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Wizards training camp: Wall on guarding Beal, reaction to Kara Lawson joining CSN

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Wizards training camp: Wall on guarding Beal, reaction to Kara Lawson joining CSN

The Wizards held their second day of 2017-18 training camp on Wednesday on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. Here's what you need to know...

Details on Robinson's injury

Rookie Devin Robinson will be out for the foreseeable future as he deals with a stress fracture in his left foot. It's something he has had in the past and hopes it doesn't keep him out too long, but it has certainly thrown a wrench into the start of his NBA career.

For more on Robinson's injury, how his contract came together, how he became a great dunker and how he grew up a Wizards fan, check out yesterday's Wizards Tipoff podcast.

Beal and Wall on Lawson

CSN announced on Tuesday that former Olympic and WNBA star Kara Lawson will be joining the broadcast booth as the color analyst replacing Phil Chenier. Bradley Beal recorded a video message for Lawson on CSN's social accounts. It's great stuff:

Wall also shared some thoughts:

"I welcome her with open arms. I'm excited for her. It's sad to see Phil leave, but it's the next person up. I hope she does a great job and has some fun with it. Things will be a lot different. It's like adding a new player. I'm so used to having new teammates. It ain't nothing new."


Wall on guarding Beal

Wall and Beal are the Wizards' two best players, so it's not surprising that they have some battles on the practice court. Wall shared some insight into how they match up and why it's good they can guard each other:

"Whenever I'm not on his team, I try to guard him just so I can get better defensively. He's going to compete and make me a better person. It's vice versa. He's going to guard me and fight over screens to be able to keep chasing somebody. At times I have to guard two-guards because guys like Steph [Curry] come off a lot of screens to shoot the ball. I have to get used to guarding things like that. Guarding Brad makes things a lot tougher and helps me get in even more better shape for guarding guys like that for a full 48 minutes," he said.

Wall also said that he knew Beal would be good back in 2012 when he was drafted, saying that even before the Wizards picked him it was a "no-brainer." That led to questions about them having disagreements in the past and Wall had a funny retort:

"I'm the point guard, so even if I'm mad at someone I still have to pass them the ball if they're open. If I don't, I look like a selfish person. Like, what am I doing?"

Mahinmi's weight loss

Ian Mahinmi shared some details about his weight loss on the Wizards Tipoff podcast, saying he dropped 10 pounds and did so by paying to have his personal chef, trainer and coaches to travel with him across the world. He had to cut out chocolate and sweets, which was the hardest part of changing his diet. But things got very interesting at Disneyland when he took his two daughters. It's a funny story, so check it out:



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With Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons set to debut, John Wall and Bradley Beal recall their early days

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With Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons set to debut, John Wall and Bradley Beal recall their early days

The Philadelphia 76ers will have two No. 1 overall picks make their NBA debuts on Wednesday night in Markelle Fultz (2017) and Ben Simmons (2016). They are in for a challenge with the Wizards, one of the best teams in basketball, and with guards John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Wall and Beal know that challenge well. They were both top draft picks in their own right, Wall the first pick in 2010 and Beal the third pick in 2012. They can recall in specifics their first games in the NBA and how humbling they were.

"My first game, I was going against Dwight Howard. It was fun," Wall said. "There was a lot of pressure. There were a lot of people talking."


It's often said that the point guard position is as deep as it's ever been nowadays. The last three MVP awards have gone to point guards, for instance.

There were some good ones back in 2010, too.

"I remember in a five-game span I played like [Rajon] Rondo, Derrick Rose here and then I went out west and played Steve Nash, Chris Paul and Russell [Westbrook]," Wall said. "I don't think it's gotten any harder than it was back then in 2010 with those five guys. You kind of understand what those guys are about when you get to see it firsthand and play against them."

Beal vividly remembers going up against the LeBron James-led Miami Heat as a 19-year-old. It wasn't easy.

"It was the Heat when they had [Dwyane Wade] and LeBron on the same team. That's when D-Wade was electrifying. He still had his quickness. He was strong as I don't know what and I was a baby at that time," he said.

"For me, it was like I was in awe because those are the guys I grew up watching and I was a fan of. Now I'm playing against them and I can't be a fan of them. It was amazing to play against them, but also an eye-opener like, I need to get better."

Now it's Fultz and Simmons' turn to see what matching up with NBA superstars is like and don't expect Wall or Beal to take it easy on them.

"I'm a competitive person, so I'm not going to back down from any challenge," Wall said.


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Wizards Tipoff podcast, Ep. 45 - Season preview with over/unders and bold predictions

NBC Sports Washington

Wizards Tipoff podcast, Ep. 45 - Season preview with over/unders and bold predictions

On the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff podcast presented by Greenberg and Bederman personal injury lawyers, Chase Hughes and Chris Miller previewed the 2017-18 Wizards regular season with over/unders, biggest questions and bold predictions.

NBC Sports Philly Sixers Insider Jessica Camerato also joined the show to preview the first game between the Wizards and Sixers.

You can listen to the episode right here:

You can download the podcast on Apple Podcasts right here and on Google Play. If you like the show please tell your friends!