory. But the Giants’ fifth sack of the game ended it and Tress Way came in and punted.

— The Redskins lined up to punt on fourth and one at the New York 40 with about 10 left in the fourth quarter. But apparently Jay Gruden reconsidered and they called timeout and sent the offense back out. But the play clock expired while they were lining up and they had to punt. This is known as not having your act together.

— The Redskins finally untied the game. A holding call bailed them out of a third-down sack and then Cousins converted the next third down on a pass to Crowder. The touchdown was a thing of beauty, a well-timed left-shoulder pass from Cousins to Doctson.

— A fourth-down sack by Junior Galette, his first of the year, gave the Redskins the ball deep in Giants territory. Nick Rose came in and nailed the field goal from 33 yards out.

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Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @Rich_TandlerCSN.

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Kirk Cousins threw an interception and people are blaming the field conditions


Kirk Cousins threw an interception and people are blaming the field conditions

You may have noticed that the grass on Fedex Field looks ... different ... tonight. 

The area between the hash marks looks more yellow-brown compared to the outside green, and it's causing some issues. 

Specifically, this one:

It wasn't the wisest throw of the night from Cousins, but his foot clearly gets caught up under him. 

Noted Sports Fan and cook book author Chrissy Teigen summed it up best: