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Taking a closer look at the Redskins' game-winning and potentially season-changing final drive in Seattle

Taking a closer look at the Redskins' game-winning and potentially season-changing final drive in Seattle

SEATTLE—For the first time since at least 1999, the Redskins scored a game-winning touchdown on a drive that started with less than two minutes to play. It got them a 17-14 win over the Seahawks in one of the most improbable victories in recent history.

The Seahawks had scored a touchdown to take a 14-10 lead with 1:34 left to play. The Redskins answered with four plays in 35 seconds.

The first pass was incomplete. Then things got rolling.

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Kirk Cousins pass deep right to Brian Quick, pushed out of bounds for 31 yards to SEA 39

Quick had played just 11 snaps all year going into the game but with Jamison Crowder out with an injury he had to play an increased role. He was quiet for most of the game until that last drive.

Cousins was knocked to the ground after he released the ball and he didn’t see the completion.

“Brian did a phenomenal job creating separation versus man coverage, running the route the way we had wanted to,” said Cousins. “The protection was a little loose so I really didn’t get a chance to see it. I just threw it to a spot and got hit and then you’re just kind of waiting for a reaction.”

The reaction was mostly silence from the Seahawks’ famed 12th man as they were getting a little nervous. They fell silent after the next play.

Cousins pass deep left to Josh Doctson for 38 yards to SEA one

This one had to be reviewed both to make sure that Doctson’s diving effort was a catch (that wasn’t really close, it was) and to see if he rolled into the end zone after diving at around the five and then skidding to the goal line. It was ruled that he was indeed touched down inside the one.

Cornerback Josh Norman was in awe watching from the sideline.

“He’s a first-round guy, that was a first-round catch,” he said. “He said he was going to do that.”

Norman thought that here might have been some divine intervention involved in the play.

“He’s done it in practice so it’s not surprising to me that he came back and the Lord granted him with a second chance, a second opportunity,” he said.  He saw that thing in the air. It looked like the angels pushed him forward a little bit. He speeded up, he’s got another gear to him. He got up on the ball and caught it.”

Cousins’ explanation was more mechanical.

“We just called and audible there at the line of scrimmage, he said. “Jay [Gruden] had said that if you get press man, give him the ball. So we gave him and hand signal and he took off. I put it out there pretty far, and he went and got it.”

They still had some work to do after the Seahawks called a timeout with 1:02 left to play. The call was Rob Kelley into the line.

Kelley left guard for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN

“I remember Kirk telling me we had to get it in, it’s the last chance to get it in,” said Kelley. “And everybody believed in what Kirk said and we did it.”

Right before Kelley spoke he was stuffing the ball he carried on that play into his backpack.

“I tried to give it to Doctson, he didn’t want it,” he said.

He wasn’t at all worried that four of the five offensive linemen in front of him were not starters two weeks ago. He noted that he was a backup when he played at Tulane.

“You’ve got to take what you’ve got and keep rolling.”

While many fans were hoping that the Redskins would take a couple of plays to score to burn off more time and keep the ball out of quarterback Russell Wilson’s hands, D.J. Swearinger was perfectly happy to have to get back out and defend in the last minute.

“I wanted to have the opportunity to win the game, not let the clock run out,” he said.

Norman agreed. “We wanted to get back on the field after that.” 

“When you have an offense come in there and have your back like that, heh, that’s big-time, that really is. You’ve got to take your hats off to them.”

The defense gave up a couple of first downs, the last one at the Washington 38. Seattle needed just a field goal to tie the game but they didn’t get close enough. Terrell McClain sacked Wilson, forcing a Hail Mary on the last play.

Wilson pass deep left for McEvoy incomplete (pass breakup by DeAngelo Hall)

Hall was playing in his first game since Week 3 of last year.

“That’s a team, that’s a group, that’s what it’s all about, guys out here battling until the last second,” said Norman.

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Josh Norman wears a kilt during Scotland trip and it's hilarious (VIDEO)


Josh Norman wears a kilt during Scotland trip and it's hilarious (VIDEO)

Josh Norman traveled to Scotland as part of an NFL promotional trip, and in turn, Josh Norman wore a kilt. 

It's awesome. 

Norman, along with Broncos wideout Emmanuel Sanders, decided to give the traditional Scottish formal attire a try, and the results were spectacular.

Norman even broke out in a tradional Scottish jig, sending the folks in the Glasgow audience into a frenzy.

Norman likes to have fun, and though the 2017 season didn't provide him many opportunities to do so, he's taking advantage while overseas. After Glasgow, Norman and the NFL crew went to Manchester, England, where he caught up with old friend and Manchester United star Paul Pogba for a jersey exchange.

Remember, Pogba hung out with the Redskins when the team played in London in 2016, and joined the Redskins Extra crew after the game. 

Plenty more cool pictures and videos from Norman's trip available via @NFLUK.

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Need to Know: Five potential Redskins first-round draft picks

USA Today Sports Images

Need to Know: Five potential Redskins first-round draft picks

Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, January 17, 56 days before NFL free agency starts.


Days until:

—NFL franchise tag deadline (3/6) 48
—NFL Draft (4/26) 99
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 235

Five possible Redskins first-round draft picks

As you can see from the “Days until” counter above, the NFL draft is 99 days away. A lot will happen between now and then but let’s look at some prospects who will fit the Redskins and who should be available at pick No. 13.

ILB Roquan Smith, Georgia—If you watched Georgia at all during the national semifinals or finals, you had to be impressed with his instincts, speed, hard hitting, and solid tackling. Even if free agent Zach Brown stays, the Redskins could pair him up with Smith and have a dynamic pair of inside linebackers for the first time since they started running the 3-4 in 2010. The problem for the Redskins is that his high-profile performances in those big game may have pushed Smith into the top 10.

QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma—A quarterback should be the choice early in the draft unless Kirk Cousins is signed to a long-term deal. Mayfield is an unconventional type of QB at about 6-1. There’s a lot to like about him, though—mobility, playmaking ability, and deep ball accuracy. He seems to have learned from his off-field mistakes, including an arrest about a year ago (apparently for yelling). In any case, if he is on the Redskins’ radar they will thoroughly vet him between now and draft day. Other QB possibilities are Josh Allen of Wyoming and Lamar Jackson of Louisville.

WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama—Hey, why not another wide receiver, which would be the second one in the first round in three years, and another member of the Crimson Tide after taking Alabama players 1-2 in 2017. I know that people would cringe at another round 1 WR, but after Terrelle Pryor flamed out last year it certainly is a need. Ridley would represent a solid value at No. 13.

DL Vita Vea, Washington—This pick would solve a couple of problems. At 6-4, 332 Vea has the size and strength needed to play nose tackle, solving another problem that has been around since 2010. What might make him worth a first-round pick is that he doesn’t have to go to the bench in nickel. Vea is versatile enough to rush the passer and play three downs. Start a line with Vea, Jonathan Allen, and Matt Ioannidis, mix in a few quality rotational players, and get Jim Tomsula to coach them up and you will have a top-notch D-line. As of right now, Vea is considered to be more of a late first-round player but a lot can change in the next 99 days.

RB Derrius Guice, LSU—Dreams of getting Saquon Barkley at No. 13 are just that and trading up far enough to get him would cost way too much draft capital. But Guice is a good mix of speed, power, agility, and receiving ability. With the exception of Alfred Morris’ first couple of seasons, the Redskins have been ordinary at best since the prime of Clinton Portis a decade ago. Many were impressed with Sony Michel of Georgia, who could be available in the second round.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @TandlerNBCS.

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