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Tandler and JP make 11 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Lady Gaga, extra points, lacrosse, and Trump

Tandler and JP make 11 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Lady Gaga, extra points, lacrosse, and Trump

Enjoying the Super Bowl is about much more than the game. The food, certainly, but goofy prop bets are a big part of the experience as well. With the big game set for Sunday night,​ I came up with a random list of prop bets for me and Rich Tandler to pick. Enjoy.

1) Coin toss - Heads or Tails?

  • Finlay - Always bet this, and always take tails. Tails, you see, never fails. 
  • Tandler - Always use your head. Heads 

2) Length of the National Anthem - Over/Under 2 minutes, 9 seconds

  • Finlay - My wife likes country music, and in turn, I listen to a decent amount of it. That said, I have no idea who Luke Bryan is and how long to expect him to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I do like a good sweat. I'm going under. 
  • Tandler - I'm a little familiar with Bryan. Anyone who has a CD called Tailgates and Tanlines is going to be in a hurry to get to his suite and start the party. Under. 

3) How many times will "Trump" be said on TV during broadcast? Over/Under 1.5

  • Finlay - Serious question, will Trump be at the game? Is there any way to know that? Regardless, it seems impossible to avoid the name Trump in any capacity for more than 20 minutes. Gimme the over.
  • Tandler - Trump won't be there, he's talking to Bill O'Reilly of FOX at halftime. So the promos for that alone will push this way over the mark. Sounds like whoever set this line didn't check this out. 

4) Will LeGarrette Blount score a touchdown in the first half? Yes +160, No -180

  • Finlay - I love this. Yes. A lot of times yes. 
  • Tandler - If JP likes something so much, something's wrong. I'll go with no. 

5) Total gross passing yards by Matt Ryan? Over/Under 325.5

  • Finlay - My official prediction comes out Sunday, but I think this game will be lower scoring than many expect. In fact, I think the run game leads the way for both teams. That's a long way of saying I'll take the under.
  • Tandler - I think the Falcons will either win the game through the air or Ryan will rack up some garbage time yards late in a rout. Either way, that's the over. 

​6) Will a roughing-the-passer penalty be called in the game? Yes +120, No -150

  • Finlay - I was in Vegas for the Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl a few years back, and while I made a decent chunk on the game (LOVED Seattle) I lost some cash on this dumb prop. I thought for sure the refs would protect Peyton Manning and there would be one, maybe two, roughing calls on the aggresive Seahawks D. There wasn't. Logic might point to both Tom Brady and Matt Ryan being pocket passers, and the odds of a roughing call going up. Forget logic. Out of spite, I say no.
  • Tandler - Well, Cam Newton isn't playing so the odds are much better. But the stripes tend to keep their flags in their pockets in The Big Game, as evidenced by JP's Vegas experience. I'll also say no. 

7) Odds to have the most receiving yards: Julio Jones: 2/1, Chris Hogan: 5/1, Julian Edelman: 5/1, Mohamed Sanu: 8/1, Martellus Bennett: 10/1, Taylor Gabriel: 10/1, FIELD: 14/1

  • Finlay - My guess is the Pats will look to bracket Julio with safety help over the top. And the Hogan success story seems due to slow down. I'll take Edelman, and if you want a player from each team, I would take Gabriel too. When the safeties are worried about Julio, Gabriel can get deep.
  • Tandler - I don't think they will shut down Jones regardless of what they do. In a vacuum I might go with Jones but you can't make much money betting on him at 2/1. Give me Sanu, who will benefit from extra attention given to Jones. 

8) Odds a kicker misses an extra point: 7/3

  • Finlay - This is the year. It's gonna happen. Get on the cash train.
  • Tandler - In a dome on a carpet? No. 

9) Will the word "Lacrosse" be said on TV during live broadcast? Yes 1/3, No 2/1

  • Finlay - Lock of the century. Hogan's first catch Joe Buck will be talking about Penn State lacrosse. 
  • Tandler - I'm going to try to make some money here. If Hogan has zero or one reception, like he did six times this year, his background might not get mentioned. Can't make money with the yes, I'll go no. 

10) How many times will "deflate" or "deflategate" be said on TV during live broadcast? Over/Under 1.5

  • Finlay - The NFL doesn't want this to be a story line. Sure it is a story line, and it will get mentioned, but not twice. Under. 
  • Tandler - I'll go with one actual use of "Deflategate" and another mention or two of the whole mess without using the word, like talking about Brady's suspension. So that's the under by the rules. 

11) Which song will Lady Gaga play first during the halftime show?
        "Born this Way" 9/4
        "Bad Romance" 5/2
        "Edge of Glory" 6/1
        "Poker Face" 10/1
        "Just Dance" 10/1
        "Any other song" 11/10

  • Finlay - I have no idea the answer here. I feel like Just Dance is a good way to get the crowd into the performance. To tell the truth, I only put this prop on here to see if Tandler was familiar with any of the Lady Gaga catalog. Be honest Rich. 
  • Tandler - Odds that Tandler will be able to name that tune when she is on stage--1,000 to 1. But I can do a little research. When she was on Saturday Night Live a few months ago she performed "Million Reasons." It's on the slow side so I can see the opening with everything totally dark with a spotlight on Lady Gaga and her singing that for about a minute before breaking into something like "Just Dance" as the lights come on and the show really gets started. So even though I don't like the low odds that means I'll take "Any Other Song".


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Need to Know: Redskins likely to return at least 16 of their 22 starters from last year

USA Today Sports Images

Need to Know: Redskins likely to return at least 16 of their 22 starters from last year

Here is what you need to know on this Friday, March 23, 34 days before the NFL draft.  

Stability at the top of the depth chart

A Redskins defense that ranked 27th in total defense and was dead last against the run is likely to return nine or 10 of the players who were the primary starters in 2017. The Washington defense, which was 16th overall and 27th running the ball, will certainly return seven starters and could have eight the same as last year.

I’m sure that this will alarm many Redskins fans, but it shouldn’t. Before getting into that, let’s look at the changes.

On defense, the nine starters who are assured of returning are DE Stacy McGee, DL Jonathan Allen, OLB Preston Smith, OLB Ryan Kerrigan, ILB Zach Brown, ILB Mason Foster, CB Josh Norman, S Montae Nicholson, and S D.J. Swearinger.

As of right now, a tenth returning starter has to be penciled in at nose tackle. Yes, if the season started today it would be Ziggy Hood at nose tackle again. More on that in a minute.

The only starting spot that is certain to turn over is the cornerback opposite Norman. Even though Bashaud Breeland’s contract agreement with the Panthers fell through due to a failed physical he is much more likely to land on another NFL team than he is to return to the Redskins.

It is impossible to think that the Redskins will not do something to address the nose tackle position, whether it’s in the draft or in free agency. Then again, it’s impossible to believe they have run the 3-4 defense since 2010 without coming up with a long-term solution at the nose.

On offense, the seven starters certain to return are WR Josh Doctson, WR Jamison Crowder, OT Trent Williams, C Chase Roullier, RG Brandon Scherff, RT Morgan Moses, and TE Jordan Reed. RB Samaje Perine could be an eighth returning starter depending on if the Redskins take a running back early in the draft.

The new starters will be QB Alex Smith, WR Paul Richardson, and someone at left guard.

Having between 16 and 18 returning starters from a team that went 7-9 in 2017 may not be enough turnover for some fans. That’s not a completely unreasonable point of view. However, there is such thing as having too much churn in your starting lineup and some stability for the Redskins may be a good thing this year.

They had five new starters on defense last year and a new defensive coordinator. They also had a new coordinator on offense along with two new wide receivers and, by midseason, changes in the starters at running back and center. This is not counting all of the on-the-fly changes that had to be made due to injuries.

Continuing to make changes in the starting lineup is not always a recipe for success. Sometimes you just need to pick a group of players and, to the extent that you can in the free agency-salary cap world of the NFL, stick with them. Sure, you have to address weakness like nose tackle and possibly running back and fill holes created by free agency departures. However, it is often better to give a player time to acclimate to a system and, especially with a rookie, time to learn the fine points of the game.

Tearing things down and starting over again after a mediocre season is a recipe for, well, more mediocre seasons.

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Tandler on Twitter

In response to a tweet about this article that said that the Redskins led the league in losing important players in injuries:


Days until:

—Offseason workouts begin (4/16) 25
—Training camp starts (approx. 7/26) 127
—2018 NFL season starts (9/9) 171

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Terrelle Pryor reportedly closing in on deal with new team

Terrelle Pryor reportedly closing in on deal with new team

Former Washington Redskin Terrelle Pryor may have found a new home after a tumultuous season in Washington.

The 28-year-old wide receiver appears to be on the way to the New York Jets for the 2018 season according to Ian Rappaport.

Last season, Pryor only played in nine games for Washington and was sent to injured reserve after Week 11. His season ended with ankle surgery and it closed the book on a short stint in the nation’s capital.

In his nine games, he never got on the same page with former Redskins’ quarterback Kirk Cousins. Targeted only 37 times, the six-year veteran only had 20 receptions for 240 yards and a single touchdown.

This is coming after a 1,000-yard season on the dismal Cleveland Browns team that went 1-15 in 2016. As a free-agent, he signed with Washington on a ‘prove-it’ deal for one-year, eight million last off-season. He was expected to a significant amount of touches alongside Josh Doctson.


With so much anticipation it was easy to say that Pryor’s lone season in Washington was a disappointment.

If he does sign with the Jets, Pryor joins a New York franchise that is still continuing to rebuild. They currently own the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and are in search of a quarterback.  A year ago they finished 5-11 under third-year head coach Todd Bowles.

Transitioned to wide receiver in Cleveland, Pryor was drafted into the league as a quarterback.  He spent three seasons in Oakland (2011-13) all as a quarterback making 10 starts. In Cleveland (2015-16) he made the transition to wide receiver before going to Washington in 2017.