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Need to Know: What they're saying about the Redskins—More overreaction?

Need to Know: What they're saying about the Redskins—More overreaction?

Here is what you need to know on this Sunday, October 1, one day before the Washington Redskins play the Chiefs in Kansas City.


Today’s schedule: Team travels to Kansas City; no media availability  

Days until:

—49ers @ Redskins (10/15) 14
—Monday night Redskins @ Eagles (10/23) 22
—Cowboys @ Redskins (10/29) 28

What they’re saying about the Redskins

Thomas Boswell, Washington Post

That Washington could beat a Raiders team that was a three-point favorite always was a possibility, especially on an NFL Sunday full of upsets and near-upsets. But the magnitude of the beatdown was stunning and a jubilant shock to even the most optimistic Washington fans. We’re left to ask, grinning for the moment, ‘Where has this team been? And will it be returning on a weekly basis?’

Those last two questions are what everyone is trying to figure out this week. The win over Oakland will mean that much more if it turns out to be a springboard to a string of similar performances instead of a blip on the radar. But we won’t know until they get out on the field.

Max Meyer

Chris Thompson was mostly known for his pass-catching prowess out of the backfield heading into the season. The fourth-year tailback has taken it to a whole other level, and his breakout campaign won’t go unnoticed any longer after a sensational performance Sunday night in D.C. Thompson scored the game’s first touchdown, a 22-yard trip to pay dirt when he was uncovered on a flare route. He also had the contest’s biggest play and ultimate dagger: With the Raiders fresh off a touchdown drive and the Redskins facing a third-and-19, Thompson turned a screen into a 74-yard scamper. 

Thompson is getting some well-deserved recognition. Later in this post, the writer says that Thompson should get more touches. Anyone who listens to Jay Gruden knows that is not happening. This team went through too many years of trying to get Thompson healthy. He already plays more snaps than any running back and Gruden knows the team needs him on the field. power ranking

The most impressive win of the 2017 season. That's what you can call the Redskins' complete decimation of the Raiders on Sunday night -- even more so than the Chiefs upending the Patriots on opening night. The only game in franchise history in which I remember Washington being quite this dominant was a playoff win over the Rams way back in 1983 (51-7, Riggins and the Hogs). Not sure I've ever seen the Redskins' defense play at quite that fever pitch.

When we did this look at what they were saying about the Redskins after Week 1 I wrote about the overreaction to the loss to the Eagles, with sites dropping them down into the 20’s in power ranking. I think we’re seeing the opposite effect here as moved the Redskins up 11 spots to No. 7. I’m not into doing power rankings but if I was I think I’d wait for a few more games before I moved any team up from slightly below average, which is what No. 18 is, into the top 10. They might now wind up belonging there by midseason or so but such a jump based on one game is unwarranted. power ranking

Cousins averaged nearly twice as many yards per attempt (12.2) in Week 3 than he did in the first two weeks of the season (6.3). He'll need more performances like last week's with upcoming road games against the Chiefs, Eagles, and Seahawks.

The four-letter network is not participating in the irrational exuberance over the Raiders win. ESPN moved the Redskins up three spots, from 17 to 14. You could quibble that this is a bit low but if you go and look at the full rankings it’s hard to make a solid case that they should be ahead of any of them. Again, time will tell.  

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner picks against the spread, Frank Schwab

Redskins (+7) over Chiefs: It’s hard to go against the Chiefs with how well they’re playing, but Washington seems a bit underrated to me. They lost to the Eagles (who are good themselves) in Week 1, but have played really well the last two weeks. Their offense looked great last week and the defense has played well too. I’ll pick them to keep it close, at least.

I haven’t seen any national media types pick the Redskins for an outright win. I’m seeing a lot like this from ESPN:

But I saw mostly clean sweeps for the Rams and Raiders, too, so those predictions really don’t mean much.

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2017 NFL Power Rankings: Here's where each team stands with three weeks to go


2017 NFL Power Rankings: Here's where each team stands with three weeks to go

What happened in the NFL this weekend?

Oh, you know, the MVP favorite was lost to an awful knee injury, Antonio Brown had more receiving yards than the Redskins' entire offense and Jay Cutler easily outclassed Tom Brady on primetime. That's it.


So, with three weeks left to play, how did an eventful Week 14 shake up the power rankings? Well, for starters, there's a new No. 1.

To find out who took that spot from the Patriots, as well as the new low that Washington has it, check out the link above or below.


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2018 NFL Draft order has Redskins pick nearing top ten as losses stockpile

USA Today Sports Images

2018 NFL Draft order has Redskins pick nearing top ten as losses stockpile

LOS ANGELES — Some years, the December talk is of playoff tiebreakers.

Other years, it’s about draft position.

This is one of those “other” years.

The Redskins’ current skid of four losses in their last five games has knocked them out of playoff contention but into more favorable position in the 2018 NFL Draft, which is scheduled to take place in late April.

The Redskins' record is 5-8 through Week 14,  and if the season ended today, Washington would be picking either 11th or 12th in the first round.

Here’s the big picture: As of Monday, there are eight teams that have fewer wins than Washington. All of them would be picking ahead of the Redskins. 

The Bengals and Jets also have eight losses so the one and only draft order tiebreaker would be applied.


This does not work out well for the Redskins.

The NFL Draft tiebreaker is strength of schedule with the teams with the weaker schedules getting the better picks. I am sure you have heard about how tough a schedule the Redskins have all year long. It was a point of pride for many fans. But now it comes back to bite them.

The Jets (opponents winning percentage .488) and the Bengals (.444) have faced weaker schedules than the Redskins (.574). That pushes Washington back to 11th.


But there is a Week 14 game pending. The Dolphins, who have seven losses, play the Patriots on Monday Night Football. If they lose and join the eight-loss group, they would jump ahead of the Redskins based on the SOS tiebreaker, pushing Washington back to 12th.

Of course, the season doesn’t end today and a lot can happen.

But if the bottom doesn’t completely fall out it seems likely that they will end up somewhere between 10th and 12th in the first round.

We will be looking at what that might mean for the Redskins in the coming days and weeks as the offseason comes early for the Redskins one more time.