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Need to Know: Eagles player on Redskins' Jackson--'He should be on our team'

Need to Know: Eagles player on Redskins' Jackson--'He should be on our team'

Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, December 23, five days before the Washington Redskins host the Dallas Cowboys.

Three and out—Redskins shuffling schedule for holiday

1. The Redskins will be altering their schedule this week to be able to give the players off on Christmas Day. Tuesday is usually the off day but they will be practicing today and doing the work they would typically do on a Wednesday. They’ll do Thursday’s work on Wednesday, take Christmas off and then have a normal Friday and Saturday before playing the game on Sunday. I’m not sure how many other teams around the league are doing something like this but it’s a nice thing for the players.

2. After watching DeSean Jackson’s long catches set up two of the Redskins’ three touchdowns, some anonymous Eagles were not happy about getting burned by their former teammate. Jackson was unceremoniously dumped in late March by Eagles coach Chip Kelly. This is from Jeff McLane of “The way the Eagles lost on Saturday, with Jackson delivering daggers to the defense, prompted two players to lament his absence to me. “And then [Jackson] burns us,” one starter said. “That hurt because you think, ‘Damn, he should be on our team. Why he isn’t he on our team?’” Another player: “I miss him. We miss him. … It was a mistake.” There are others, but they’re unwilling to go on the record for obvious reasons.” Remember that Jackson also caught an 80-yard TD bomb the first time the teams met in Week 3.

3. Barring any ties on Sunday Cowboys will need to have both Seattle and Arizona lose in order to get one of the top two seeds in the playoffs and a first-round bye. You have to wonder how much Jason Garrett will risk the health of players like DeMarco Murray, who played Sunday with a broken hand, and Tony Romo, who probably isn’t wild about the prospect of facing a bunch of zero blitzes by the Redskins. The thing is both the Seahawks and Cardinals will play at 4:25 and unless they change the time of the game Dallas-Washington will be done by then. I’m sure Garrett will talk about this being an important game and that he intends to play all of his regulars the whole way. But then we’ll see what he actually does.

Out: There is some buzz going around that Pierre Garçon could playing his last game with the Redskins on Sunday. His salary cap number for 2015 is $9.7 million, the second highest on the team. That’s a lot to pay for a receiver who clearly is the No. 2 option behind DeSean Jackson (who has the third highest 2015 cap number at $9.25 million). If Andre Roberts was having a solid season it might be an easy decision to make. But the way it looks now, jettisoning Garçon, although it would save a net of $5.3 million against the cap, would leave a major hole that would need to be filled. I think the odds are he stays to give Robert Griffin III a better chance to get his feet under himself but I wouldn’t rule out the team opting to save the money.


Today’s schedule: Practice 10 a.m.; Player availability, Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III news conferences after practice approx. 11:30

Days until: Cowboys @ Redskins 5; 2015 NFL Draft 128; 2015 NFL season opening Sunday 264

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Good news Redskins fans: Jason Pierre-Paul shipped out of NFC East


Good news Redskins fans: Jason Pierre-Paul shipped out of NFC East

The Giants shipped out Jason Pierre-Paul for life as a Buccaneer, and in turn, Tampa will send a third and fourth round draft pick to New York.

Moving Pierre-Paul comes at a curious time for the Giants. The team will eat $15 million of dead money in the move, and New York also sent a fourth-round pick to Tampa as part of the transaction. 

What it definitely signals is that Big Blue looks to be moving from a 4-3 base defense to a 3-4 look. Additionally, with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft in April, maybe the Giants will seriously look at NC State defensive lineman Bradley Chubb. 


For the Redskins, seeing Pierre-Paul leave the NFC East is welcome news. He has 12.5 career sacks against Washington QBs, the same amount he has against the Eagles and Cowboys combined. 

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Looking at the details of Zach Brown's contract with the Redskins

Looking at the details of Zach Brown's contract with the Redskins

The Redskins and linebacker Zach Brown agreed to a three-year contract that will require Brown to continue to play at a high level if he is going to collect all of the $21 million the deal contains.

Brown’s camp reportedly was shopping for a contract that had some $20 million in guaranteed money. The actual deal fell well short of that.

Brown, who was leading the league in tackles before an assortment of injuries forced him to sit out the last three games, got a total of $5.5 million in fully guaranteed money. He got a $4.5 million signing bonus and his $1 million salary for 2018 is fully guaranteed.


After that, the remaining two seasons essentially are team options. In 2019 he has a $6.75 million salary and $4.5 million of that is guaranteed for injury. His 2020 salary is $7.5 million with no guarantees of any kind.

The contract also has per-game roster bonuses available at a rate of $15,625 for each game he is on the 46-man game day roster in 2018 (total of $250,000 for the year) and $31,250 per game in 2019 and 2020 ($500,000 total).

The salary cap hits per year are as follows:

2018: $2.75 million
2019: $8.75 million
2020: $9.5 million

The average annual value of $7 million ranks ninth among inside linebackers.

Brown will need to continue to play well to collect on the contract. The team will be able to save $5.75 million on the 2019 cap if they terminate the deal after one season and $8 million if they do it in 2020.


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