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Redskins vs. Cowboys Week 8 Live Updates: score, stats, highlights, analysis


Redskins vs. Cowboys Week 8 Live Updates: score, stats, highlights, analysis

Week 8 of the NFL season means it's time for Redskins vs. Cowboys.

The Redskins and Cowboys both enter the Sunday afternoon game with 3-3 records, but with the Redskins playing without Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff, the home team will have a much bigger hill to climb.

The Week 8 "America's Game of the Week" between the Redskins and the Chiefs takes place at 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday at FedEx Field in Landover, Md.

Redskins Kickoff with Chick Hernandez, Brian Mitchell and Trevor Matich airs live at 3:30 p.m. The trio returns on NBC Sports Washington Plus at 7:30 p.m. ET for Redskins Extra, followed by Redskins Overtime. (Channel Finder)

Redskins vs. Cowboys Week 8 Live Blog:


7:00 PM: If another Redskins player gets injured, we might have to cancel this live blog so I can suit up as a replacement. SO. MANY. INJURIES.

6:55 PM: The World Series has been great, but am I the only one who is kinda sick of all the World Series promotion during this game? I get that FOX has to do it, but I feel like they've crossed the threshhold of what a tolerable ammount of promotion is. I dunno. 

6:50 PM: As a reminder, Redskins Extra and Redskins Overtime will be on NBC Sports Washington Plus tonight due to the Wizards game on our main channel.

6:45 PM: Our internet is not working and it is raining. Also, this game is not very much fun.


5:35 PM -  Well, not ideal. Redskins FG attempt is blocked, the Cowboys run it back and like, two plays later score a TD. It's 14-13 now. Life comes at you fast.

5:20 PM - Ryan Kerrigan is back in the game! That's why live blogs rule. You never know when you write that he's questionable to return only to have him return like 3 minutes later. The thrills don't stop. 

5:15 PM - Ryan Kerrigan is questionable to return to the game with a groin injury. Who needs starters anyways. 


4:50 PM: Niles Paul took a nasty hit to the head on that TD. Stayed down after the play and eventually walked off into the locker room:

4:44 PM: TOUCHDOWN SKINS. Rob Kelley runs it in after a big completion from Cousins to Crowder. It's 10-7 now. Also it's still raining.  

4:25 PM: OH MY GAWD! Ezekiel Elliott fumbles on the veryfirst play of the game. Josh Norman picks up the ball and the Redskins have it.

4:20 PM: The Redskins will kick off, the Cowboys will start with the ball.


3:50 PM: The Redskins are rocking the throwback uniforms, consisting of tan pants and dark burgundy jerseys. Personally, I don't like 'em. Go with the white pants and red tops. But I get it, it's alumni weekend. But frankly, these are not good uniforms. Sure, they're better than the yellow pants, but it's not hard to top that. 

3:40 PM: Speaking of injuries, Mason Foster won't be on the field for the Redskins to keep Ezekiel Elliott in check. Foster was placed on the IR this week, and it became a bit of a controversy. But on Sunday, Foster shared a moment with Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams. Awwwww.

3:30 PM: To make matters worse, the Redskins defense will have to keep Ezekiel Elliott in check. Zeke is capable of dismantling defenses all by himself, but teams have shown that he can be contained. Will Elliott rush for more than 90 yards today? That what our experts debated this week. 

3:20 PM: On the other side of the ball, the Redskins get back Josh Norman, which is huge. Norman will be flanking Dez Bryant all day, so get your popcorn ready. But Norman won't have Bashaud Breeland to help him out. Breeland was a suprise addition to the inactive list.

3:15 PM: The Redskins have a tall task ahead of them, on bnoth sides of the ball. With Brandon Scherff and Trent Williams out of action today, Kirk Cousins is going to have to be extra sharp, and extra quick. Can he and Terrelle Pryor finally get on the same page? I hope that's the case, but with the nasty weather at FedEx Field, I don't think this will be Pryor's breakout game.

3:05 PM: Since it's #DallasWeek, we put together a good list of the most hated Cowboys players of all time. We thought about just writing "ALL OF THEM," but thought a top ten list would be a better fit. 

3:00 PM: To get us started, here is JP Finlay's comprehensive Redskins-Cowboys game preview. It's a good one, even though JP still hasn't invited me on the #RedskinsTalk Podcast. 

2:55 PM: It's time for the first #DallasWeek of the season to come to an end. Welcome to NBC Sports Washington's Week 8 live blog. It's me, Troy Machir again. You can follow JP Finlay and Rich Tandler too if you'd like. JP and Rich are out at FedEx Field, but lets be real. This live blog is the place to be. Plus, JP has yet to invite me on the #RedskinsTalk Podcast. Yes, I am holding a grudge.



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Kirk Cousins breaks down the terribleness of FedEx Field grass


Kirk Cousins breaks down the terribleness of FedEx Field grass

For years, the Redskins struggle with their home field as the fall turns to winter. It's been happening so long it's become an expected passing of the seasons, like the transition from Halloween jack-o-lanterns to Christmas lights dotting people's front yards. 

Well, on Thanksgiving night, the turf at FedEx Field again showed how bad it can be. On a second half interception returned for a New York Giants touchdown, replay showed that Kirk Cousins' foot got stuck on the dirt, and it played a role in his sailing a ball to the sideline. The bad turf was not the only reason for the interception, but it was definitely a reason. 

Beyond the pick, the field was just ugly. Twitter blew up making fun of the Redskins home grass, and the national broadcast showed just how unsightly the long brown patch between the hash marks looked. 

On Friday, the normally diplomatic Cousins opened up about the grass.

"It probably doesn't look like a professional NFL field should," the quarterback said on 106.7 the Fan (full audio here). "If you think the field is rough now on Thanksgiving, we've got two more home games in mid-to-late December. That's probably going to be a bigger challenge."

Asked about the field's impact on the interception on Thursday night, Cousins ignored it. But plenty of other players have suggested the field is a known problem in the second half, and something they just must deal with. 

"I don't know why it is that way or what causes it," Cousins said. "I've kind of learned to accept it and understand it's part of the deal. Playing here on the field has never been that great in the second half of the season for whatever the reason."

[h/t @BenStandig for the Cousins quotes]

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When Samaje Perine got going, so did the Redskins' offense

Bob Youngentob for NBC Sports Washington

When Samaje Perine got going, so did the Redskins' offense

At halftime of the Redskins’ Thanksgiving night game against the Giants, Samaje Perine had three yards rushing and his team had three points. Washington had racked up all of 113 yards.

Coincidence? Not entirely. Although the Redskins are primarily a passing team they need to run the ball to pass effectively.

“We had to get the running game going,” said Jay Gruden after the game.

In the second half, Perine and the offense did get it going. Perine ran for 97 yards and Redskins put up 210 yards and 17 points. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t a coincidence.

The Redskins didn’t make any halftime adjustments to get the ground game in gear.

“We just had to stay the course,” said Perine. “We knew they were going to come out fired up, they just came off a big win. We just had to stay the course and then things started going our way.”


Perine was more steady than spectacular. His longest run was 16 yards. He came out of the locker room and ran for six and 10 yards on his first two carries. Later in the third quarter the Redskins were backed up at their own 10. Perine ran four straight plays for 39 yards and the Redskins were near midfield.

Although they didn’t score on that drive they did change field position. That was part of the Redskins’ strategy playing with an injury-depleted offense.

“If you had to punt in a game like this and play field position, it’s not the end of the world because our defense was playing so good,” said Gruden.

Not only did the running game flip the field, it flipped the time of possession. In the first half, the Giants had the ball for 17:40 compared to 12:20 for the Redskins.

“We had to get on the field and control some of the clock,” said tackle Morgan Moses. “We had to give our defense a rest. Samaje put his foot in the ground and got extra yards when needed and we were able to move the chains.”

Moses wasn’t the only one enjoying seeing Perine pile up some yards.

“As a defensive player, you want to see that,” said safety D.J. Swearinger. “We say, keep running it. Keep running him. Let him keep getting those carries, put a dent in the defense. It was a good sight to see.”


Swearinger got to watch a lot of Perine. The Redskins piled up 22:17 in possession in the second half, while Swearinger and his defensive mates had to defend for just 7:43.

Last night was the second time in four days that Perine has rushed for 100 yards or more; he had 117 in New Orleans on Sunday. No Redskin has rushed for 100 yards in consecutive games since Alfred Morris did it in November of 2013.

He will have a chance to extend that streak to three on Thursday against the Cowboys, who are ranked 17th in rushing defense. That would put him in some elite company in Redskins history, including Larry Brown (twice) and Stephen Davis.  A steak of three straight 100-yard games was last done by Morris in 2012.

It may be a little early to look forward, but the Redskins record is five straight 100-yard games, held by Clinton Portis (twice) and Ladell Betts.  

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