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Need to Know: Setting the odds on Kirk Cousins' future after the Garoppolo trade

Need to Know: Setting the odds on Kirk Cousins' future after the Garoppolo trade

Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, October 31, five days before the Washington Redskins go to Seattle to play the Seahawks.


Today’s schedule: Off day

Days until:

—Vikings @ Redskins (11/12) 12
—Redskins @ Saints (11/9) 19
—Giants @ Redskins Thanksgiving (11/23) 23

Laying down the chips on Cousins’ future

New England and San Francisco made a big trade that sent ripple effects to Washington. What does the 49ers trade for Jimmy Garoppolo mean for the future of Kirk Cousins in Washington? A lot could happen with Cousins’ top expected destination off the board, so let’s dust off the $100 in imaginary casino chips and spread them out on the various scenarios that could unfold. Here is where Cousins could end up in 2018.

Cousins stays in Washington with a long-term deal, $30—In my mind, this has been a sneaky favorite scenario all year long. What Cousins and the team need to work out is an unorthodox deal that will give the team some stability at the position while addressing Cousins’ desire to remain in a situation where there is an equal commitment on both sides of a contract, i.e. high guarantees. Perhaps this will lead to a contract that is shorter term than the standard five- or six-year deal with a large percentage of the money either fully guaranteed or essentially guaranteed.

Cousins stays with a transition tag, $15—This would be a scenario where Cousins gets the transition tag, which allows him to solicit offers that the team could match. But if he can’t find a deal he likes he could sign the tag and stay in Washington for one more year for $28 million.

Cousins stays on the franchise tag, $20—This would be the nuclear option, at least as far as the salary cap is concerned. It would be a one-year, $34.5 million deal with all of the cap hit coming in 2018. The Redskins don’t want to do this but I think they might do it before they let Cousins walk.

Cousins signs with the Broncos, $10—Maybe this bet is skewered by the sight of Trevor Siemian scattering footballs all over the place in Arrowhead Stadium last night, throwing three picks in Denver’s loss to the Chiefs. John Elway has a championship caliber defense and his team needs a quarterback. He is willing to jump into the free agent market and the Broncos strong organization and winning tradition could be strong draws for Cousins.

Cousins signs with the field, $25—There still are plenty of other teams that will be interested in Cousins. I don’t see the Steelers, who could be looking for a Big Ben replacement, making a play for him as some have suggested. They are not in the big-money free agent business. I also have a difficult time seeing Cousins sign up to play for the Jets or Browns. The possibilities that Cooper Cousins will spend his early years in Jacksonville or Arizona are much stronger.

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New Redskins player makes major punt gaffe against Giants


New Redskins player makes major punt gaffe against Giants

The Redskins have a bunch of new players on the active roster.

Players who haven't been with the team for more than a few weeks, what with the number of injuries growing by the week.

Pete Robertson is one of those new players, having been with the active roster for all of two days before  the Thanksgiving matchup against the Giants.

Robertson was thrust into the spotlight on Thursday with a costly mistake early on.

Following a Tress Way punt that was looking to pin the Giants near the end zone, Robertson inexplicably picked up the ball at the 10-yard-line and ran it into the end zone for a touchback instead of allowing the ball to bounce toward the goal line.


To be fair, the Week 12 game against the Giants was the official NFL debut for the former Texas Tech linebacker.

Teammate Quinton Dunbar was not pleased with Robertson's mistake and gave him an earful following the play.

Welcome to the NFL, Pete!

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Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis


Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis

We're back! 

If you've managed to make it through some turkey trotting, multiple rounds of food, several helpings of desert, a 3-hour parade and two football games without falling asleep - welcome to this week's Redskins Live Blog. 

Tonight the Redskins try and put the New Orleans fiasco from last Sunday behind them as they welcome the 2-8 New York Giants to FedEx Field. A win against this dysfunctional Giants team would go a long way towards reestablishing the Redskins in the hunt for one of the NFC's Wild Card spots. 

The teams just released their Inactive Lists, and the 'Skins will be without a few familiar names

There's also been an apperance from Young Ben McAdoo, which doesn't really have anything to do with the Redskins at all but is always worth pointing out. 

We'll be updating you all night with real-time scores, stats and analysis, so be sure to stop by while you stare at your phone during your Uncle's uncomfortable rant about the state of US politics. 

3rd Quarter

10:27 PM - and then this!

10:25 PM - TOUCHDOWN. Cousins to Crowder, and the Redskins are winning now. 10-3 'Skins.  

2nd Quarter

9:54 PM: In case you're just joining us, here's what you've missed:

9:51 PM: Redskins field goal! It's now tied at 3. At half. What fun.

9:48 PM: JP gets it:

9:32 PM: Giants scored a field goal. What's noteworthy about that is that it wasn't a punt. 3-0 Giants. 

9:30 PM - Welp: 

1st Quarter

9:16 PM - More punts. You get a punt! You get a punt! Everyone gets a punt! In other news, here's what the NFL Twitter thinks about this game so far:

9:00 PM - Speaking of punts, new Redskins player Pete Robinson made did this. You find the stories where you can get them. 

8:55 PM - 

8:43 PM - So far, it's been just a lot of punting. Thursday Night Football! I'll take this moment to mention that you can watch NBC's stream of Thursday Night Football right here. Just a few clicks and you can stream all these punts on any device in your home!