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John Wall has an idea for how to fix the NBA's one-and-done rule

John Wall has an idea for how to fix the NBA's one-and-done rule

Last month, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA executive director Michele Roberts met with the Commission on College Basketball in Washington to discuss the future of the league's draft entry rules. ESPN reported the meeting and out of it came an interesting possible rule change, that players could someday be allowed to enter the draft out of high school but those who go to college would be required to stay at least two years.

That type of system would change a lot about both college basketball and the NBA and many are split on whether it's a good idea. Wizards guard John Wall, one of the most famous cases of a one-and-done star, offered his thoughts recently on NBC Sports Washington's Wizards Tipoff podcast.

Wall does not agree with the new proposal.

"It's kinda tough. I don't think they should go to school for two years if they don't have to. But I also think a lot of kids aren't ready out of high school," he said. "You very rarely find one or two of those guys that were spectacular that could leave right out of high school."


There are some success stories for guys who joined the NBA straight out of high school like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. But there are also many who never made it entirely or didn't reach their potential because their development was arguably rushed. 

The NBA enacted a rule in 2006 that prevented players from jumping to the NBA right out of high school. The result has been a systematic churn of NBA prospects from big-time college programs and that process has drawn its own critics. 

Wall, who played one season at the University of Kentucky before going first overall in the 2010 draft, likes the one-and-done system because it worked for him. He used that year to continue learning about the game and has since blossomed into a four-time NBA All-Star.

"I could have, but I wouldn't have wanted to," Wall said of going from high school to the NBA. "I wouldn't have been ready."


Wall likes the current one-and-done system and doesn't care for the new proposal, but he does have an idea of how to change the system. The NBA has something it didn't have back in 2006, a more developed minor league system. In 2006, the NBA's D-League (now the G-League) was only one year old.

Now it's a more refined institution and Wall thinks it could be the answer for a compromise.

"I think if they did come out of high school, they should go to the G-League for one year, then come to the NBA," Wall said. "It would be just like they played in college, but they would be able to play at this level."

One year in the G-League would add some new wrinkles to the development process of NBA prospects. It's an interesting idea. 

Wall also discussed Bradley Beal's All-Star chances, why the NBA should televise its All-Star draft and more on the podcast. Listen to the interview right here:




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Wizards ride huge second half to break through, beat Pistons

USA Today Sports Images

Wizards ride huge second half to break through, beat Pistons

The Washington Wizards beat the Detroit Pistons 122-112 on Friday night. Here's analysis of what went down...

Changes were subtle: Many were surprised when head coach Scott Brooks decided to trot out the usual starting lineup after all the talk about making changes following their blowout loss to the Hornets on Wednesday, but that didn't mean Brooks was going to keep everything the same. He did adjust his rotation, it just took him a few minutes.

Center Marcin Gortat played four minutes in the first quarter before sitting the rest of the first half. After Markieff Morris began the game cold and missed his first three threes, Scott pulled him and got creative with his lineups.

Early in the second quarter we saw Tomas Satoransky, Jodie Meeks, Kelly Oubre, Otto Porter and Mike Scott in a super small-ball set... and it worked. After the Wizards went down by 15 points, that group exploded back by causing turnovers left and right and took the lead. Even Meeks, who has struggled all season, popped off for six points in his first five minutes.

Whether it was those moves or not, the Wizards came out in the third quarter a different team. They outscored the Pistons 45-28 in the frame and shot 16-for-21.

After going scoreless in the first half, John Wall exploded for 10 points in the third quarter and finished with 16 points and 11 assists for the game. Bradley Beal had 13 points in the third and Gortat had eight. Beal had 26 points for the game and Gortat had 13 points and nine rebounds.

The big third quarter propelled the Wizards to the win. They snapped a two-game slump and improved to 26-20 on the season.


Otto came to play: Brooks ripped into the Wizards following their loss on Wednesday and early on it seemed like most of the players didn't get the message. Porter was a major exception because he came out on fire.

Porter had 11 points, six rebounds and three steals by halftime. He was 3-of-4 from three and was all over the place on both ends of the court.

Porter ended up with 16 points. It was a great sign for the five-year pro, who hadn't reached double figures in six of his previous eight games. If Porter gets going offensively, the Wizards should be in good shape moving forward.

Oubre, too: Oubre gets criticism from time to time about his mistakes on the court, when he gambles on defense or doesn't make the extra pass on offense. But what is never questioned is his effort, so it's no surprise he showed up when Brooks was looking for more energy from his team.

Oubre lit a spark with 11 points in the first half on 4-for-7 from the field in just under 16 minutes. He ended up with a career-high 26 points for the game. He shot 9-for-14 from the field and 5-for-9 from three. He also added five rebounds.

Oubre has been one of the Wizards' most consistent players recently. He has reached double figures in seven straight games and is averaging 16.3 points per game during that stretch.

Oubre has 15 points or more in four straight games, a career-high. This season he has 13 such games compared to seven in his previous two seasons combined. 

If the Wizards continue to struggle in the big picture, Oubre will be knocking on the door to be inserted into the starting lineup. His improvement is also giving the Wizards a lot of options as they approach the trade deadline because if they want to move a starter, he could step right in.

Stocking up: The Wizards beat the Pistons for the third time this season, meaning they took the season series. That could come in handy if the Wizards need a playoff tiebreaker over the Pistons at the end of the season.

Up next: The Wizards are off through the weekend. Their next game is on Monday night at the Dallas Mavericks. Tipoff is at 8:30 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington.


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2018 NBA trade deadline: Hornets are shopping All-Star guard Kemba Walker, report says

USA Today Sports Images

2018 NBA trade deadline: Hornets are shopping All-Star guard Kemba Walker, report says

The Charlotte Hornets are attempting a firesale of sorts with the 2018 NBA trade deadline approaching and have made All-Star point guard Kemba Walker available in talks, according to a report by ESPN.

Walker, 27, is having one of his best seasons with averages of 21.7 points, 5.8 assists and 1.2 steals per game. He is a prolific scorer and is on a team-friendly contract of $12 million per year through next season.

Though many teams have good point guards these days, there should be a strong market for Walker. Teams like the Sixers, Pistons, Clippers, Knicks and Nuggets would seem to be great fits. 


The Pistons stand out in particular. They are currently ninth in the East and their primary point guard Reggie Jackson is hurt. Even when he does play, they need offense and that's what Walker provides.

The Sixers have Markelle Fultz working his way back from a shoulder injury, but have the assets to trade for Walker and could use some help to make a playoff push. The Knicks could use more talent around Kristaps Porzingis and Walker would certainly help.

There are still about three weeks until the Feb. 8 trade deadline and a lot can change before then. But it appears there is another big name readily available on the market.