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Redskins Playbook: Looking at Kirk Cousins' Week 1 hits and misses vs Eagles

Redskins Playbook: Looking at Kirk Cousins' Week 1 hits and misses vs Eagles

Kirk Cousins did not play well against Philadelphia in Week 1. He was not alone, really the whole offense underperformed save for a few select individuals. Still, like most NFL offenses, the team rises and falls largely on the quarterback's arm. 

Digging deeper into Cousins performance, some trends arise. This might not come as a surprise, but his completion percentage dropped when under duress. 


Looking at his complete game, Cousins dropped back 47 times. He was sacked four times and ran three times. That leaves 40 pass attempts. The following data comes from Pro Football Focus:

  • When Cousins faced no pressure, he completed 68 percent of his passes. That falls in line with his completion percentage the last two seasons. 
  • When there was pressure, and against the Eagles there was plenty, Cousins' completion percentage dropped significantly. He completed just six of 15 passes, good for 40 percent, and threw a red zone interception under pressure. 
  • Not all pressure comes from blitzing, as the Philadelphia defensive line was able to generate push on the pocket sometimes without extra defenders. 

For Redskins fans looking for a takeaway from the data, two subplots emerge. The Washington offensive line needs to play better, and Cousins does too. Only Trent Williams finished with a positive PFF rating for the game, and Pro Bowl right guard Brandon Scherff finished with his worst grade since Week 6 of his rookie year in 2015.

The three other Redskins offensive line starters finished with a negative rating, as did tight end Jordan Reed. The worst grade on the offense, however, belonged to Cousins. 

The Washington offense needs to perform at a much higher level on Sunday in Los Angeles to get their first win of the season. 


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This kid dressed up as Ben McAdoo for Thanksgiving and we can't stop smiling

This kid dressed up as Ben McAdoo for Thanksgiving and we can't stop smiling

Giants' head coach Ben McAdoo has become a caricature of himself ove the past five weeks as the Giants slipped from bad start to "semi-mobile garbage bin."

But the beleaguered head coach has developed somewhat of a cult celebrity.

So much so that on Thanksgiving night with the Giants at FedFex Field to take on the Redskins in the primetime matchup, one kid had the ingenious idea to dress up as McAdoo.

Not only did the kid dress up like the head coach, but he nailed the look.


Now, Halloween was last month, but we're willing to look past that and give thanks to the creativity of this kid.

Extra pie for him. He earned it.

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Redskins Inactives: Trent Williams out again


Redskins Inactives: Trent Williams out again

Playing their second game in five days, the Redskins will be without Trent Williams once again tonight. 

Williams headlines the group of inactives, along with tight end Jordan Reed. It will be the third game he's missed this season, after sitting out back-to-back games during Weeks 8 and 9. 

Reed hasn't played since the Redskins' against Dallas on October 29th. 

Here's the entire list: