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Ranking the 10 best Redskins plays from the win in Seattle from great to greatest


Ranking the 10 best Redskins plays from the win in Seattle from great to greatest

Trying to identify the play of the game from the Redskins' insane 17-14 win over the Seahawks is like trying to identify the best kind of puppy; the list is so long, it's almost impossible to limit it down to one.

So instead of doing that, let's instead rank them all from great to greatest. 

10) Rob Kelley's first touchdown

The running back's first one-yard score, in which he followed his fullback Ryan Anderson — this was a weird game, so of course the Redskins' rookie pass rusher was also working as a blocker — capped off a really impressive 13-play drive. 

9) Kendall Fuller's interception

The now-on-IR Mason Foster was tweeting a ton during the matchup, and he said in one tweet that Kendall Fuller studies a lot of film. The way he jumped this Russell Wilson pass definitely confirms that Kendall Fuller studies a lot of film:


8) DJ Swearinger's two-point conversion breakup 

Swearinger was everywhere Sunday — he was deflecting passes deep down the middle of the field, helping out in the short passing game and overall looked like the guy who was thriving earlier in the season. He was so active, it wouldn't be that surprising to find out he also visited the Space Needle during the game. 

But arguably his best highlight was the snag-and-run-and-lateral-and-then-have-the-ball-lateraled-back-to-him play he made when Seattle was looking to tie the game at 10 early in the fourth quarter. What a beautiful mess that sequence was.

7) Josh Norman's ridiculous tackle

Josh Norman had an uneven game — Doug Baldwin beat him on the Seahawks' second TD and Norman also had an ugly horsecollar tackle — but his takedown of Thomas Rawls that forced a three-and-out was simply terrific. Not many cornerbacks make that play.

6) Josh Doctson's catch with Richard Sherman draped all over him

On the second play of the 'Skins' second-to-last possession, 2014 Kirk Cousins showed up and decided to lob one up off of his back foot in the direction of Terrelle Pryor instead of chucking it away. The ball drifted over Pryor's hands, however, but luckily, Josh Doctson was there to haul it in.

Doctson caught it with Richard Sherman hanging on his back, mind you. This would've been his top catch of the contest, too, but he came up with a slightly larger one later on. You might have seen it by now.

5) Will Compton's pick

Will Compton had one INT vs. the Seahawks Sunday. He could've had three. But the one he did convert was huge, because it didn't allow the hosts to respond to Washington's third quarter field goal and kept Seattle at arm's length.

4) DeAngelo Hall's Hail Mary knockdown

Somehow, a 33-year-old DeAngelo Hall, suiting up for the first time since 2016's Week 3, was able to get up and knock WIlson's Hail Mary away from a much taller Tanner McEvoy to seal the win for the Redskins on the final play. Told you this was a weird game.

3) Brian Quick's 31-yard catch

Brian Quick, who had 11 snaps to his name before Week 9, is the one who got the game-winning drive going by holding on to a beautiful throw from Cousins and getting out of bounds. He adjusted to the ball like an outfielder and held on to it after getting popped, too.


2) Rob Kelley's second touchdown

Kelley rushed 14 times for 18 yards, which equates to a 1.28 yards per carry average. But he found the end zone twice on those 14 carries, which equates to a 7 carries per touchdown average. The first number's bad but the second one isn't, especially when the second one goes down as the deciding score.

1) Josh Doctson's sprawling snare

Remember Doctson's (sorta) late drop vs. the Chiefs? Of course you do. No. 18 is even now after completing this unbelievably graceful grab, though:

It doesn't get bigger than that. Really, it doesn't.

Had the Redskins gone into Seattle, hung with the NFC West power for 59 minutes but not taken advantage of a sloppy effort from Pete Carroll's squad by winning, it would've been an enormous blow to the team's season. But thanks to Cousins' touch and Doctson's athleticism, the Burgundy and Gold are now one of the happiest 4-4 teams in recent NFL history.

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Need to Know: Five potential Redskins first-round draft picks

USA Today Sports Images

Need to Know: Five potential Redskins first-round draft picks

Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, January 17, 56 days before NFL free agency starts.


Days until:

—NFL franchise tag deadline (3/6) 48
—NFL Draft (4/26) 99
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 235

Five possible Redskins first-round draft picks

As you can see from the “Days until” counter above, the NFL draft is 99 days away. A lot will happen between now and then but let’s look at some prospects who will fit the Redskins and who should be available at pick No. 13.

ILB Roquan Smith, Georgia—If you watched Georgia at all during the national semifinals or finals, you had to be impressed with his instincts, speed, hard hitting, and solid tackling. Even if free agent Zach Brown stays, the Redskins could pair him up with Smith and have a dynamic pair of inside linebackers for the first time since they started running the 3-4 in 2010. The problem for the Redskins is that his high-profile performances in those big game may have pushed Smith into the top 10.

QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma—A quarterback should be the choice early in the draft unless Kirk Cousins is signed to a long-term deal. Mayfield is an unconventional type of QB at about 6-1. There’s a lot to like about him, though—mobility, playmaking ability, and deep ball accuracy. He seems to have learned from his off-field mistakes, including an arrest about a year ago (apparently for yelling). In any case, if he is on the Redskins’ radar they will thoroughly vet him between now and draft day. Other QB possibilities are Josh Allen of Wyoming and Lamar Jackson of Louisville.

WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama—Hey, why not another wide receiver, which would be the second one in the first round in three years, and another member of the Crimson Tide after taking Alabama players 1-2 in 2017. I know that people would cringe at another round 1 WR, but after Terrelle Pryor flamed out last year it certainly is a need. Ridley would represent a solid value at No. 13.

DL Vita Vea, Washington—This pick would solve a couple of problems. At 6-4, 332 Vea has the size and strength needed to play nose tackle, solving another problem that has been around since 2010. What might make him worth a first-round pick is that he doesn’t have to go to the bench in nickel. Vea is versatile enough to rush the passer and play three downs. Start a line with Vea, Jonathan Allen, and Matt Ioannidis, mix in a few quality rotational players, and get Jim Tomsula to coach them up and you will have a top-notch D-line. As of right now, Vea is considered to be more of a late first-round player but a lot can change in the next 99 days.

RB Derrius Guice, LSU—Dreams of getting Saquon Barkley at No. 13 are just that and trading up far enough to get him would cost way too much draft capital. But Guice is a good mix of speed, power, agility, and receiving ability. With the exception of Alfred Morris’ first couple of seasons, the Redskins have been ordinary at best since the prime of Clinton Portis a decade ago. Many were impressed with Sony Michel of Georgia, who could be available in the second round.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @TandlerNBCS.

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Redskins Fan of the Year bracket: Which Washington supporter deserves the title?


Redskins Fan of the Year bracket: Which Washington supporter deserves the title?

Every week during the 2017 Redskins season, NBC Sports Washington found two Redskins fans in the crowd and paired them in a head-to-head matchup on Twitter to determine the fan of the game.

And now that the season is over, it's time to take each of those winners, throw them into a NCAA Tournament-style bracket and let Twitter pick the Redskins Fan of the Year.

Starting on January 8 over on the @NBCSRedskins Twitter account, one matchup a day will be posted at 11 a.m., and fans will have 24 hours to vote for their favorite supporter by retweeting or liking depending on their preference. Week 1's winner will face off with Week 17's, Week 2's will play Week 16's, etc.

The winners will advance, and eventually, one member of the Burgundy and Gold faithful will stand above all the rest, earning the coveted title of Redskins Fan of the Year. 

Check out the results below, which'll be updated every day. To see the tweet that corresponded with each matchup, click the link after the date, but remember, retweets and likes submitted after the 24-hour period won't be counted.

January 8: Round one, matchup one

This was a close one that came down to the last-minute, but at the 24-hour mark, Week 17's winner garnered justtttttttt enough retweets to move on.

January 9: Round one, matchup two

In this tournament, a giant Redskins chain is apparently worth more than a giant football hat.

January 10: Round one, matchup three

In the tournament's third showdown, we have our first winner from the Likes side:

January 11: Round one, matchup four

Was there anyway she wasn't gonna win, especially with the little Hogettes nose?

January 12: Round one, matchup five

Our fifth matchup's winner earned the most retweets of anyone up to this point:

January 15: Round one, matchup six

These three 'Skins fans had to witness Washington's Thursday night flop in Dallas, so it's only fair that they get to advance to the second round:

January 16: Round one, matchup seven

There's still time to vote on this one: