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Wizards training camp: Frazier's injury, McCullough is standing out, Young is a Penguins fan

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Wizards training camp: Frazier's injury, McCullough is standing out, Young is a Penguins fan

The Wizards held their third day of 2017-18 training camp on Thursday on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.

Here's what you need to know...

Frazier injured

The Wizards saw backup point guard Tim Frazier go down with a Grade 1 groin strain on Thursday. The Grade 1 distinction means it's minor, but he will likely be out a few days.

"We'll see in the next couple of days when we evaluate him. I don't anticipate him practicing tomorrow," head coach Scott Brooks said.

That's good news that it's minor, but Frazier was one of the Wizards' biggest pickups this offseason and plays an important role as John Wall's backup.

Young is a Penguins fan

Wizards rookie Mike Young hails from the University of Pittsburgh and grew up in nearby Duquesne. Like many of those who grow up in the Steel City area, Young is a major sports fan. He likes the Pirates and Steelers, but loves the Penguins.

Yes, he knows they are the Capitals' biggest rivals.

But he said on the Wizards Tipoff podcast that he would not be afraid to show up at Capital One Arena for a Caps-Penguins game dressed in a Pens jersey. That would be something.

For his full interview, plus a chat with Brooks, check out the show right here:


McCullough is standing out

Third-year forward Chris McCullough is an early standout at training camp and the fact he plays the same position as Markieff Morris is certainly convenient.

Brooks believes McCullough could factor into the equation early in the year when Morris is sidelined following his sports hernia surgery.

"[McCullough] will get some minutes, but it depends on he plays. He's not just on the team. He's on the team to make an impact. Hopefully he continues to play well and puts pressure on me to find him some minutes," Brooks said. 

"He's showing his athleticism and length. I like it. Defensively, I think he can give us some activity. He still has to get stronger. He's a better shooter than I thought. He hasn't played much the last few years, but he's having a good camp. I think that's through the hard work that he's put in. He came into camp in great shape. He's showing us that he can play in the league. I don't know where I can find him the minutes, but at least I know he can definitely play."

Open practice will be fun

The Wizards' open practice on Friday night at VCU's Siegel Center will feature scrimmages, a dunk contest, a three-point contest and autographs.

Apparently last year was packed and they are expecting even more interest this time around.

Mahinmi is looking good

Yesterday, Ian Mahinmi told us on the Wizards Tipoff podcast how he lost 10 pounds over the summer. Brooks can see an improvement in his mobility and morale:

"Absolutely. You can see the excitement in his eyes. He had a tough year last year. Having injuries, having a couple of surgeries, it's not fun. He was coming to a new team as a free agent as a big pickup for us. That's exactly what we need is a defending big who can protect the paint and be a pick-and-roll defender. You can see it now that he's healthy."

Brooks can't dribble like he used to

Brooks did a two-ball dribble drill during in practice and caught some heat from his players for his performance.

"He's a coach in the making. John Wall is the next head coach of the Washington Wizards," Brooks said saracastically after Wall gave him flack. "It was tough. Three minutes of dribbling is tough. I hadn't done that in 18 years. I did that drill from seventh grade on until my last year in the NBA. Basically every day of my life."



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