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Winners and Losers from the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

Winners and Losers from the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

Trade deadlines are an exciting time for everyone. Teams get new players, players get new teams, fans get a nice midday distraction - everyone wins. (Except for the players who have to uproot their lives on a literal moment's notice, they defintely do not win.) 

Trades can take years to fully develop. Team cohesion doesn't happen overnight, and the ripple effects from roster shakeups are oftentimes felt years down the road. It'd be premature to assign winners and losers of the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline so hastily - SO LET'S DO IT. 


Cleveland Cavaliers 

The Cavs were unquestionably the most active team on the market today, as GM LeBron James Koby Altman had himself quite an afternoon:

That is an absurd amount of roster movement for one day. Quite frankly, this an absurd amount of roster movement for one offseason. It was also an overhaul that was sorely needed. The Cavs were bad. Not like, "oh, we don't care about the regular season" bad - but actually, legitimately bad. 

Isaiah Thomas wasn't healthy, still didn't play defense and also hated being in Cleveland for literally every moment he was in Cleveland. The ghosts of Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade had no business logging meaningful minutes on a Championship-caliber team. The Cavs own 1st round pick was expendible given their possession of Brooklyn's. None of these pieces fit, and they got rid of them before they trotted an old, injured lineup into a seven-game series with Milwuakee in the first round of the playoffs. That's a win. 

Los Angeles Lakers 

They cleared cap space, which to the Lakers is the ultimate win. Drafting is dumb when you can promise the best basketball players in the world great weather, a huge market, and the country's premier taco scene. The Lakers also won, and if you don't believe me, just wait until Day 1 of free agency. 

Washington Wizards 

Hell yeah the Wizards are going under Winners:

The Wiz' biggest problem is being strapped for cash. Handing out three max contracts tends to do that. Now they have roster space and cap room, both of which will obviously go a long way towards continuing to build around their current core. It wasn't flashy, but sometimes the best trades aren't. It's a win! 


Isaiah Thomas

My guy has had Top-5 All-Time forgettable season so far. Let's take a look:

- Traded from Boston, where he carried the team and was universally adored by fans, to an Eastern Conference rival in Northwest Ohio for a younger, better player

- Spent half of his last season before free agency rehabbing a career-threatening hip injury 

- "Reportedly" was the player who lead the locker room revolt against Kevin Love 

- Threw coaches and players under the bus with every single postgame presser he gave while on the Cavs 

- Went on record LAST NIGHT saying he didn't want to be traded for the 4th time in his career, immediately gets traded for the 4th time in his career

- Had to have his agent send league-wide texts in all caps reminding everyone that he won't come off the bench for LaVar Ball's kid 

Memphis Grizzlies 

The Grizzlies had one of the most valuable assests of the deadline in Tyreke Evans. They also had an intriguing piece in Marc Gasol, although he was always less likely to be traded. Turns out, neither of them got traded, as the Grizzlies apparently cherish the status quo. They were reportedly looking for a first round pick in exchange for Evans, which is probably all you need to know about why they're Deadline Losers:


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Don't expect a big role for Ramon Sessions with Wizards after signing as free agent

Don't expect a big role for Ramon Sessions with Wizards after signing as free agent

When Ramon Sessions was last with the Wizards, he was the primary backup point guard behind starter John Wall. Now back with the team on a 10-day contract, he is expected to play a much more muted role.

Wizards head coach Scott Brooks spoke of Sessions as the fourth-string point guard, not only behind Wall who remains out to recover from left knee surgery, but also behind Tomas Satoransky and Tim Frazier. The presence of Sessions should not affect Satoransky's minutes as the replacement starter and it doesn't sound like Frazier is in jeopardy of moving down the depth chart, either.

"I don't know how many minutes or opportunities he will get, but with the way he holds himself I feel comfortable if we need him in a pinch," Brooks said. "We have some coverage now if one of our guards goes down or gets in foul trouble."


Brooks mentioned Sessions' ability to play some at shooting guard if needed. He also praised Sessions' penchant for getting to the free throw line. Sessions has averaged 3.9 free throw attempts in just 23.5 minutes per game. That's highest among active players who have averaged 24 minutes or less in their career.

Sessions played well for the Wizards down the stretch of the 2014-15 season and in the 2015-16 campaign. As a member of the Wizards, he averaged 9.2 points and 3.0 assists per game.


He has played for eight different teams, but has always felt a connection to Washington.

"It just always felt like a place I could end up back one day," he said. "People always ask me, being on so many teams, 'what's the home team to you?' I always come back to the Wizards. It was a place I was only here a year-and-a-half, but it feels like much longer than that with the run we had and the fans and the support I get when I come here."

Exactly how long Sessions will be here is unclear. He couldn't crack the Knicks' rotation earlier this season and has a lot to prove. Still, he's excited for the opportunity.


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Kevin Durant commits $10 million to Prince George's County public schools


Kevin Durant commits $10 million to Prince George's County public schools

Kevin Durant continues to give back to the community that raised him. 

Durant, who calls Prince George's County, MD., home, recently announced a partnership with Prince George's County public schools. 

The partnership, which comes with a $10 million dollar commitment from Durant, will help fund a program called College Track. Essentially, it's a 10-year program that provides basic infrastructure โ€” test prep, tutoring, college selection and how to get financial aid โ€” that kids from less-advantaged families often times donโ€™t have.

Durant's money will go towards building College Track's Maryland center. There are nine other College Tracks across California, Colorado, and Louisiana, and the program has helped over 3,000 students get to college and beyond. This Maryland center will be the first of three that are planned to go up in the DC area. 

You can read the entire article about Durant and College Track right here.