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Moss on RG3: 'He can make it happen'


Moss on RG3: 'He can make it happen'

From 2005-2011, Santana Moss has played for a curious collection of quarterbacks that included the likes of Todd Collins and John Beck.But the eighth quarterback on that list, Moss said Monday, has broken the mold.Hes a guy who, when theres nothing there, he can make it happen, Moss said of rookie Robert Griffin III. Whether hes going to run with it, or run around and find somebody whos open...Him handling the offense the way he handles it? Moss added. I dont know. I couldnt sit here and tell you why and how. But Im glad he can. Thats the thing we didnt have.Moss was referring to the final drive Sunday in Tampa, where Griffin calmly and confidently led the Redskins on a methodical, seven-play, 56-yard drive that culminated in Billy Cundiffs 41-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining.After the game, it was revealed that the radio in Griffins helmet that allows the coaching staff to relay the play to him had malfunctioned in the final minutes. It left Griffin, 22, to make the play calls himself with a critical contest hanging in the balance. Just to recap, heres what happened: Completion, completion, completion, scramble for 15 yards, spike, completion, field goal. Game over.Thats why we prepare in practice, said Moss, who had three receptions for 33 yards, including a key 15-yarder on the final drive. We run the two-minute drill every week to end our week of practice. Thats something he has to do: He has to call the plays. When you put it in the game-time situation, that critical, game on the line, it makes it a little more, Wow.Asked if Griffins exploits are still shocking to the players and coaches on the Redskins sideline, Moss said its the new normal now.If it was OTAs and training camp, I probably would be surprised, he said. Right now, hes shown us, week in and week out, what type guy he is, what type of player he is. So theres nothing that should surprise us no more.Theres no more, Gosh, Moss continued. We already seen that he had it. When it comes to Robert, he just has that he was born with whatever he has. Its not like he says, Im going to go out and get better at this. Its already in him. You can be sure when something breaks down, hes going to make a play some kind of way. I havent played with a lot of those guys. Were fortunate to have that.As fortunate as the Redskins are to have a player of Griffins talent level, Moss said the rest of the offensive players must guard against putting too much on his shoulders.We want to make sure we handle our jobs, he said. You dont want to sit there and watch him make something happen.But, Moss added with a smile, when in doubt, run.

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Three plays that show why the Redskins' screen game is so effective

Three plays that show why the Redskins' screen game is so effective

By Ryan Wormeli

The Redskins eked out a close win at home on Sunday, coming away with a 26-24 final over the 49ers. One of the keys to the team's success on offense was their effective screen game. 

Doc Walker says running back Chris Thompson is the best in the NFL at catching screens and turning them into big plays. Still, he knows it takes more than just one great player to find success in the screen game.

On Redskins Gameplan, he turned to the film to break down three big plays from Sunday's victory, highlighting the offensive line in giving Thompson the room he needed to make something happen.

Play 1: Recievers getting in on the "Block Party"

Nearly half of the Redskins on the field for this play found themselves with someone to block. Walker points out how active the big guys are, shouting out Brandon Scherff and Shawn Lauvao in particular. The receivers get some shine too, with Doc even pointing out, "You know you gotta give 11 some credit on that."


Play 2: Trent Williams just keeps looking for guys to block

With the Redskins deep in their own territory, they once again call for a screen pass, and you know Doc gets really excited to see the big fellas move.

"Now watch the big uglies, downfield. Agile! Hostile! Getting after it! Staying on their feet, no belly floppers," exclaimed Walker. "That's the key to it."

Play 3: Brandon Scherff redeems himself later in the drive

Brandon Scherff started off this important drive with a holding penalty, costing his team valuable yards. He then saw the screen pass as an opportunity to make it up to his teammates, and he takes full advantage.

Doc has just one thing to say for players staring down an angry Brandon Scherff.

"You, my friend, are in trouble."


The Redskins probably hoped their game against the winless 49ers would be a bit more comfortable than a 26-24 victory. Still, when they found themselves in a dogfight, they were able to rely on their quality screen game to get them big yardage when needed, and it helped them come out with a big Week 6 win.

For more segments like this, tune in to Redskins Gameplan at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

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All about the Lisfranc injury, the injury that Jonathan Allen is now dealing with

Bob Youngentob

All about the Lisfranc injury, the injury that Jonathan Allen is now dealing with

Whether you're a medical expert or not, odds are that when you saw the words "Lisfranc injury" next to the words "Jonathan Allen," you had an inkling that wasn't a good thing. Unfortunately, that inkling was right.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Allen, who was originally expected to miss about a month, will actually be sidelined for the rest of the season because of the Lisfranc issue that popped up in Washington's game vs. San Francisco. So, what's the deal with this injury?

Here's some information on the ailment that ended the first-round pick's first year with the Redskins.


What part of the foot is affected by a Lisfranc injury? says that a Lisfranc injury occurs when bones "in the midfoot are broken or ligaments that support the midfoot are torn." They're common with football players because often times they happen when one player steps on the foot of another, or when a player's cleat doesn't release normally from the field.

What's the recovery from a Lisfranc injury like?

Players affected by a Lisfranc injury can opt to take the surgery route or recover without surgery. According to Ian Rapoport, though, Allen has chosen to undergo surgery.

After the operation, Allen will probably stay off the foot for at least a month and a half or two months. He'll then be allowed to slowly bear weight on it, and eventually, the screws should be removed.

Reputable NFL doctor Robert Anderson said in a 2013 interview that the overall process usually takes five or six months. However, as is the case for most surgeries, recovery time does vary.


What other NFL players have had a Lisfranc injury in the past?

As mentioned earlier, this isn't an uncommon injury in the NFL. Here's a sample of guys who've had it in the recent past:

  • Matt Schaub
  • Le'Veon Bell
  • Jake Locker
  • Morgan Moses (his rookie year was also ended by one)
  • Maurice Jones-Drew
  • Santonio Holmes
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Dwight Freeney

Some guys, like Bell and Freeney, emerged from the injury and continued to improve. But others, like Locker and Holmes, had major difficulty coming back from it.

Can a Lisfranc injury linger?

It sure can, and that's obviously something the Redskins are really, really hoping won't happen with Allen. A study published by the University of Pennsylvania reported that more than 90 percent of players who suffered a Lisfranc injury resumed playing within 15 months (Allen should apparently come back much sooner) and saw no noticeable decrease in performance.

With that being said, arthritis can flare up in the foot. In addition, players can still feel pain long after surgery and long after their return to action. So this is clearly a tricky thing and something that may affect the talented defensive lineman for a long time to come.