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Another 'RG3 gets it' moment


Another 'RG3 gets it' moment

<p>One of the many concerns for a quarterback when he makes the leap to the NFL is how quickly he learns to read complex, pro-style defenses.<p><p>One play in Thursdays 7-6 victory over the Bills suggests rookie Robert Griffin III is a quick study.<p><p>Griffin brought the Redskins to the line of scrimmage having called his own number a quarterback keeper. But as he scanned the defense across from him, he noticed Buffalo had loaded up on the weak side of the formation.<p><p>So Griffin called an audible.<p><p>I just audibled to a run play, Griffin said. Its something you have to get used to. I didnt really audible that much in college. It was good to get out there and do that.<p><p>Griffin said the confidence to make that split-second judgment call at the line of scrimmage came from his growing experience and the trust the coaches have shown in him.<p><p>Its not that you walk to the line and see a defense and think, Ive got the perfect play for that defense, Griffin said. But now that were starting to game plan, the coaching staff can kind of break it down and say, If you get this specific look, you can audible this play.<p><p>Some other highlights from Griffins weekly media availability Monday: <p><p>--On his comfort dropping back after taking a snap under center, Griffin said: Of course I feel more comfortable in shotgun because thats what Im used to from Baylor. The drop back from underneath the center is definitely something Im getting better at. I felt comfortable in the game.<p><p>--Asked about targeting Pierre Garon so often Thursday, Griffin said: We are looking to grow as quarterback and receiver. But its not like we were calling plays designated plays for Pierre. We were just calling our base plays, going through the reads and it just so happened that his number popped up.<p><p>Three of Griffins four completions in Buffalo were to Garon, including a 20-yard touchdown.<p><p>--After watching the film of Thursdays game, Griffin said he did not second-guess himself. Im my own worst critic, he said. In the 14 plays that we got, there wasnt anything that stuck out as, Hey, I could have done this differently or couldve done that differently. Hopefully it will be the same way in Chicago.<p><p>--Asked when was the last time he got tackled, Griffin said: I have been hit in practice a few times and gone down. But I havent been hit since that Bowl game back at Baylor in the Alamo Bowl last December. I havent been hit since then. Hopefully we can keep that trend going.<p><p>Griffin was not taken down by the Bills and is not tackled in practice.<p><p> <p>

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Let's take a look at how Eagles fans celebrated Sunday's NFC Championship win

AP Images

Let's take a look at how Eagles fans celebrated Sunday's NFC Championship win

Eagles fans are known for a lot of things, most tend to not be very positive.

Sunday, the internet made sure to help us all keep track of what was going on in Philly, before, during, and after the Eagles and Vikings played for the NFC Championship.

Let's take a look at how things progressed in the City of Brotherly Love.

In what has become the iconic symbol of Sunday's "celebrations", this poor fellow, according to TMZ, Andrew Tornetta, refused to comply with orders to disperse by police in the parking lot before the game.

Instead, according to the report, Tornetta punched a police horse twice in the right shoulder and then hit the human officer in the face, which is always a terrible decision.

Oh, and it's the second time in two weeks a police horse took a fist from a human in Philly. 

Fans also welcomed anyone wearing Vikings colors with class and, well, brotherly love.

Also before the game, the city decided to be proactive, and keep fans from climbing light poles if the Eagles won.

Of course, we knew what wouldn't stop them.

Sure enough, some fans were up to the Crisco Pole Challenge.

Others though, didn't need grease to have issues with a pole.

Some decided to create a new dance, which we're sure will catch on any day now.

There was also the classic dance-on-a-car move.

Oh, and let's not forget them letting the Vikings know they played a great game. 

Forget the Patriots and Eagles playing eachother in the Super Bowl.

The real matchup, is Patriots fans and Eagles fans.

May the best fanbase win.

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The pros and cons of each of the Redskins' options with Kirk Cousins

USA Today Sports Images

The pros and cons of each of the Redskins' options with Kirk Cousins

The Redskins are pondering the three options they have to start up the process that will either lead to Cousins playing in Washington in 2018 or saying goodbye to their starter for the last three years. These options carry pros and cons that Schaffer, Allen, and Dan Snyder will weigh over the next 46 days until March 6, the deadline for teams to designate transition and franchise tags.

Here are the three most likely options for the Redskins and the pros and cons of each approach:

No tag, let him hit free agency—This would allow Cousins to become a free agent at 4 p.m. on March 14, when the new league years starts. The Redskins could make him an offer and they could ask the Cousins camp to give them an opportunity to match any offer they might be considering. But Cousins would be under no obligation to do so.
Pros: It would end the uncertainty once and for all. When the process is over, Cousins will either be a Redskin in the long term or be playing for another team. This also is the only way the Redskins can qualify for a compensatory draft pick if Cousins does sign elsewhere.
Cons: The most likely outcome is that the Redskins would be starting over at quarterback in 2018, something they are not ready to do. A large segment of the fan base would be angry if the Redskins just let Cousins walk out the door.


Transition tag: This tag carries a salary of $28.8 million and it allows Cousins to talk to other teams. If he gets an offer sheet from one of them, the Redskins would have five days to match it. If they don’t match, Cousins goes to the other team for no compensation. Another possible outcome could be Cousins signing the tag and staying in Washington for the fully guaranteed $28.8 million salary.
Pros: There also would be a good chance of ending the uncertainty, with Cousins either ending up gone at the end of the process or under a long-term contract in Washington. It also would give Cousins what he wants, the ability to test the open market, while giving the Redskins a shot at keeping him at the same time.
Cons: A team with adequate cap space could front load an offer and make it very difficult for the Redskins to match. There would be no compensation if Cousins left because the Redskins declined to match an offer sheet. And there is the possibility that the QB uncertainty could linger for another year if Cousins signs the tag.

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @TandlerNBCS.

Franchise tag: This tag carries a salary of about $34.5 million. Cousins could not negotiate with other teams as there is no non-exclusive option on a third career franchise tag. At his radio event the week after the season ended, Cousins said that he would just sign the tag and play for the Redskins. They could trade Cousins after he signs the tag, although the salary would make that difficult to do.
Pros: It would virtually assure that the Redskins would have Cousins for 2018. They would have until July 15 to try to negotiate a long-term deal with him.
Cons: You can’t make the case that Cousins, or any player not named Brady or Rodgers, could justify a $34.5 million salary for one year. And since a fourth franchise tag is not permitted, it would almost certainly set up a scenario where Cousins plays one more year and then he is done in DC. That’s not how to get the certainty at the position that Jay Gruden desires.

There is a fourth option, which would be to sign Cousins before the deadline. But earlier this month Cousins said that he would not be interested in doing that; his preference is to wait until March. Perhaps things can change but Cousins was quite definitive in what he said.