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The 2018 NFL Mock Draft 9.0: Only a week until the big day

The 2018 NFL Mock Draft 9.0: Only a week until the big day

The NFL Draft is fast approaching and with only a few days remaining, the fate of rosters around the NFL continues to keep changing.

With the never-ending pace of free agency and offseason move, Ben Standig's latest draft day predictions have placed both Wyoming's quarterback Josh Allen, and Penn State's running back Saquon Barkley, into the top 5 picks of his latest 2018 mock draft. 

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The Redskins have some important decisions to make on both sides of the ball, but with the No. 13 pick, their decision to keep their sights set on a defensive player seem to have remained the same.

However, with the 2018 NFL Draft beginning next week on Thursday, April 26, the question regarding the Redskins' possible second-round pick is still in the air.

Make sure to stay updated with all the latest predictions in our 2018 Mock Draft.

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A former NFL schedule maker projects three primetime games and a Thanksgiving showdown for Redskins


A former NFL schedule maker projects three primetime games and a Thanksgiving showdown for Redskins

As we quickly approach two of the most-anticipated weeks in the NFL offseason, former NFL schedule-maker Joe Ferreira joined JP Finlay and Rich Tandler to predict the Redskins' 2018 schedule week-by-week. We know the opponents and the location, but Joe took it a step further and chose the order, too.

Here's his entire mock schedule, which includes three primetime games and yet another Thanksgiving showdown in Dallas: 

Week 1: vs Carolina Panthers 

Week 2: @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

Week 3: vs New York Giants

Week 4: @ Tennessee Titans (Monday Night Football) 

Week 5: vs Dallas Cowboys 

Week 6: Bye week 

Week 7: vs Atlanta Falcons (Thursday night) 

Week 8: @ Philadelphia Eagles 

Week 9: vs Green Bay Packers 

Week 10: @ Arizona Cardinals 

Week 11: vs Indianapolis Colts 

Week 12: @ Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving) 

Week 13: @ New Orleans Saints (Monday Night Football) 

Week 14: vs Houston Texans 

Week 15: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Week 16: vs Philadelphia Eagles 

Week 17: @ New York Giants 

Now, for a full breakdown and analysis of Joe's picks, check out the newest episode of Redskins Talk: 

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The History of Broken-Bat Long Balls


The History of Broken-Bat Long Balls

The one baseball highlight you probably saw over and over again Monday night was Bryce Harper's improbable broken-bat home run en route to an 8-6 victory over the Mets. 

It begs the question: Has it happened before in Major League Baseball? 

This was well before my time, but the great Vin Scully was left speechless after Jack Howell did this: 


Rewind to August 2002. Just eight days removed from blasting his 600th homer, Barry Bonds hit this one out: 

2005 MLB home run king, Andruw Jones, took this pitch to deep center: 


Switch-hitter Mark Teixeira launched this ball to deep left while in Pinstripes: 


In September of 2011, Justin Upton left Jeff Karstens beside himself after hitting his 31st out of the yard: 


For Bryce, this wasn't just a broken-bat deep ball. It marked his league-leading eighth home run and he now finds himself one short of his career-high through the end of April. 

More importantly, it powered the Nationals past the Mets who sit atop the NL East at 12-3.