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Let's take a look at how Eagles fans celebrated Sunday's NFC Championship win

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Let's take a look at how Eagles fans celebrated Sunday's NFC Championship win

Eagles fans are known for a lot of things, most tend to not be very positive.

Sunday, the internet made sure to help us all keep track of what was going on in Philly, before, during, and after the Eagles and Vikings played for the NFC Championship.

Let's take a look at how things progressed in the City of Brotherly Love.

In what has become the iconic symbol of Sunday's "celebrations", this poor fellow, according to TMZ, Andrew Tornetta, refused to comply with orders to disperse by police in the parking lot before the game.

Instead, according to the report, Tornetta punched a police horse twice in the right shoulder and then hit the human officer in the face, which is always a terrible decision.

Oh, and it's the second time in two weeks a police horse took a fist from a human in Philly. 

Fans also welcomed anyone wearing Vikings colors with class and, well, brotherly love.

Also before the game, the city decided to be proactive, and keep fans from climbing light poles if the Eagles won.

Of course, we knew what wouldn't stop them.

Sure enough, some fans were up to the Crisco Pole Challenge.

Others though, didn't need grease to have issues with a pole.

Some decided to create a new dance, which we're sure will catch on any day now.

There was also the classic dance-on-a-car move.

Oh, and let's not forget them letting the Vikings know they played a great game. 

Forget the Patriots and Eagles playing eachother in the Super Bowl.

The real matchup, is Patriots fans and Eagles fans.

May the best fanbase win.

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Where does Stefon Diggs' remarkable catch rank among some of the best NFL playoff walk-offs?

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Where does Stefon Diggs' remarkable catch rank among some of the best NFL playoff walk-offs?

There is nothing quite like January playoff football and Sunday night's Vikings vs. Saints game further proved this point.

In case you have been off the grid the past 12 hours, the Minnesota Vikings literally got a last second win against the New Orleans Saints.

With 10 seconds left in the fourth and facing a 3rd and 10, quarterback Case Keenum heaved the football near the sideline to wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who dodged two defenders while managing to stay inbounds for a 61-yard touchdown as the clock expired. 

It was one of the most remarkable playoff walk-off wins, if not the most remarkable one, in football.

So, where does it stand among the others?


Broncos vs. Steelers 2011 AFC Wild Card game: Remember Tim Tebow's 80-yard overtime touchdown to Demaryius Thomas during the 2011 Broncos vs. Steelers AFC Wild Card game? It was the first and last snap of overtime and it was wild.

Mile High Miracle: On third and three with 43 seconds left in the game, Ravens' Joe Flacco launched one towards wide receiver Jacoby Jones, who got in front of the Broncos receiver and ran the ball in for a 70-yard game-tying touchdown. The Ravens would eventually go on to win the game in double overtime. Some could argue it was the defining moment in the Ravens' Super Bowl run. 

Cardinals vs. Steelers Super Bowl XLIII: Under the brightest lights of all, Ben Roethlisberger found Santonio Holmes with 43 seconds in the fourth in the back of the end zone for a toe-dragging, Super Bowl-winning catch. 


Saints vs. 49ers 2012 NFC Divisional game: Sunday's loss wasn't the first time the Saints have experienced a fourth quarter letdown. Back in 2012, Alex Smith threw one to the endzone on 3rd-and-three with 14 seconds left that sealed a win.

While these are only a few, we can't wait to add more to the list in years to come.

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If you're rooting against Sean McVay in the playoffs, you're doing it wrong

If you're rooting against Sean McVay in the playoffs, you're doing it wrong

Redskins fans, you have a choice to make on Saturday night. 

The choice revolves around the Falcons-Rams game, and the two options in front of you are: 1) The high road, or 2) The low, and very petty, and incredibly small-minded, and unnecessarily spiteful, road. 

As is the case for most Januarys, 'Skins supporters are looking to adopt a playoff team, and it appears that there's at least a bit of confusion over whether choosing the Rams – who are led by ex-Washington coach Sean McVay – is acceptable. 

The thinking against doing so seems to follow the logic that, if McVay and L.A. go on to beat Atlanta on Saturday, that will reflect poorly back on the Redskins. Therefore, it's important to root against the Rams and hope that McVay doesn't find success so that the Burgundy and Gold can save face. 

Don't be like that. 

First off, McVay just turned 31, and he's already resurrected a franchise and brought them to the postseason a year or two earlier than anyone expected. He's going to return to the playoffs plenty more times, regardless of Saturday's result.

So, crossing your fingers that his team flops Saturday would be like an anti-LeBron Wizards fan hoping James doesn't make a jumper on a certain possession. It's a waste of time, because McVay is talented and smart and destined for big things no matter what goes down in Round 1 of the NFC playoffs. He'll return to this stage again, so save yourself the effort. 

Also, the guy was fantastic in D.C. You know that QB who has thrown for three straight 4,000-yard seasons? Yeah, that QB worships McVay and credits him often for his development as a passer. 

Overall, McVay worked his way up from tight ends coach to offensive coordinator and then took a well-earned promotion out west. If you want to root against someone who did his job well and is reaping the rewards because of it, then feel free. You're probably really pleasant to hang out with. 

Now, this isn't to say you need to go out and buy a Todd Gurley jersey. Feel free to hop on the Bills bandwagon or get on the Bortles bus or just be one of those folks who cheer for the refs not to make a colossal mistake. 

But don't actively root against Sean McVay, because that's petty. 

And besides, if you want to be really petty, you should be in his corner. Wouldn't it be fun to say that the Redskins were one of the few teams to beat the 2017/18 Super Bowl champions?