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Pros and cons: who should Wizards pick for final roster spot between Carrick Felix and Donald Sloan?

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Pros and cons: who should Wizards pick for final roster spot between Carrick Felix and Donald Sloan?

Sheldon Mac's torn Achilles and Daniel Ochefu getting waived have left the Wizards with a clearer picture of their roster now with one week before they open the regular season against the Philadelphia 76ers. Head coach Scott Brooks even outlined the Wizards' final roster spot battle in specifics at Tuesday's practice.

"We have everything here that we need. It's going to be Carrick [Felix] or Donald [Sloan]," he said when asked if there were plans to sign a free agent.

It was not long ago that this was a more complicated decision. Mac had impressed in the preseason, but had competition with Felix and Sloan nipping at his heels. Now that Mac is likely out for the year, the Wizards are planning to keep him on the roster, knowing they wouldn't save his salary by cutting him. That makes 14 spots taken with one to go and two players fighting for it.

The Wizards, by the way, may have rookie Mike Young, who is on a two-way contract, stick around to start the regular season with power forward Markieff Morris set to miss several weeks while he rehabs from sports hernia surgery. But that wouldn't affect the Felix/Sloan decision.

Under his two-way deal that will likely keep him in the G-League for most of the year, Young is slotted 45 days at the NBA level. The Wizards have discussed starting that clock early to compensate for Morris' absence.

Regardless, the final spot on the 15-man roster will come down to Felix or Sloan. Here is a look at the pros and cons of keeping each option:

Carrick Felix

Pros: Felix is all about defense. With the scoring-minded Jodie Meeks set as the primary backup shooting guard, Felix could be a nice change of pace from what they currently have on their roster. He's an extremely hard worker both in practice and in games and his energy is contagious. After struggling last season on defense, often at the perimeter, Felix could become an asset. He would also provide an insurance policy for Meeks, who has durability questions after averaging just 33 games the past three seasons. 

There are two players that come to mind in terms of the impact Felix could provide in a best-case scenario. One is former Wizards guard Garrett Temple, who was a professional in every sense of the word and highly respected in the locker room because of it. He was defense first, much like Felix. The other player comparison would be Jonathan Simmons, formerly of the Spurs and now with the Orlando Magic. Like Simmons, Felix is a high-flying dunker and a guy who can provide a spark off the bench just in how hard he plays.

Cons: Though Felix has impressed this preseason and is 27-years-old, he does not have a lot of NBA experience. He's only played in seven NBA games and not since the 2013-14 season when he was with the Cavaliers. In contrast to Sloan, he's the less-experienced guy by a longshot. Given the Wizards want to win now, they could see Sloan as more of a sure thing. 


Donald Sloan

Pros: Sloan has been there before and plays point guard. He has five years of NBA experience, including four playoff games under his belt. The Wizards know what they have in Sloan: a steady veteran who can score and competently run their offense. With Tim Frazier already in house, the Wizards would have two veteran point guards behind John Wall. 

Backup point guard was a problem for the Wizards last year and it has plagued them in the past. Keeping Sloan would give the Wizards a very sound depth chart at the point guard position, two veterans behind Wall plus an intriguing young prospect in Tomas Satoransky. Sloan can also play some shooting guard, giving Scott more options for his bench rotation.

Cons: How many point guards can the Wizards keep? If they hold on to Sloan, then that probably takes point guard minutes away from Satoransky, who is already no higher than third in line at the position. Satoransky would probably have to start earning minutes at shooting guard or small forward, or else he wouldn't be playing at all. Sloan may lose out in part because of a numbers game on the Wizards roster.

For more on Felix and Sloan, check out or 1-on-1 podcast interviews with each player:

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5 must-see moments from Wizards' tough loss to Bucks including John Wall's circus shot

USA Today Sports Images

5 must-see moments from Wizards' tough loss to Bucks including John Wall's circus shot

Here are the five best plays or moments from the Wizards' 104-95 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday afternoon...

1. John Wall came out swinging in the first half with 22 points, 16 of them in the first quarter alone. 

This was one of his best plays. Wall split two defenders and then flipped it in off the glass:

Wall finished with 27 points, nine assists, four rebounds, three steals and two blocks. 

2. Kelly Oubre, Jr. led the Wizards' bench with 19 points, five rebounds and a block. He missed on this play, but nearly dunked on Giannis Antetokounmpo. That would have been something:


3. Oubre did get this one to go down. He popped a three at the buzzer to end the third quarter:

4. Wall had some nice passes including this alley-oop lob to Tomas Satoransky. Sato got way up there:

Satoransky also threw down this alley-oop pass earlier thrown by Bradley Beal:

5. This last play was by the Bucks and it was not something you see every day. Antetokounmpo fired an assist through his legs like a longsnapper:

The Wizards lost a close one. Now they head to Charlotte to begin a five-game road trip.


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On MLK Day, John Wall wonders what King would think about race relations under President Trump

On MLK Day, John Wall wonders what King would think about race relations under President Trump

John Wall spoke at length over the summer about race relations in the United States following the violence in Charlottesville in August orchestrated by white supremacists.

Following the Wizards' game against the Bucks on Martin Luther King, Jr. day on Monday, Wall was asked about the subject again.

Wall does not believe improvements have made in the last few months with President Donald Trump in office and he wonders how King would react if he were alive to see the current state of America.

"I think he still wouldn't be satisfied. We're still dealing with it. I think it got better for a little period of time, but with the new president we have I think things are going backwards. We've been dealing with it the last couple of years. There are some things we still need to figure out," Wall said.


The Wizards play on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every year and Wizards players cherish the tradition. It is not lost on Wall that he plays in Washington, D.C. where King made his famous 'I Have A Dream' speech and led the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963.

“That’s just an honor and a blessing," Wall said.

"We are all still sticking to what he had with this dream, and we are just trying to get everything to be right with it. To be able to play in this city is an honor."


Wall says he tries to embody King's dream in his own life. King helped lead the civil rights movement that paved the way for equal rights and Wall, an African-American, has much to thank for those who fought. Every American does.

Wall says he wants to make King proud.

“I just hope that he appreciates what I’m doing. I’m doing myself very well. I hope he’s thankful for what I’m doing. I’m striving to be a better African-American athlete, and just as a person first of all – I think that’s the most important thing," he said.