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Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Mistakes and blame in the Cousins affair

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Need to Know: The Redskins week that was—Mistakes and blame in the Cousins affair

Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, March 10, four days before NFL free agency starts.  

The Redskins week that was

A look at some of the most popular posts and hottest topics of the week on and

Redskins made a big mistake with Kirk Cousins—Fans could look at this headline a few different ways. Some think that the team made a mistake in letting Cousins walk away, that they should have found a way to get a deal done. Others think they made a mistake by keeping him around for two years with $44 million in salary leading to zero playoff appearances. The article is about neither of the above, take a look to see what JP Finlay had to say.

Could combine performances of Smith, Edmunds affect Redskins' free agency strategy—Player acquisition is divided up into free agency and the draft, but the reality is that one affects the other. I doubt that Redskins will sign a free agent running back because the draft pool will let them get one who is younger, cheaper, and with less punishment on his body. And the supply of inside linebackers at the top of the draft could affect how they deal with Zach Brown.

News and notes from the NFL scouting combine—There are lots of interesting nuggets in here. My favorites were interest in an LSU running back and a Washington nose tackle.

Five running backs who could be on the Redskins' draft radar—This is, of course, a very limited look. I’d guess that the Redskins have it narrowed down to 15 or so backs on whom they are doing some serious work.

Tweet of the week

This was in response to an SNF on NBC tweet that read “Washington wasn’t willing to commit to Kirk Cousins.”

This tweet got a lot of blowback, much of which was of the simple kneejerk variety. To some, Cousins reacted to everything perfectly rationally while the Redskins were unfair and acted in bad faith. Others think that Cousins was at fault for simply signing the tags the Redskins gave him, not being very interested in negotiating and being greedy.

The simple truth is that a deal was always unlikely to happen. The Redskins were not interested in paying him what he would get on the open market. He did not want to give the Redskins a hometown discount. That makes him smart in a business where careers are short and teams will let you go the moment you no longer serve their purposes, not greedy.

If Starbucks is negotiating to put a new store in the strip mall near your house and the deal isn’t completed, nobody was greedy, and nobody was necessarily dealing in bad faith. It’s just a possible business deal that didn’t come to fruition. The Redskins-Cousins saga played out on a much bigger stage than the Starbucks lease negotiations but it’s essentially the same thing.

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Days until:

—Offseason workouts begin (4/16) 37
—NFL Draft (4/26) 47
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 183

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Terrelle Pryor reportedly closing in on deal with new team

Terrelle Pryor reportedly closing in on deal with new team

Former Washington Redskin Terrelle Pryor may have found a new home after a tumultuous season in Washington.

The 28-year-old wide receiver appears to be on the way to the New York Jets for the 2018 season according to Ian Rappaport.

Last season, Pryor only played in nine games for Washington and was sent to injured reserve after Week 11. His season ended with ankle surgery and it closed the book on a short stint in the nation’s capital.

In his nine games, he never got on the same page with former Redskins’ quarterback Kirk Cousins. Targeted only 37 times, the six-year veteran only had 20 receptions for 240 yards and a single touchdown.

This is coming after a 1,000-yard season on the dismal Cleveland Browns team that went 1-15 in 2016. As a free-agent, he signed with Washington on a ‘prove-it’ deal for one-year, eight million last off-season. He was expected to a significant amount of touches alongside Josh Doctson.


With so much anticipation it was easy to say that Pryor’s lone season in Washington was a disappointment.

If he does sign with the Jets, Pryor joins a New York franchise that is still continuing to rebuild. They currently own the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and are in search of a quarterback.  A year ago they finished 5-11 under third-year head coach Todd Bowles.

Transitioned to wide receiver in Cleveland, Pryor was drafted into the league as a quarterback.  He spent three seasons in Oakland (2011-13) all as a quarterback making 10 starts. In Cleveland (2015-16) he made the transition to wide receiver before going to Washington in 2017.


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Good news Redskins fans: Jason Pierre-Paul shipped out of NFC East


Good news Redskins fans: Jason Pierre-Paul shipped out of NFC East

The Giants shipped out Jason Pierre-Paul for life as a Buccaneer, and in turn, Tampa will send a third and fourth round draft pick to New York.

Moving Pierre-Paul comes at a curious time for the Giants. The team will eat $15 million of dead money in the move, and New York also sent a fourth-round pick to Tampa as part of the transaction. 

What it definitely signals is that Big Blue looks to be moving from a 4-3 base defense to a 3-4 look. Additionally, with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft in April, maybe the Giants will seriously look at NC State defensive lineman Bradley Chubb. 


For the Redskins, seeing Pierre-Paul leave the NFC East is welcome news. He has 12.5 career sacks against Washington QBs, the same amount he has against the Eagles and Cowboys combined. 

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