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John Wall thinks increase in national TV games for Wizards great for franchise and city of D.C.

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John Wall thinks increase in national TV games for Wizards great for franchise and city of D.C.

Last August, when the NBA released its schedule for the 2016-17 regular season, the Wizards were only guaranteed five games on national television. Months later, on Dec. 28, the Wizards lost one of those games, as ESPN flexed their matchup against the Celtics on Jan. 11 out in favor of Grizzlies vs. Thunder.

Wizards guard John Wall retweeted the news with a simple 'Lol' and later discussed in more detail how the Wizards were overlooked by the league and networks when it comes to national television. He spoke about the matter numerous times, making it clear he cares about the attention his team receives.

Wall, naturally, is much happier with the slate for 2017-18, as the Wizards have been given 18 national TV games. They will play nearly 22 percent of their regular season on national television.

"It's great," Wall said. "I think we could have had that in the past. We had a heck of a season last year. We fell short of what we wanted to. It just means we're getting the recognition we wanted in the one of the most powerful cities in the world in basketball and sports, period. To have that, with them showing us love having our first game of the season on TV, then having a Christmas game and those types of things, that's what I think our city needs and what we want. It's big for us."


The fact the Wizards and Celtics had a game flexed out of national TV last season, but now have all four of their games in 2017-18 set for major networks, is not lost on Wall.

"When we got in that little altercation [with the Celtics], I said that every game from now on should be on [national] TV. It wasn't. Well, now every game this year is on [national] TV, so I'm fine with that," he said.

The Wizards will also play their season opener on Oct. 18 at home against the Sixers on national TV. Three of their four games against Philadelphia and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be nationally televised.

Getting this level of recognition is new for Wall and the Wizards. Wall is more used to being overlooked and drawing motivation from that.

Wall knows this is new territory for him and his teammates, and how things could change accordingly.

"I think that going into this season, our teammates have to understand what we have ahead of us. We're not going in as underdogs now. Now people to understand what we're capable of and what we have to do," he said.



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Utah Jazz make guard Rodney Hood available, would Wizards be a fit?


Utah Jazz make guard Rodney Hood available, would Wizards be a fit?

Momentum is building towards Utah Jazz shooting guard Rodney Hood getting dealt before next month's NBA trade deadline. Marc Stein of the New York Times reported on Saturday that multiple teams have already expressed interest in the four-year pro:

Hood, 25, is on an expiring contract and would provide scoring for a team in the market for offense. He's averaging 16.7 points this season on 41.3 percent from the field and 38.6 percent from three.

Hood isn't a very efficient player, but he can stretch the floor. He's also big for his position at 6-foot-8 and is a very good free throw shooter (86.2%).

The Wizards could use help at the shooting guard position with Bradley Beal logging heavy minutes. They have an improved bench after making several upgrades last offseason, but shooting guard Jodie Meeks has yet to establish a consistent role in their rotation due to his low shooting percentage.

The Wizards don't necessarily need offensive help, but Hood could help take pressure off of Beal. He could also play in lineups with both Beal and John Wall.

It's unclear what the Jazz want in return for Hood and whether the Wizards could make a worthy offer. If Utah is taking the longview to build for the future, that could mean a first round pick and the Wizards have already parted with their last two.

Regardless, if the Wizards decide to target shooting guards in the next few weeks, expect Hood's name to come up.


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Wall: A few teammates didn't respond well to recent team meeting

Wall: A few teammates didn't respond well to recent team meeting

Do NBA seasons even count if an emergency team meeting hasn't taken place yet? 

In what's becomming an annual right of passage for underperforming NBA teams, the Wizards recently held a team meeting to address some of the biggest issues that have been dogging them all year. 

While these meetings typically act as motivating springboards that help bring teams together, the Wizards' recent family therapy session might have done the opposite. 

Enter John Wall. Wall, who's already publically voiced concerns over the team's (lack of) effort this season, recently spoke about how the meeting might have rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way:

"At our team meeting, I think a couple guys took it in a negative way," Wall said after the team's win in Detroit. "It hurt our team. Instead of using it in a positive way like we did in the past and using it to build our team up, it kind of set us back a bit."

That's certainly not a ringing endorsement from Wall, and definitely not something you want to hear after a team meeting. Currently, however, the Wizards are back to their winning ways, coming off a nice road win in Detroit. So maybe it worked!