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Since earning 'MoJo' moniker, Morris and Jones have been quiet


Since earning 'MoJo' moniker, Morris and Jones have been quiet

After an outstanding first two weeks of the NFL season, Redskins fans handed the backfield of Alfred Morris and Matt Jones a fitting nickname: "MoJo." But ever since earning the sobriquet for running wild over the Dolphins and Rams, Morris and Jones have been awfully quiet.

In the season opener against Miami and their first victory versus the Rams, #46 ran for a combined 180 yards. The rookie from Florida, meanwhile, amassed 151, giving the pair a total of 331 through two contests, a striking number worthy of the "MoJo" moniker. Unfortunately, the tandem hasn't performed nearly as well in Weeks 3-5 as they did in Weeks 1 and 2.

Morris has just 96 yards in the past three contests against the Giants, Eagles, and Falcons, and 62 of those came against Philly, meaning he's put up 19 and 15 yards in two of his last three appearances. Jones has also been stuck in neutral, as the big back has only 69 yards since his coming-out party in 2015's second game, including performances of 11 and 20 the last two times out.

In fact, neither half of "MoJo" is the team's leading rusher since the St. Louis win — that distinction actually belongs to Chris Thompson, whose 97 yards is just enough to top Morris' 96. Thompson had a scant 11 in Washington's first two matchups.

It's necessary to point out that the duo has seen their carries drop a bit during the stretch in which they've struggled: Morris and Jones have toted the rock 31 and 29 times respectively the last three games after 43 and 25 on the first two Sundays. That decrease in workload, however, is far less concerning than the drop in yards per carry for "MoJo," which has been drastic for both players.

The nickname obviously isn't to blame here — it's a combination of many things, including Morris and Jones not being as precise on their runs, the offensive line not opening up as many holes as they did early on, and the flow of the games affecting how often Jay Gruden chooses to run the ball. But it is disappointing that, after carrying the Redskins initially, "MoJo" has been holding back the Burgundy and Gold since.

It'd be in their best interest to get back in a groove starting this weekend against the Jets, or else they'll lose their label and the team will continue to lose games.


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The 2018 NFL schedule is here, but we still don't really know anything

The 2018 NFL schedule is here, but we still don't really know anything

The NFL dropped the Redskins' 2018 regular-season schedule on Thursday and everybody will predict the team’s season-long record. 

It’s a fun exercise, and something the football world enjoys doing.

Myself included. 

But don’t read much, if anything, into the schedule right now. 

Every year, some teams look mighty in the offseason only to fall apart in the regular season. 

Need an example? Many predicted the Giants to be the beasts of the NFC East in 2017, and the Eagles to finish last in the NFC East. 

What actually happened? The Giants finished 3-13 and the Eagles won the Super Bowl. 

The NFL cannot be predicted year to year. It can hardly be predicted week to week. 

Last season, two December home games against the Broncos and Cardinals looked very daunting when the schedule came out. Instead, that was a two-game win streak. 

Enjoy the schedule release. It’s a fun time to guess what will happen in 2018.

But remember, once the games start, anything can happen. 

(For the record: My prediction is 9-7.)


Another Thanksgiving game for Redskins

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Redskins release official 2018 regular-season schedule

Redskins release official 2018 regular-season schedule

The 2018 NFL regular-season schedule is finally here.

We’ve known who the Redskins will play in the 2018 season and where the games will be played since the regular season ended.

Now we know the when.

Here is the Redskins 2018 schedule; games are at 1:00 Eastern unless otherwise indicated.

The first thing that jumps out is the Thanksgiving game. This will be the third straight year that the Redskins have played on Thanksgiving. Two years ago they lost at Dallas and last year the got a win over the Giants at home. 

Three Thanksgiving games in a row for a team that is not the Lions or Cowboys, the two teams that traditionally host on Turkey Day, is not without precedent although it is unusual. Besides Dallas and Detroit, only two teams have played in three straight Thanksgiving games since the 1970 merger.

The Bears played every Thanksgiving from 1979-1981. The Cardinals also played three straight, but there is an asterisk there since they hosted the game instead of the Cowboys in 1975 and 1977. In between the played at Dallas on Thanksgiving.

Washington Redskins 2018 Regular-Season Schedule

Week 1: Sunday, 9/9. 4:05 PM at Arizona Cardinals
Week 2 Sunday, 9/16 vs Indianapolis Colts
Week 3 Sunday, 9/23 vs Green Bay Packers
Week 4 BYE
Week 5 Monday, 10/8. 8:15 at New Orleans Saints 
Week 6 Sunday, 10/14. vs Carolina Panthers
Week 7 Sunday, 10/21. 4:25 vs Cowboys
Week 8 Sunday, 10/28.  At New York Giants
Week 9 Sunday, 11/4. vs Atlanta Falcons 
Week 10 Sunday, 11/11. At Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Week 11 Sunday, 11/18. vs Houston Texans 
Week 12 Thursday, 11/22 (Thanksgiving).  4:30 at Dallas Cowboys 
Week 13 Monday, 12/3. 8:15 at Philadelphia Eagles 
Week 14 Sunday, 12/9. vs New York Giants 
Week 15 Sunday, 12/16. At Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 16 Sunday, 12/23.  At Tennessee Titans (Time TBD)
Week 17 Sunday, 12/30. vs Philadelphia Eagles


  • If the Redskins are going to take advantage of home cooking, they will need to get off to a good start. They have five home games in the first half of the season. After Week 9 they have just three home games and they face a stretch of four road games in five weeks in late November and December. Three of the teams in that stretch, the Eagles, Jaguars, and Titans, made the playoffs and won at least one game. The Eagles, of course, won it all. The other road game in that stretch is against the Cowboys, who finished 9-7 last year. 
  • The Redskins will open on the road for the first time since 2014 when they opened in Houston. This year they will have to travel west to Arizona and try to win to remove the goose egg in Jay Gruden’s 0-4 opening-game record as coach of the Redskins.
  • They get an early bye, in Week 4. That will be their earliest bye week since 2007 when the bye also came in Week 4. 
  • On the plus side, their two games in Florida come at times when hot weather is unlikely to be a factor. Their game in Tampa comes in November and the contest at Jacksonville comes in mid-December.