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John Wall gets cooler, more expensive birthday gifts than you


John Wall gets cooler, more expensive birthday gifts than you

Think of the coolest birthday present ever given to you. Then multiply the cool-ness factor of that gift by 100. Did you do it? OK — you've now reached the cool-ness level of John Wall's most recent birthday surprise.

The Wizards point guard is turning 25 on Sept. 6, but according to his Instagram, he had a mini-celebration in advance of Friday night's main event, which, among others, will have Lil Wayne in attendance. That doesn't mean the presents Wall received were mini, however. 

Oh no, one thing he unwrapped last night was actually huge — both in size, and in price. Check it out here:

Thanks to @hautetime and @ulyssenardinofficial for the birthday dinner last night! Special thanks to @madsteez for the amazing painting!

A photo posted by johnwall (@johnwall) on Sep 3, 2015 at 2:01pm PDT

That right there is a massive portrait of Wall himself, one that is apparently worth $20,000. The man who painted it, Mark Paul Deren (a.k.a. MADSTEEZ) is a renowned artist who has attracted all sorts of big name clients, according to his website. He also grew up around Washington, D.C., which may explain why he created the enormous portrait of Wall.

In Wall's Instagram post, he looks pretty shocked with the gift. Unfortunately, we can't confirm whether that's because he loves it, or because he has no idea where to put it.


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Wizards Tipoff podcast: Beal and Porter need to step up and so does the defense


Wizards Tipoff podcast: Beal and Porter need to step up and so does the defense

On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast presented by Greenberg and Bederman, Chase Hughes and Chris Miller broke down the Wizards' 0-2 deficit and how Bradley Beal and Otto Porter need to play better.

They went into the potential change in the starting lineup, why the Wizards are doing so poorly on defense and the historical odds the Wizards are now up against.

You can listen to the episode right here:

You can download the podcast on Apple Podcasts right here and on Google Play. If you like the show please tell your friends!

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Drake calls Kelly Oubre a 'bum', Oubre doesn't take the bait


Drake calls Kelly Oubre a 'bum', Oubre doesn't take the bait

One thing rapper Drake has been known for is being a very vocal sports fan, that always seems to make himself the center of attention.

He also seems to be a fan of just about any team that happens to be winning at the moment. 

He's been seen in everything from Kentucky gear at a basketball game, to Alabama and Texas A&M football apparel (seriously, just Google "Drake bandwagon fan" and take a look).

One team he's always seemed to stay loyal to though is his hometown Raptors. Especially when it comes to yelling at anyone he can on the other team.

First, it was John Wall having a back-and-forth with Drake on the court.

Now, it seems to be Kelly Oubre that gets to help Drake suck up more attention on social media. 

After C.J. Miles hit a three-pointer during the fourth quarter of Washington’s 130-119 loss Tuesday night, the cameras caught him doing what he just can't help himself from doing.

Oubre though, doesn't take it personally, even when it was pointed out to him postgame.

Maybe it's because Oubre wants to start his own fashion line, and hopes to have Drake help promote it.

Maybe it's because Oubre doesn't want to ever show up on a Drake diss track (even though he apparently deleted this tweet from a long time ago right after the game).

Or Maybe Oubre is just being the bigger man.

Either way, it's safe to say this trend will continue for Drake and whoever his next Wizards target is on the court.

Given Drake's history though, if the Wizards come back and win the series, will we see him in a Wall or Oubre jersey?

Considering all the bandwagons he's jumped on, it would surprise very few if it happened.