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Jay Gruden takes some blame for Jamison Crowder's slow start, numbers tell different story

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Jay Gruden takes some blame for Jamison Crowder's slow start, numbers tell different story

Through four games last season, Jamison Crowder had nearly 200 receiving yards on 18 catches and two touchdowns. 

Through four games this season, Jamison Crowder has just over 100 receiving yards on 14 catches with zero touchdowns. 

In his third season with the Redskins, many expected a breakout campaign for Crowder this year after the departure of Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson from the 2016 offense. So far, it hasn't happened, and Washington head coach Jay Gruden took some of the blame. 


"I think you’ll see more of Jamison Crowder hopefully. He is one of our best skill players. We have got to get him more involved in the offense. That is partly my fault, to get more balls targeted for him," the coach said.

Injuries might be a factor, too, in Crowder's slow start. The wideout has dealt with a hamstring strain as well as a hip issue in the early parts of the season, and his name has popped on and off injury reports for a few weeks. Gruden said injuries could be a part of Crowder's production, "a little bit, possibly," but the coach also wants to get more passes his way. 

"Whether it’s quick game, whether it’s getting the ball out in space somehow, bubble screen, whatever it might be, I have got to get the ball to him in space more often and get him in the flow early," Gruden said. 

It's also worth pointing out the Redskins offense has shown a renewed commitment to the run game this year. 

In their first four games last season, the Redskins ran the ball 85 times for 372 yards. 

In their first four games this season, the Redskins have run the ball 116 times for 520 yards. 


In turn, Kirk Cousins has thrown the ball much less. In four games this year, Cousins has 121 pass attempts. In the first four games last season, Cousins threw the ball 151 times. 30 fewer throws in four games, that works out to almost eight less pass plays per game. 

Looking at all the factors, it's good of Gruden to shoulder some blame for Crowder's slow start. That's what good coaches do. But it doesn't seem particularly accurate. 

The Redskins have been running more, throwing less, and Crowder is fighting through nagging injuries as well. Much of that could change Sunday against the Niners.


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Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis


Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis

We're back! 

If you've managed to make it through some turkey trotting, multiple rounds of food, several helpings of desert, a 3-hour parade and two football games without falling asleep - welcome to this week's Redskins Live Blog. 

Tonight the Redskins try and put the New Orleans fiasco from last Sunday behind them as they welcome the 2-8 New York Giants to FedEx Field. A win against this dysfunctional Giants team would go a long way towards reestablishing the Redskins in the hunt for one of the NFC's Wild Card spots. 

The teams just released their Inactive Lists, and the 'Skins will be without a few familiar names

There's also been an apperance from Young Ben McAdoo, which doesn't really have anything to do with the Redskins at all but is always worth pointing out. 

We'll be updating you all night with real-time scores, stats and analysis, so be sure to stop by while you stare at your phone during your Uncle's uncomfortable rant about the state of US politics. 

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This kid dressed up as Ben McAdoo for Thanksgiving and we can't stop smiling

This kid dressed up as Ben McAdoo for Thanksgiving and we can't stop smiling

Giants' head coach Ben McAdoo has become a caricature of himself ove the past five weeks as the Giants slipped from bad start to "semi-mobile garbage bin."

But the beleaguered head coach has developed somewhat of a cult celebrity.

So much so that on Thanksgiving night with the Giants at FedFex Field to take on the Redskins in the primetime matchup, one kid had the ingenious idea to dress up as McAdoo.

Not only did the kid dress up like the head coach, but he nailed the look.


Now, Halloween was last month, but we're willing to look past that and give thanks to the creativity of this kid.

Extra pie for him. He earned it.