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Five possible Redskins free agent targets
Need to Know: The Redskins may have a lot of cap money to spend in free agency; here are five players who could get some of it. 
Don't freak out about latest Zach Brown tweet
Redskins fans desperately want Zach Brown back on the roster for the 2018 season, and a Wednesday morning tweet made many Washington fans freak out.  
Josh Norman wears a kilt and it's hilarious (VIDEO)
Josh Norman traveled to Scotland as part of an NFL promotional trip, and in turn, Josh Norman wore a kilt. It's awesome. 
NBC Sports Washington experts weigh in on Kirk Cousins
In an unprecedented move, JP Finlay took out his microphone and interviewed everyone at the NBC Sports Washington holiday party to get their opinions on Kirk Cousins.
Strong defenses, mediocre QBs in playoffs won't become trend
With Foles, Keenum and Bortles under center for the Divisional Championship games, the Junkies are sensing the trend of mediocre QBs with strong defenses in the playoffs to be a one time deal.
Five potential Redskins first-round draft picks
Need to Know: The draft is still a few months off but the boards are beginning to take shape. Here's Tandler's early look at some players the Redskins might take at pick No. 13.  
Joe Gibbs makes the Hall of Fame case for Joe Jacoby
Joe Jacoby has yet to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just in case the Hall of Fame needs more convincing, here is legendary head coach Joe Gibbs.
Joe Jacoby's quarterbacks make his Hall of Fame case
Joe Jacoby should be in the Hall of Fame, but instead of taking it from us, take it from Mark Rypien, Doug Williams and Joe Theismann.
Redskins Fan of the Year bracket (updated)
During the 2017 Redskins seaon, NBC Sports Washington picked one fan of the game every week. So, which of those weekly champs deserves to be crowned the yearly champion?
Which Redskins players will form the core of the offense in 2021?
It's hard to figure out who will be playing for the Redskins in 2018 but Tandler takes it a few steps forward and tries to predict who will be the team's key offensive players three years from now. 
Build defense and forget about QB? It's not that easy
Redskins fans want to know: Is investing heavily on defense and saving money at QB a path to playoff success? The question makes sense. The answer, however, is hard to explain.  
Junkies: Playoff teams have huge talent around QB, 'Skins don't
After seeing Foles, Keenum and Bortles lead their team to divisional title games, the Junkies feel the difference between those teams and the Redskins is the amount of talent surrounding their quarterbacks.
If Cousins leaves, with the Redskins rebuild or retool?
Need to Know: Tandler asks and answers some Redskins questions that have been on his mind lately. 
What does Blake Bortles' success mean for Kirk Cousins?
If you're a pro-Kirk Cousins Redskins fan, then you should probably become pro-Blake Bortles, too. The Redskins Talk crew explains why on their latest podcast.
Where does Diggs' catch rank among the other NFL playoff walk-off wins?
Stefon Diggs' fourth quarter catch Sunday against the Saints is one of the many reasons we love football. Where does it rank among some of the greats though? 
Realistic Redskins QB options in 2018 NFL Draft
Is Baker Mayfield a realistic option? What about Lamar Jackson? Ben Standig breaks down realistic QB options for the Redskins in the 2018 draft.
Redskins shouldn't look at current playoff teams for QB advice
Two of the quarterbacks of the final four teams were unemployed in March and another was a major draft bust. Does that mean that the Redskins can move on from Kirk Cousins?
What can the Redskins learn from this weekend's playoff games?
Need to Know: If the Redskins were watching the playoffs this weekend they learned that you should never, ever give up and other lessons. 
Jags big win could spell bad news for Kirk Cousins
Blake Bortles and the Jaguars went to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers in the NFL's Divisional Playoff Round. And that could have big ramifications for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. 
The Redskins week that was—Drafting and developing, what Cousins wants
Need to Know: A look back at the Redskins week that was including what Cousins really wants, new faces in charge of the draft, and who will develop.
Setting the odds on what happens with Kirk Cousins
Need to Know: You may have heard that Kirk Cousins is a free agent and that the Redskins have a number of options regarding that.
Bang for the free agent bucks for the Redskins?
The Redskins didn't go on a big free agency spending spree but they did invest in five players. As usually is the case in free agency, the results were mixed. 
Finlay: 'Skins should draft QB at No.13 with or without Kirk
The future at QB for the Redskins is uncertain, that's for sure. NBC Sports Washington's Redskins insider, JP Finlay, believes a QB should be drafted at No.13 no matter what.
Here are the five highest-paid 2018 Redskins
Need to Know: Although the list could change as we go through free agency, here are the five Redskins who will make the most cash in 2018. 
Simms: Crowder 'without a doubt' deserves an extension
Jamison Crowder is headed toward a big pay day, and NBC Pro Football Talk analyst Chris Simms believes the Redskins need to pay Crowder. He's that important.
Playing in D.C. isn't as valuable for Cousins as you'd think
Think that playing in the nation's capital provides Kirk Cousins a platform he can't find with another team? Well, sit down and read this, then.
Should Cousins emulate Tom Brady when it comes to contracts?
Kirk Cousins can learn from Tom Brady, and not just when it comes to on-field play, Mark Rypien says.
Five Redskins reserves who will have bigger roles in 2018
Need to Know: As opportunities open up and additional skills are acquired, young players take on bigger roles. Here are five who should have more impact in 2018.
Yes, Kirk Cousins would consider the Browns in free agency
As crazy as it sounds — and it sounds really crazy — there are a few very strong reasons why Kirk Cousins should, and would, consider going to the Browns if he became a free agent.
Former Redskin suspects tension between Gruden and Cousins
A former Redskin who played with Kirk Cousins and under Jay Gruden thinks that the quarterback and coach may be at odds with each other these days.
'It's disgraceful' how 'Skins don't have a QB succession plan
In this Redskins Talk pod, the crew discusses a possible Jamison Crowder extension, analyzes how Washington's QB situation is precarious behind Kirk Cousins and catches up with ex-Redskin Darrel Young.
Poor planning has left the Redskins in a bind at quarterback
Despite dealing with uncertainty at quarterback for the last four seasons, the Redskins haven't done much to add any insurance at the position. 
Jamison Crowder open to contract extension with Redskins, per source
Heading into 2018 in the final year of his rookie contract, Redskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder would be open to a contract extension this offseason, per a source with knowledge of the situation.
Rypien: Cousins will have to sacrifice money for resources
From one Redskins QB to another. Mark Rypien breaks down what Kirk Cousins will need to do to have a chance at winning a Super Bowl for the Redskins.
Many factors involved with Redskins' choices at QB
Need to Know: Tandler answers you questions including choices at quarterback, what they want at running back and O-line replacements.
Redskins mock draft round-up: Is Barkley really an option?
With college football season's officially over, it's time to start evaluating all of the NFL prospects. Who are the Redskins projected to take in various mock drafts?
One position the Redskins should avoid in the first round
Tandler says that one respected draft analyst is way off base in his assessment of what the Redskins should do in the first round of the draft. 
8 QBs who could replace Kirk Cousins
No one knows where Kirk Cousins is going to be when next year's NFL season kicks off. If Cousins bolts, here are 8 QBs that the Redskins could look to replace him with. 
In calling for closure at QB, Gruden may be losing a year with Cousins
Need to Know: Jay Gruden wants a quick resolution to the QB situation but that may mean starting over at the position this year. 
Jay Gruden is fed up with the instability at quarterback
Jay Gruden is tired of the year-to-year drama at the quarterback position and wants things with Kirk Cousins to be figured out one way or the other this offseason.
NFL Draft: 7 ways the Redskins' loss to Giants affected their draft
In our latest mock draft, see where the Redskins land following their losing season.
Is there a disconnect between Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins?
The never-ending contract situation may be weighing on both the quarterback and the head coach in D.C.
No, Redskins weren't that close to being a playoff team
It's tempting to say that the Redskins were close to being a playoff team in 2017. However, they were just as close to being worse than 7-9.
It's obvious what Kirk Cousins really wants
Cousins talked at length about his future in the NFL, and in D.C.. Those two things might not be the same, however, as the actions and words paint a clear picture what the Redskins QB truly wants.
A week after season ends, still no Redskins coaching changes
Need to Know: Jay Gruden said that he didn't expect any changes to the coaching staff and nearly a week later that appears to be the case. 
Redskins week that was—Ripple effects of Dunbar deal
Need to Know: Tandler looks at the Redskins week that was including the importance of what Kirk Cousins didn't say, Dunbar's deal, and Zach Brown's future. 
Do the right thing and don't root against Sean McVay
When looking for a team to root for in the playoffs, look to Sean McVay. 
Is Broncos pursuit of Kirk Cousins realistic?
Looks like a new front-runner has emerged to swoop in and sign Kirk Cousins via free agency in John Elway and the Broncos. How realistic are Denver's chances?
Breaking down the key points from the Cousins Q&A
Taking a closer look at some of the key quotes from the Kirk Cousins Q&A on Friday.
Redskins 2018 outlook one-liners, recovering from injury edition
Need to Know: Our last one-liners look at the Redskins'2018 prospects examines the players who finished the year on injured reserve. 
Redskins Talk: Feeling better about Cousins' contract situation?
Kirk Cousins discussed a lot in his year-end interview recapping his 2017, but in this episode of Redskins Talk, the biggest question remains: How should fans feel about his potential return?
The best of Kirk Cousins' end-of-year interview
Kirk Cousins gave a pretty revealing, two-hour interview with 106.7 The Fan on Friday, but if you didn't have time to watch the whole thing, here is a compilation of the best moments.
VIDEO: Kirk Cousins says he wants to be a Redskin
During his end-of-year chat with Grant & Danny, Kirk Cousins was asked straight-up whether he wants to be a Redskin. And his answer was a straight-up one, too.
E.B. sees a lot of positives out of Cousins' recent comments
Ahead of another offseason of Kirk Cousins contract negotiations, E.B. from the Junkies doesn't think the QB is as excited to leave D.C. as everything thinks.
Looking to 2018 with each Redskins player, defensive edition
Need to Know: What does the future hold for the Redskins who play defense? Tandler takes a look
Jacksonville no longer a landing spot for Cousins
There is a large number of teams that may be a suitor for Kirk Cousins this NFL off-season, now it is time to take Jacksonville off that list. 
5 questions for Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins is a good person and a good quarterback, but he's provided no indication of his plans for 2018 or the future. He's going to talk Friday, and these are the questions he needs to answer. 
Redskins have more questions than answers on third-down problems
The Redskins offense was awful on third downs, particularly when trying to convert on the ground. Jay Gruden is going to explore a range of possible solutions. 
The Redskins would be excellent on 'Hard Knocks'
The Redskins are one of six teams eligible to be on the 2018 edition of "Hard Knocks." Here's why they'd be an excellent selection for the awesome HBO show.
Football Jenks: Get with it and support Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins may have played his last game for the Redskins, and following Jay Gruden's "Honest assessment" of the QB's play, our Michael Jenkins has had enough. Show Cousins some respect.
Redskins Talk Podcast: The Joe Jacoby interview
Just hours after being named a Hall of Fame finalist, Joe Jacoby joins JP Finlay on this special edition of Redskins Talk.
Looking to 2018 with each Redskins player, offensive edition
Need to Know: Who has a set role for 2017 and who is up in the air? Who's staying and who's going. Tandler takes a look with this special edition of Redskins player one-liners, offense.
Knocking the champion Bears out of the playoffs 31 years ago
On this date in 1987, the Redskins were disrespected as they went into the house of the defending champion Bears in the playoffs. They had plenty of respect after the game. 
Evaluating the possible landing spots for Kirk Cousins in 2018
It's the question on everyone's mind, and JP Finlay is here to try and answer it: Where could Kirk Cousins end up in 2018, and which teams make the most sense from that group?
Gruden already on the 2018 hot seat?
Jay Gruden held on to his job after his team posted a losing record. He may not be around if the Redskins again are irrelevant in December in 2018.
Gruden says continuity is good, but so is change
Need to Know: Tandler wraps up Jay Gruden's year-end presser including his comments on the coaching staff, his comfort level with Colt McCoy, and the inevitability of change. 
Ray Lewis
Beathard and Lewis included in Hall of Fame finalists
Local legends Bobby Beathard, Joe Jacoby and Ray Lewis are among the finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 2018 class.
Kirk, Colt and all the details from Jay Gruden's final press conference
JP Finlay and Rich Tandler were in attendance for Jay Gruden's last presser of the 2017 season, and now they're here to explain all that was said for Redskins Talk listeners.
The case for Cousins to the desert
Carson Palmer's reported retirement makes the case for Kirk Cousins to Arizona a real possibility (among others). Here's what could happen.
Jay Gruden plays coy on Jon Gruden's return to NFL coaching
Jon Gruden has been linked to the vacant Raiders opening, and during his season-ending interview with Chick Hernandez and Brian Mitchell, Jay Gruden was asked about his brother's return to coaching.
Gruden says team will take close look at improving injury prevention
Some football injuries are bad luck, while others can be prevented with the use of certain programs. Jay Gruden said that the Redskins are going to look at the team's injury prevention in the offseason. 
Gruden honest, not critical, of Cousins' season
A pause can say a lot. Asked to describe Kirk Cousins' 2017 season, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden paused. He then gave a very honest answer. 
How would Jay Gruden sum up Kirk Cousins' 2017 season?
Jay Gruden is proud of the way Kirk Cousins played in 2017, but he does feel like the QB still has room to grow, much like the Redskins as a whole.
Redskins 2017 team superlatives
Need to Know: It wasn't a great year for the Redskins but they did have plenty of solid individual performances. Tandler looks at the best of them. 
Vernon Davis weighs in on the Kirk Cousins situation
Redskins tight end Vernon Davis talked to the media about wanting Kirk Cousins back in Redskins Park for the 2018 season and beyond.
DeAngelo Hall wants to succeed no matter what next step is
DeAngelo Hall's time in D.C. looks to be over, but wherever he goes next and whatever he does next, he'll look to succeed.
Swearinger critical of the way teammates handled injuries
Injuries happen. It's part of the game. But you can take steps to prevent future injuries. Safety DJ Swearinger was not impressed with the way his teammates took care of their bodies in 2017.
In re-signing Dunbar, Breeland's fate may be sealed
On the first day of the offseason, the Redskins re-signed Quinton Dunbar. The move is sure to impact a major Redskins free agency decision.
DJ Swearinger wants the defense to bond in the offseason
DJ Swearinger thinks the defense, especially the DBs, should bond in the offseason. Swearinger believes building the comradery off the field will help on the field.
These 8 statements about the 'Skins are crazy — and true
Terrelle Pryor finished the season with 333 fewer receiving yards than Ryan Grant did, and seven more things that'll shock you about the 2017 Redskins.
Skins' 2018 opponents made official
The Redskins can now look ahead to 2018 with the official confirmation of their list of opponents.
The key Redskins plays of 2017
Need to Know: The Monday six-pack looks at the key plays that made and broke the Redskins' 2017 season. 
Redskins to retain Jay Gruden as head coach, per report
Despite a disappointing finish to an injury plagued season, the Redskins will reportedly retain Jay Gruden as their head coach.
Roquan Smith
NFL Draft 2018: College playoff prospects to watch
Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia take the field on New Year's Day with national title dreams.
Insider's Take: Speechless in the Big Apple
The Redskins' disappointing Week 17 loss to the Giants has JP Finlay at a loss for words.
Best of Redskins Kickoff: 2017 season recap
Watch the best of Redskins Kickoff from the entire 2017 NFL season with our Sounds of Sunday season recap.
The journey comes to an end for DeAngelo Hall
DeAngelo Hall has seemingly caleld it a career after the 2017 season came to an end on Sunday with a Redskins loss to the Giants.
Ups and Downs from the Redskins' 2017 season finale
Remember all the good vibes the Redskins had built up heading into the finale? Well, those disappeared with their dud in New York. Track the flow of the game here.
Morgan Moses Evaluates Kirk Cousins' Week 17 performance
Following the disappointing loss to the Giants in Week 17, offensive lineman Morgan Moses talks to JP Finlay about Kirk Cousins' performance.
Yet another Week 17 dud for Redskins
Despite a strong week of practice, the Redskins came out flat in Week 17 against the Giants. It was a familiar story, one resulting in another disappointing start to the offseason.
Cousins joins elite group with another 4,000-yard season
Kirk Cousins became only the 11th quarterback in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in three straight seasons. 
16 Weeks worth of Redskins huddle hype
As the Redskins enter Week 17 vs. the Giants, NBC Sports Washington takes a look back at 16 weeks worth of hype, hype and more hype
Redskins announce inactive list for season finale
The Redskins' 2017 season has been defined by injuries. With only one game left, not much has changed.
Redskins vs. Giants Week 17 How to watch
Everything you need to know before the Redskins visit the New York Giants on New Year's Eve.
Redskins finish season against a team in turmoil
Need to Know: Final thoughts on the Redskins last game, which will be against a team in complete turmoil. 
Derrius Guice
2018 NFL Draft: New Year's Day prospects
Watching college football on New Year's Day is a tradition unlike any other. Might as well ponder which players could help the Redskins next season while you're at it.
Checking In: Finlay tries the NFL Experience in Times Square
Redskins Insider JP Finlay checks in from New York City, where he hits the NFL Experience in Times Square to put his football skills to the test.
Week 17 Redskins at Giants: Win in the end
It's been a disappointing season for the Redskins. That cannot be sugarcoated. That said, finishing 2017 with a third straight win, over a division rival, to reach 8-8 is the best possible finale.
The Redskins' most overrated events of 2017
Need to Know: Nearly everything involving the Redskins is surrounded by a lot of hype. Here are some events that did not warrant all of the attention that they got. 
JP Finlay Previews Week 17
Our JP Finlay joins Redskins Nation to discuss three things to watch for in the season finale against the New York Giants.
What does Galette have in common with Wonder Woman and a pug?
Junior Galette is in some esteemed company thanks to one November sack dance — company that includes a gnome, Bryan Cranston and a very cute pug.
Ryan Kerrigan
Will a nagging injury derail Kerrigan's NFL-leading streak?
As the Redskins approach the 2017 NFL finish line, injuries continue to pile on. Ryan Kerrigan is banged up, and if he misses Week 17, a massive streak will come to an end.
Sign or Decline: Who should the Redskins bring back in 2018?
Who should the Redskins bring back in 2018? Our Redskins GamePlan crew decided with a little game called sign or decline.
Williams takes to Instagram prior to knee surgery
Trent Williams is undergoing knee surgery today and the Pro Bowler appears to be in good spirits.
Has it really been that long since Darrell Green retired?
It's hard to believe, but it's been 15 years since Darrell Green retired from the NFL. Here is the story if his last game and the surrounding pageantry. 
Feinstein: Cousins will be highest paid NFL player in 2018
Best-selling author John Feinstein told the Junkies Friday that he doesn't expect Kirk Cousins to be back next season and that he'll be getting quite the payday.
Redskins will let Breeland test free agency, per source
Bashaud Breeland might be back with the Redskins in 2018, but the cornerback will first get the chance to test free agency, per multiple sources close to the situation. 
The most underrated Redskins events of 2017
Need to Know: We don't always know when an important event takes place; sometimes, it takes a while for the effects to be recognized. 
Gruden pleased with locker room camaraderie
Facing a Giants team that's seen their fare share of issues this season, Jay Gruden is pleased with how the Redskins' locker room has handled external issues.
Doctson is getting chances but breakout is elusive
Josh Doctson has been playing more in the latter part of the season and while he has had some impressive moments he had yet to have his breakout game. 
Redskins are running more — and gaining less
Need to Know: Four Downs includes a look at overachieving, play calling choices, and Cousins' reluctance to talk about the future just now. 
Ex-Skin Baker gets in locker room scuffle
Former Redskins defensive tackle, now with Tampa Bay, was involved in a locker room shouting match after last week's loss. 
Gruden says Cousins doesn't owe him anything, but he's wrong
Sure, Kirk Cousins' development into a succesful NFL quarterback might have happened without Jay Gruden, but it might not have happened nearly as soon — or at all.
Does Jay Gruden feel that Kirk Cousins owes him something?
Does Jay Gruden, who made the push for Kirk Cousins to become a starter back in 2015, feel that the QB owes him something because of that?
How low can the Redskins' top pick go?
Right now, the Redskins are in position to own the 15th pick in the first round of the draft. But that could change drastically depending on how they and four other teams fare on Sunday. 
Redskins player one liners, offensive edition
Need to Know: A look at each player on Redskins offense including the likely center of the present and future.
Gruden Talks Redskins' Future
Jay Gruden talked on Tuesday with NBC Sports Washington about Kirk Cousins' future and Junior Galette trying to goad him into a challenge against Denver.
Galette failed to goad Gruden into a challenge vs. Broncos
Jay Gruden spoke with NBC Sports Washington on Tuesday and talked about Junior Galette ribbing him about challenges, Kirk Cousins' future and the coach's best Christmas present.
Predicting NFC playoff picture heading into Week 17
Only one week for your favorite NFC team to make it to the postseason. Let's take a look at all the possible scenarios before the regular season comes to an end.
Redskins' Thompson starts rehab from broken fibula
Redskins' running back Chris Thompson is starting rehab after having the cast removed from his leg. That prompts a look at just how valuable he was in 2017. 
Junkies: Cousins' 27 TDs 'remarkable' considering injuries
Kirk Cousins is ranked 6th in the league in touchdowns and the Junkies consider that stat 'remarkable' considering the lack of depth at WR and RB.
Five Redskins who must step up in 2018
Need to Know: The Redskins are stuck in a .500 rut and here are five who must play better in 2018 if they are going to snap out of it. 
Five key plays from the Redskins' win over the Broncos
Need to Know: A closer look at the five key plays from the Redskins' 27-11 win over the Broncos. 
An early Christmas gift for the Redskins
Santa's three favorite elves — JP Finlay, Rich Tandler and Mitch Tischler — convene inside of FedEx Field for the last time this season to review Washington's satisfying win over the Denver. Included in...
The Best of Redskins Kickoff Week 16
Games on Christmas Eve always lend to fun stories. This year the Redskins gave their fans an early Christmas present with a win over the Broncos.
Washington Redskins outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan celebrates after recording a sack against the Denver Broncos
Takeaways from drama-free win over Broncos
In a match-up between two non-contenders, the Redskins left their final game of the season at FedEx Field with a victory.
Must See Photos from Skins-Broncos
Going up against one of the defensive units in the NFL, the Washington Redskins managed to put up 27 points and close out a victory in Week 16. Re-live the Skins-Broncos game in photos.
Ups and Downs from the Redskins' easy home finale vs. Denver
The Redskins closed out FedEx Field with a no-doubt-about-it win vs. the Broncos in Week 16. Allow this gallery will take you through the ups and downs of the victory.
A Redskins victory worthy of holiday cheer
The Redskins welcomed the Broncos to town on Christmas Eve and sent the ponies packing with a 16-point drubbing thanks to a bunch of turnovers and a well-balanced passing attack.
Kirk Cousins pulls off the most polite helmet slam ever
Kirk Cousins has had some epic outbursts as a Redskin, but this "helmet slam" against the Broncos on Sunday won't be remembered as one.
How a Redskins coach's family has changed thanks to adoption
Redskins assistant Kevin Carberry and his wife were unable to have a child of their own. But thanks to their decision to adopt, the couple now feels "blessed" to have Frank as the third member of their...
Redskins actually get some good health news for Week 16
Redskins Week 16 inactives: The Redskins will be without Zach Brown today against the Broncos
Jay Gruden may have options when it comes to coaching
According to a report, Redskins coach Jay Gruden might have a backup plan if things change and the Redskins let him go.
Redskins vs. Broncos Week 16 How to watch
Everything you need to know before the Redskins take on the Denver Broncos at home on Christmas Eve.
Final thoughts on Redskins vs. Broncos
Need to Know: Thrust into a prominent role by injuries, Redskins RB Kapri Bibbs, who has been on the roster about a month, will get his chance at revenge against his old team. 
Football and Family: Kevin Carberry's special story
For Redskins' assistant offensive line coach Kevin Carberry, football and family are everything
Redskins place 5th RB on injured reserve
The Redskins placed running back LeShun Daniels on the injured reserve — making him the unprecedented 5th running back to land on the IR this season.
Which Redskins will stay, who will go?
Offseason roster churn is inevitable and the Redskins have 19 pending unrestricted free agents. Here is a look at the chances of five of them staying. 
The truth behind Kirk Cousins' stats
On paper, it doesn't look like Kirk Cousins had a great season. But when you consider all the injuries to the Redskins offense, he actually performed pretty well.
Redskins' healthy running backs are dwindling by the day
This year, the offensive line has been the Redskins' most injured position group. But with two weeks left to play, that unit is getting pushed by Washington's running backs.
JP Finlay believes market value remains Kirk Cousins' goal
What's going to happen with Kirk Cousins this offseason is the biggest question on the minds of Redskins fans. JP Finlay feels Cousins maintains that he wants to explore his market value.
JP Finlay and John 'Cakes' Auville back keeping Jay Gruden
Is Jay Gruden on the hot seat? NBC Sports Washington Redskins insider JP Finlay and Cakes from the Junkies make their cases of why he should stay.
Redskins said farewell to RFK 21 years ago today
In some ways, it feels like it was last week and it other ways it feels like it was 100 years ago. The Redskins said farewell to RFK Stadium on this date in 1996.
Redskins fan questions—Young players on the rise
Need to Know: Tandler answers questions from fans on positions of need, young players who could take the big leap in 2018, and, of course, quarterbacks.   
Week 16 Redskins-Broncos: Two teams fighting over one QB?
Christmas Eve might be the time to revel with friends and family, but for the Redskins, it's time for football. Washington welcomes the Denver Broncos to town on Sunday, and coverage starts at noon.
Cousins' last home game at FedEx?
Kirk Cousins has been in a situation where he might be playing his last home game at FedEx Field before—three times, in fact. 
For Junkies, football still as enjoyable as ever to watch
Many have argued that the level and quality at which football is being played in 2017 has gone down. For the Junkies, they find the game still enjoyable to watch.
Fantasy Football -- Super Bowl/Week 16 rankings
Blake Bortles or Kirk Cousins? Jamaal Williams or Joe Mixon? Mohamed Sanu, Robby Anderson or Jordy Nelson?
Projecting the Redskins' 2018 defensive depth chart
Need to Know: A look forward at what the defensive depth chart might look like in Week 1 of 2018.     
How the Redskins can beat Brock Osweiler
Brock Osweiler is a strong quarterback but he has some major weaknesses the Redskins can capitalize on. Charley Casserly explains.
What should the Redskins do about Breeland's free agency?
Cornerback Bashaud Breeland will become a free agent after this season. Do the Redskins re-sign him or look elsewhere?
There's a lot of Pro Bowl potential on the Redskins' IR
Several talented Redskins, who might have made it to the Pro Bowl if they were healthy, had their seasons cut short due to injury.
Charley Casserly's strategy for beating the Broncos' defense
There's one key player the Redskins have to take into consideration when playing the Broncos - Von Miller.
Brandon Scherff was worth no. 5 pick
Redskins guard Brandon Scherff has silenced any criticism that he was chosen too high in the draft with his leadership on and off the field.
8 possible replacements if the Redskins lose Kirk Cousins
Reaching a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins should be the top goal for the Redskins this offseason. But if that doesn't happen, here are 8 possible contingency plans. 
Trent Williams is probably done for the year
He's not on IR, but Trent Williams said he will only play if there is an emergency. His focus will be surgery, and a lengthy rehab.   
Players on 6-8 Redskins find it hard to get individual honors
The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a single-season, individual honor but team success and past performance are major determining factors in who gets picked.   
Casserly feels in his gut that Cousins will be back in 2018
Negotiations will be back in full force before we know it and former Redskins GM Charley Casserly's gut tells him the team will spend the money on Kirk Cousins.
Redskins player one-liners, defense
Need to Know: Tandler takes a snapshot look at every defensive player on the Redskins roster.    
Three Redskins tabbed to 2018 Pro Bowl roster
The rosters for the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl were announced on Tuesday and despite the long list of injuries, two offensive linemen earned recognition.
Fantasy Football Week 16 sleeper picks
Ben Standig takes a look at some potential spot starts for fantasy football owners still alive for Super Bowl week.
NFL Power Rankings: Redskins heading the right way again
Did you enjoy a week of power rankings where the Patriots weren't in the top spot? Well, hopefully you did, because looks who's back at No. 1.
Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings
Everything but clarity in NFC Playoff picture
Two weeks left to go before the NFL postseason and there is almost nothing set in stone in the NFC.
Redskins appear to be set at center
Injuries have ravaged the Redskins this season, but it may have helped them find their starting center for years to come.
Junkies call Brown's headhunting tweet a 'bad look'
Redskins' Zach Brown responded to Green Bay Packers' Devonte Adams' quote on players "headhunting" saying if you don't want to get hurt, don't play the game. The Junkies discuss whether it's controversial...
How much could the Redskins' last two games affect the draft?
Need to Know: The Redskins would draft about 10th if they were to lose out and 15th if they win out. How much of a difference is there?   
Agree or disagree with Zach Brown's comments on hits, injuries?
Zach Brown weighed in on the player safety debate, and his old school mentality could use some updating.
Redskins won't push Allen's return, which is the safe and right move
When Jonathan Allen suffered a Lisfranc sprain, many hoped he’d return before season's end. Monday, however, Jay Gruden declared Allen's year is truly over, and that's OK.
Is Jonathan Allen officially done for 2017? Gruden explains
The Redskins have two games left of their 2017 season. It's been a while since rookie Jonathan Allen has been on the field, but coach Jay Gruden evaluates his situation.
Mason Foster hilariously questions Will Compton's fashion
Mason Foster was a guest on Redskins 100 and shared his views on Will Compton's style.
Redskins injuries plaguing Kirk Cousins' performance
As a team, the Redskins have taken a big hit with injuries. But so has Cousins and his stats.
Best of Redskins Kickoff Week 15: Redskins vs. Cardinals
Here are the best moments from the week that was -- Week 15 vs. Arizona.
Should Redskins lose Cousins, Sunday was a look into QB abyss
For whatever reason, a vocal subset of Redskins fans do not want quarterback Kirk Cousins to return in 2018. That group got an ugly reality check on Sunday. 

Redskins make the most of 'meaningless' game
With their playoff chances gone, the Redskins managed to make the most out of their game with the Cardinals.   
Jonathan Allen has nothing but love for Gruden, Manusky
Redskins DL Jonathan Allen joined the Junkies to discuss how his rookie season is going thus far.
Jonathan Allen: Injury adds 'fuel to my fire'
Redskins DL Jonathan Allen has missed a chunk of his rookie season with a Lisfranc injury. He told the Junkies how his recovery process is going.
The five key plays from the Redskins' win over Arizona
Need to Know: The Redskins defense made most of the key plays against the Cardinals, appropriate in a game where they did not give up a touchdown.    
Must see photos from Redskins-Cardinals
The best photos from the Redskins' Week 15 win against the Arizona Cardinals.
Ups and Downs from a close Redskins win
Rich Tandler's Ups and Downs from the Redskins 20-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals.
Fuller Swearinger Cardinals.jpg
Takeaways from narrow win over Cardinals
There were a couple close calls in the last minutes of the game, but the Redskins got the job done.
Insider's Take: A win is a win
It didn't look great, but the Redskins earned a much-needed win against the Cardinals. Plus, there were some positives in this game.
Unexpected stars lead Redskins to 20-15 victory
Guys like Kapri Bibbs and Anthony Lanier starred on Sunday for the Redskins, as Washington lifted the cloud that had been hanging over them for a few weeks now.
DJ Swearinger talks beating former team
Safety DJ Swearinger talks to JP Finlay about how good it feels for him to win against the Cardinals, his former team.
Norman respects his elders, so he took it easy on Fitzgerald
Who says football players aren't polite? Josh Norman explained after Week 15's win over Arizona how he took it easy on Larry Fitzgerald at one point on Sunday.
Preston Smith won't take solo credit for his excellent game
Preston Smith was very dominant against the Cardinals in Week 15, but the pass rusher chose to give attention to his teammates after the game instead of himself.
Trevor Matich: Kirk Cousins not getting enough credit
Kirk Cousins has a lot on the line personally heading into the tail end of the season. Trevor Matich feels he's not getting enough praise for the risks he's willing to take for his team.
Trent Williams out yet again in Week 15
The weekly question of whether Trent Williams will be able to play today against the Cardinals has been answered. The Pro Bowl left tackle is inactive and will not play against Arizona.
How to Watch Week 15 Redskins vs. Cardinals
It's Time for Week 15 between the Redskins and Cardinals. It's all about effort and 'want to.' Join us on Facebook at the half for Halftime Live with Jenks and Santana Moss.
Redskins need Cousins to bounce back
Kirk Cousins has to bounce back from one of the worst games of his career if the Redskins are going to break their two-game losing streak.   
Redskins welcome back familiar face in kicking game
With a few weeks to go in the season, the Redskins made a change at kicker after they activated Dustin Hopkins from injured reserve.
Charley Casserly on how to tackle the Cardinals offense
Charley Casserly breaks down how the Redskins can contain Arizona's dynamic offense
Redskins need to show up, or get blown up
For the second consecutive game, the Redskins got blown out on the road. First in Dallas, then in Los Angeles, Jay Gruden's team is reeling. The best way to calm down the flames? Get a win.
Slow starts have been killing the Redskins
Remember the good old days when the Redskins built up leads and then either lost or struggled to win? They haven't sniffed the lead in their last two games.   
What's the plan at cornerback, losing the locker room
Need to Know: Tandler opens the mailbag and answers questions from fans including the draft, the succession plan at cornerback, and losing the locker room.   
Redskins Christmas
Best gifts for Redskins fans this year
The Redskins' season is coming to an end in a few weeks, but your team spirit doesn't have to. Give your friends and family the best team-themed gifts to help them make it through the end of the season.
It's time for the Redskins to get a little meaner
Brian Mitchell believes the Redskins have gotten nicer and nicer over the years, and he's ready for that trend to stop.
Two out, seven questionable for Redskins vs Cardinals
The Redskins will try to beat the Cardinals without one of their best defensive players, while seven more players are a toss-up for Week 15.    
Brown still has plenty of incentive to play through injuries
Zach Brown is as tough as they come. But as he continues to get banged up, he has incentive to fight through it.  
What type of finish will save Gruden's job?
NBS Sports Washington Redskins Insider JP Finlay joined the Junkies to evaluate what type of finish the Redskins need to have in order for Jay Gruden to remain head coach going forward.
Looking ahead at the Redskins' 2018 depth chart on offense
Need to Know: With questions swirling about key offensive players, here's a first look at what the Redskins 2018 offensive depth chart.   
Chris Simms on Redskins practice habits
Chris Simms discusses the importance of both Redskins coaches and players staying professional during a losing season.
Skins' pass rushing woes could see boost Sunday
It hasn't been the most productive year for the Redskins' pass rush. Sunday could bring an opportunity for change.