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Transcript: Robert Griffin III after loss to Buccaneers

Transcript: Robert Griffin III after loss to Buccaneers

This is the transcript, via Redskins PR, of Robert Griffin III's post game press conference after the Redskins' 27-7 loss to the Bucs.

On being sacked multiple times:

“All the sacks are on me, period. We are 3-7. Everyone in this room knows that and everyone in the locker room knows that. We can’t do what 3-7 teams normally do. We can’t throw knives and stab each other in the back. We have good people in our locker room – men of God who are going to stick together and stay strong. When I say, ‘All the sacks on are me,’ I’m saying I can do better and I have to do better. I need every man in that locker room, player and coach, to look themselves in the mirror and say, ‘What can I do better?’ If one of my offensive lineman were up here or a back or a receiver and you asked them that question, I would expect them to do the same. [We have to] take responsibility for it and try to find a way to get it [the ball] out, try to find a way to change the protection and a way to pick it up. Even if everyone in here and everyone watching says there is no way he could have done that, you try to find a way. I will be the first to say I could have done better, a lot better.”

On if the team looked past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of their 1-8 record:

“It was a travesty out there today. We didn’t play well. I didn’t see the field as well as I would have liked to. We have turnovers and interceptions. We had false start penalties and holding penalties. It was just bad ball out there today. It is not that we looked past Tampa Bay because we can’t afford to look past anyone. We are not a very good football team right now and [we] have a long way to go. Every guy has to look himself in the mirror and say that. You can’t sit in your locker or on the field and say, ‘It is not my fault because I’m a baller, I’m a Pro Bowl player.’ Right now, we have no Pro Bowl players. We aren’t playing that way. I am not playing that way, our receivers aren’t playing that way, our backs aren’t playing that way, our defense isn’t playing that way, our special teams aren’t playing that way and we all know that. Coach [Jay Gruden] has reiterated that to us many times and guys have to accept that. We have a long way to go and accept that we have to get better in practice, walkthroughs and [through watching] film. You have to do more and you have to get better.”

On his overall play:

“I am not going to sit up here and make excuses. I haven’t watched the film yet but I know there are some plays that I would like to have back – of course the interceptions, and there are a couple of plays that come to mind where I feel like I could have been more aggressive. Those plays are in my head. They will stay in my head and when I see you next time, I still won’t tell you what those plays are. I promise you that I will get better. Hopefully, by me standing on the table and saying I need to get better, everyone else will do the same.”

On his struggles today in comparison to his rookie year:

“We were playing good, team ball. It takes 11 men. It doesn’t just take one guy and that is proven. If you want to look at the good teams in this league and the great quarterbacks, the Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Mannings, those guys don’t play well if their guys don’t play well. We need everybody. I need every single guy in that locker room and I know they are looking at me and saying the same thing. I’m going to be there for them, I promise that. I give it to them every day. I am not going to quit on them. I need them to do the same and I believe they will. What else am I supposed to believe in? I believe in my teammates. We will get it done.”

On the team’s record:

“I think it’s a fact of, you know, when you’re 3-6 and you feel like you could be 7-2, eventually you have to come back to earth and we have to realize that, yeah, we’re a play off here or there and the ball bouncing this way from being a better football team. But when you’re 3-7, you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say, ‘What can I do to get better?’ And guys do that every single day, but it’s just about taking the initiative to say, ‘We’re not good right now.’ I’m not good. No one’s good. We have to be better and I think that’s tough. It’s tough for guys because we’re all optimistic. I’m a very optimistic guy and I don’t take that away, out of the way I am and the way I’m going to approach work every single day. But you have to say that and say, ‘Look we’re 3-7, we’ve got to find any kind of way to get better and it’s got to translate over to the field.’”

On if he thinks about being replaced:

“I don’t look at it that way. I’m the guy. My job is to go out there and help us win and that’s the way I look at it. I don’t look at the media answers that Jay gives you guys. I know what’s going on in his head. I know that he believes in me and I know those guys in the locker room believe in me, so that’s all that matters for me.”

On why the momentum stopped after the touchdown right before halftime:

“Yeah, we did have momentum going into halftime and we came back out and played more bad ball, similar to the series before that two-minute drive. Yeah, I mean, I have to go back and watch the tape, but like I said, it was not good out there today at all.”

On if there is a point where the team will get angry and emotional:

“Oh no, we’ll get angry and we have to be. I’m emotional right now. I just… I know how much work we put in to go out there and to put that out on tape – to put that on the field and to, you know, to lay an egg in front of our own fans, that’s tough. No one’s going to feel sorry for us but it’s really frustrating because I’ve seen all the hours those guys in the locker room have put in. I know the hours that I’ve put in to be successful, to work hard and it’s not happening right now. But we’ll strap up our boots and realize that we’re 3-7. Hey, playoffs are out the door. We have got to find what we’re going to play for and I think we know what it is. It’s each other in the locker room and I think the guys will bond together and be ready to go. But it’s not like it’s easy. It’s not like I’m standing up here and, you know, just brushing all this by the wayside. It’s tough, very tough.”

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Why the Redskins should be hoping Tremaine Edmunds falls in their lap

Why the Redskins should be hoping Tremaine Edmunds falls in their lap

NBC Sports Washington’s four-part digital series ‘E-Boyz’ -- chronicling the illustrious past, decorated present and bright future of the Edmunds family -- is NOW LIVE. Check out a new episode daily, leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft. Watch the first episode above and more here.

When the NFL Draft comes around, you'll hear fans and analysts often say, "If Player X makes it to pick No. __, then Team Y should sprint to the podium to pick him."

Well, this Thursday, if Player X is Tremaine Edmunds, the pick is No. 13 and Team Y is the Washington Redskins, the Burgundy and Gold should sprint to the podium only if there's no other option to get there quicker. 

While the 'Skins already have two talented linebackers in Zach Brown and Mason Foster on the roster already, taking the Virginia Tech teenager shouldn't be ruled out. Now, the only problem is that Edmunds has to slide that far in the 2018 draft; the majority of mocks have him going before that spot.

Edmunds is the type of do-it-all LB that is especially valuable in today's NFL. He has the athleticism and ability to fit on the inside or outside, and is just as comfortable rushing the passer as he is in coverage. You know that issue the Redskins have when it comes to covering tight ends, the one that's lasted for like a decade now? Edmunds would help erase it, along with a host of other problems.

"They don't come like him," one NFC scout told about Edmunds. "I don't think there has ever been a linebacker that has had his size and speed."

Redskins fans, go outside and start searching for your four-leaf clovers now. Last year, the franchise got lucky and landed Jonathan Allen. This time around, they're going to need even more of it to secure Edmunds. 


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The betting houses are bearish on the 2018 Redskins

Bob Youngentob for NBC Sports Washington

The betting houses are bearish on the 2018 Redskins

With the NFL schedule dropped last week, many fans and media types went through and predicted wins and losses for the teams they follow, just for fun. But others predict the records of teams and it’s not for laughs, it’s for very high stakes.

The betting houses in Las Vegas and offshore have established their lines for over/under in wins. They then take this a step further and go through the playoffs to establish the odds of winning the Super Bowl. 

Over the weekend, BetOnline published one of each and let’s just say that they do not like what the Redskins have done this offseason. Or, more accurately, they think that the public perception is that the Redskins will not be a very good team this year. 

Their over/under for wins is 5.5. They won seven games last year so the under would represent a decline of at least two wins. This line seems to be low. The Redskins won seven games last year with the worst injury situation in the league, per the numbers crunchers at Football Outsiders. They also faced one of the toughest schedules in the league in terms of opponent winning percentages. 

Yes, they did lose Kirk Cousins to free agency but they replaced him with Alex Smith, who, like Cousins, is not elite or even in the top 10 but in the category of solid, reliable quarterbacks. The QB exchange was close to a wash. But despite the fact that the chances are they will suffer fewer injuries and face a schedule that isn’t as much of a meat grinder, this over/under has the Redskins producing double-digit losses. They have managed to stay out of 10-plus loss territory for three straight years. 

There are more reasons to think that they will win at least as many games as they did last year than there are to think that they will win fewer. If I’m betting, which I’m not, I’d be tempted to hit the over on that pretty hard. 

I would keep my money in my pocket when it comes to betting on the Redskins’ chances of winning the Super Bowl. I don’t think they’re close, but I think they’re much closer than the Browns but BetOnline has Cleveland and Washington with the same odds of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. The Redskins, Browns, and Bucs are at +6600 to win it all. The Redskins odds are worse than all but six other teams. 

Again, I don’t think that the Redskins are going to win the Super Bowl. Winning a playoff game would be quite an accomplishment for them. But same could be said of the Colts, Giants, Chargers, and 49ers, but they all have considerably better odds than the Redskins. 

In fact, there may be some irrational exuberance with the 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo. They have the seventh-best odds at +1600. Sure, Jimmy G was very good in five meaningless games at the end of last season. Let’s see how he does with some pressure on and after defensive coaches have had a chance to study how to take away his strengths. It just goes to show you how little real analysis goes into this. 

I get a little annoyed when teams play the disrespect card, especially when they have to look too hard to find it. But if the Redskins look at this, they certainly can embrace the underdog role if they want to. What they do with it, we will find out starting September 9. 

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