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Redskins' DeAngelo Hall has own theories about Chip Kelly firing


Redskins' DeAngelo Hall has own theories about Chip Kelly firing

Like much of the NFL, Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall was caught off guard Tuesday night when he heard that the Eagles had fired head coach Chip Kelly with one game remaining in the regular season.

Hall was so surprised, in fact, he had to double check what he was reading on his phone.

“I was a little surprised,” the 12th year veteran said. “Somebody sent me a little screenshot picture [of the Eagles’ announcement]. I thought it was a hoax. I didn’t think it was real. I actually texted another group and was like, ‘Hey, Is this real? Or is somebody messing with me?’”

Hall, who faced Kelly’s offense four times over three seasons, went on to say that he respects Kelly’s ability as a coach but he also wonders about some of his personnel decisions.

“I think the guy can definitely coach,” Hall said. “I think he’ll be a coach in this league soon, or in college if he wants to.”

Hall added: “It’s different from coaching 18 to 22-year-old vs. coaching grown men that probably a lot of them make more than you. There’s a different mindset that has to go into coaching those guys. You kinda have to let men be men. In college you kinda mold them boys into men. When you get to the NFL, you pretty much got men on your roster. You look for the guys in the locker room to kinda help coach them up and help mature them, as opposed to coaches really riding them or doing whatever he was doing up in Philadelphia. I don’t know. I wasn’t up there. I just heard the stories.”

Hall also said Kelly’s decision to part ways with a number of star players might be felt in Philadelphia for years to come. Among the players who departed under Kelly include DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin.

“It was definitely a shocker to me,” Hall said. “You give a guy that much power, and then just fire him. I think they’re going to be behind for a couple years just because of the personnel decisions they made and some things like that. They got rid of some real good football players. And so we’ll see what happens there the next couple of years, see what coach they bring in there. But it’s going to be interesting.” 

Interesting, indeed.

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Pernell McPhee reportedly on visit with Redskins


Pernell McPhee reportedly on visit with Redskins

NFL free agency doesn't care about your brackets. 

While you were watching UMBC, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Bears linebacker Pernell McPhee is currently on a visit with the Redskins:

Pernell, 29, was drafted in 2011 out of Mississppi State by the Baltimore Ravens. He played there for three years before spending the last two seasons with the Chicago Bears. 

Pernell has 182 career tackles and 31 career sacks. 


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The 2018 salaries of five Redskins become fully guaranteed today

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The 2018 salaries of five Redskins become fully guaranteed today

It may be the 18th of March but today could be like Christmas for five Redskins players.

The Redskins decided to use today, four days after the start of the league year, for some contract triggers. In this case, the triggers are all 2018 salary guarantees (some teams will pay out roster bonuses on trigger dates, but the Redskins rarely use that type of structure).

Here are the players whose have guarantees that kick in today 4 p.m. All data is via Over the Cap.


CB Josh Norman, base salary of $13.5 million becomes fully guaranteed—This was a window for the Redskins to move on from Norman if they were not happy with his performance after two seasons. He is 31 and he had no interceptions last season, leaving some to wonder if the Redskins might think about releasing him. But it never was a consideration.

TE Jordan Reed, $8 million of his $8.25 million salary becomes fully guaranteed—No, I’m not sure why they are leaving that $250,000 out there non-guaranteed. Fans thought that the Redskins might move on from Reed due to his injury issues. But, as with Norman, it never was a consideration.

S D.J. Swearinger, $3 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed—This is a mere technicality, Swearinger wasn’t going anywhere after helping to solidify the safety position.


RB Chris Thompson, $1.996 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed—His rehab is going well and after last year Thompson’s two-year, $7 million contract extension signed last September looks like a good deal for the team.

DE Terrell McClain, $3.25 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed—If the Redskins sign a top free agent D-lineman or draft on early in the draft they could be in a numbers crunch. That new acquisition would be guaranteed a roster spot along with Jonathan Allen, Matt Ioannidis, Stacy McGee, and Anthony Lanier. That makes five and the Redskins kept six last year. Ziggy Hood is a favorite of the coaching staff but he has no guaranteed money left on his contract. That could tip the sixth spot in favor of McClain if he is on the roster at the close of business today. If they release McClain after today, they would take a cap charge of over $2 million. It seems unlikely that anything will happen but it’s something to keep an eye on.

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