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Redskins vs. 49ers: Score, stats, highlights, analysis, live updates


Redskins vs. 49ers: Score, stats, highlights, analysis, live updates

The Redskins are back on the field and back at home on Sunday with the 49ers in town for a Week 6 matchup.

It's been 13 days since the Redskins last took the field, a Monday Night road loss to the Chiefs. But with almost two weeks of rest, it's time to get back to action.

The 49ers present a great opportunity for the Redskins to re-establish themselves and start the stretch run with a solid victory against a highly beatable team.

The Week 6 game between the Redskins and the 49ers takes place at 1:00 p.m. ET on on Sunday at FedEx Field in Landover, Md.

Redskins Kickoff with Chick Hernandez, Brian Mitchell and Trevor Matich gets us going at Noon on NBS Sports Washington. The trio returns after the game for Redskins Extra (Channel Finder). 

And don't forget to join Michael Jenkins and Santana Moss for Halftime Live on the NBC Sports Washington page

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4:15 PM: ALDRICK ROBINSON TOUCHDO.... Wait a minute, he doesn't play for the Redskins any more. Oh no. That is not good. It's now 26-24 Redskins with two minutes left. That missed extra point looms large right about now.

4:10 PM: KIRK COUSINS GOT DAD SPEED. KIRK COUSINS SCORES A READ OPTION TD. Redskins lead 27-17. Wait, nevermind. It's 26-17. Dustin Hopkins missed the extra point. 

4:05 PM: Redskins looking to close in on a win with heavy doses of ... Vernon Davis and Ryan Grant? Hey, if it works, keep doing it. 

4:00 PM: cousins fakes the screen pass, double pumps and throws a fade to the end zone. Terrelle Pryor can't reel it in, but I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE that playcall, fade or not. Almost had it.

3:55 PM: Vernon Davis is a pro's pro. A major pickup there after the catch from Kirk Cousins. Redskins now deep in 49ers territory with five minutes remaining.

3:50 PM: Jonathan Allen is now questionable for return with a foot injury, per Redskins PR.

3:45 PM: Oh no. Jonathan Allen is slow to get up after a key third down stop. He walked off with trainers. Definitely something to monitor.

3:40 PM: Dustin Hopkins kicks another FG and it's now 20-17 Redskins.

3:30 PM: Carlos Hyde scores. It's now a tie game. Ugh.

3:25 PM: So, the play stands. Kinda. The 49ers get the ball, but it's not a touchdown. They get the ball in the red zone tho.

3:20 PM: Ray-Ray Armstrong appears to strip Vernon Davis after a catch and Jimmy Ward takes the fumble to the house for a touchdown. But did Vernon Davis' elbow hit the ground? They're going to review this one. I'm not exactly sure what the right call is.

3:00 PM: Had to go snag some pizza. It was good. Now, back to football. 


2:30 PM: 49ers get a Carlos Hyde touchdown at the horn and the Redskins enter the halftime break leading 17-7.

2:25 PM: Dustin Hopkins sinks a 48-yard field goal and the Redskins now lead 17-0.

2:15 PM: If that name sounds familiar, it's because it is familiar. CJ Beathard is the grandson of legendary Redskins general manager Bobby Beathard.

2:12 PM: OOOOH A QUARTERBACK CHANGE! Not for the Redskins tho. Former Iowa Hawkeye CJ Beathard is coming in as Kyle Shanahan looks to be benching Brian Hoyer.

2:08 PM: Kirk Cousins missed a route badly and Jimmy Ward picks him off. But it will come back after being ruled incomplete. Wait nevermind, on the very next play, Cousins tries to go deep to the other side of the field, and he's picked off again. Wooof.

2:07 PM: Brandon Scherff is out here trucking dudes.

2:05 PM: Bashaud Breeland is questionable for return with a hamstring injury. OH GOD PLEASE NO.

2:00 PM: The 49ers finally got a first down conversion. It took them almost an hour. Oh hey look, they're punting again. This is fun.

1:50 PM: Semaje Perine scores his first career NFL TD on a pass out of the backfield. Kirk Cousins was 6-of-7 on that drive and Jordan Reed caught three passes. That is some good work. Redskins 14, 49ers 0.

1:45 PM: Kirk Cousins now getting Jordan Reed involved, but as a result, the running game has stalled a bit.

1:40 PM: 49ers punt, and the Redskins will take over, looking to put more points on the board.


1:38 PM: That looks incomplete, but hey, we'll take the touchdown.

1:35 PM: Hoyer sacked again. This time, the ball pops out and D.J. Swearinger scoops the ball up and runs it in for a touchdown. Mason Foster brought the pressure. Ruling on the field is a fumble and a touchdown. The referees will review this one.

1:30 PM: here's something interesting. Chris Thompson is eviscerating the 49ers' defense. That's not what is interesting. What's interesting is that Thompson. who thrives in third-down situations, was not in on third-and-1. Mack Brown got the call instead, and the Redskins went backwards. They'll have to punt. Weird. 

1:20 PM: Preston Smith sacks Brian Hoyer. He just ate Joe Staley's lunch. Not many are able to do that.

1:15 PM: Zach Brown sure is fun to watch. He crushes dudes. It's painful, but fun. 49ers RB Carlos Hyde is going to be hurting for days.


1:08 PM: Redskins putting together a nice drive, leaning heavily on the running backs. Semaje Perine picks up 16 yards on a short pass. Thompson carves up a 5-yard hole. 

1:05 PM: nevermind. All good. Chris Thompson recognizes the the blitz,, and fakes a block, slipping into the flat and catching a pass. He takes off for a 23-yard gain.

1:03 PM: Chris Thompson fumbles, Trent Williams falls on it. Not a great start.

1:01 PM: Redskins start with the ball. Let's football.


12:59 PM: Trollololololol.

12:50 PM: Pregame is about to wrap up. To recap: Trent Williams will play, Terrelle Pryor needs to step up, Josh Brolin is in the house, Cooper Cousins made his FedEx Field debut and JP Finlay has bad food opinions. Also, JP Finlay needs to get me on the podcast. If you see him, please let him know.

12:40 PM: Speaking of celebrities, did you know that Josh brolin is a big Redskins fan? He was great in "Goonies," and "Thrashin'." Oh, and like 50 other movies. He's really good at his job.

12:25 PM: Local celebrity Mitch Tischler is on baby duty today. 

12:10 PM: The only Week 6 pregame screengrab you need to see.

11:35 AM: Take a look at the 49ers capitains for today's game. Notice anything? Yep. Who do they think they are, the Rams?

11:30 AM: Finally some great injury news. Trent Williams will be in uniform today. 

11:25 AM: Speaking of football, here's a baby.

That's Cooper Cousins, Kirk and Julie's firstborn son, who was conveniently born right around the time the Redskins went on their bye week. Week 6 marks Cooper's first of many trips to the football stadium to watch dad sling the pigskin.

11:20 AM: Okay. That felt good. Now, back to preparing for Week 6.

11:15 AM: You know what? I can't shake this. We need to talk about hot dogs for a second. JP Finlay thinks it is acceptable to put ketchup on a hot dog. He also believes it is acceptible to mix ketchcup with relish and sauerkraut. Also, he also hates mustard and onions. This pratice is abhorant, and his opinion is borderline offensive. I just cannot let this go. OK, here are the facts: When a hot dog is on a bun, there is to be no ketchup. You may eat the hot dog "neat," or you may add any of the following: mustard, onions, sauerkraut, relish, or mayonaisse. You may only use ketchup when said hot dog has been sliced into tiny pieces, as one would prepare for a toddler or small child. These are the facts. 

11:05 AM: And if you get the chance, let JP Finlay know that he needs to have me on the podcast. He's been ignoring my calls. Also, he thinks onions are gross, which — as an opinion — is gross.

11:00 AM:  Welcome to NBC Sports Washington's Week 6 live blog of the Redskins vs. 49ers It's me, Troy Machir again. You can follow JP Finlay and Rich Tandler too if you'd like, I guess. They're back at FedEx Field for the Redskins' first game in 12 days.

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New Redskins player makes major punt gaffe against Giants


New Redskins player makes major punt gaffe against Giants

The Redskins have a bunch of new players on the active roster.

Players who haven't been with the team for more than a few weeks, what with the number of injuries growing by the week.

Pete Robertson is one of those new players, having been with the active roster for all of two days before  the Thanksgiving matchup against the Giants.

Robertson was thrust into the spotlight on Thursday with a costly mistake early on.

Following a Tress Way punt that was looking to pin the Giants near the end zone, Robertson inexplicably picked up the ball at the 10-yard-line and ran it into the end zone for a touchback instead of allowing the ball to bounce toward the goal line.


To be fair, the Week 12 game against the Giants was the official NFL debut for the former Texas Tech linebacker.

Teammate Quinton Dunbar was not pleased with Robertson's mistake and gave him an earful following the play.

Welcome to the NFL, Pete!

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Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis


Redskins-Giants Live Blog: Scores, Stats, Highlights, Updates, Analysis

We're back! 

If you've managed to make it through some turkey trotting, multiple rounds of food, several helpings of desert, a 3-hour parade and two football games without falling asleep - welcome to this week's Redskins Live Blog. 

Tonight the Redskins try and put the New Orleans fiasco from last Sunday behind them as they welcome the 2-8 New York Giants to FedEx Field. A win against this dysfunctional Giants team would go a long way towards reestablishing the Redskins in the hunt for one of the NFC's Wild Card spots. 

The teams just released their Inactive Lists, and the 'Skins will be without a few familiar names

There's also been an apperance from Young Ben McAdoo, which doesn't really have anything to do with the Redskins at all but is always worth pointing out. 

We'll be updating you all night with real-time scores, stats and analysis, so be sure to stop by while you stare at your phone during your Uncle's uncomfortable rant about the state of US politics. 

1st Quarter

9:00 PM - Speaking of punts, new Redskins player Pete Robinson made did this. You find the stories where you can get them. 

8:55 PM - 

8:43 PM - So far, it's been just a lot of punting. Thursday Night Football! I'll take this moment to mention that you can watch NBC's stream of Thursday Night Football right here. Just a few clicks and you can stream all these punts on any device in your home!