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Whitetail Country
About Thompson Center's Whitetail Country
June 22, 2011, 11:06 am

Thompson Center's Whitetail Country
Join top pro's like Bill Jordan, Jim Shockey, Stan Potts, David Blanton, Greg Miller, Gregg Ritz, Tom Miranda and more.... as they explore the what, where, when, why and how of hunting whitetails. "Whitetail Country" is the original "All Stars" of whitetail hunting television series.

Get to know the pro hunters on a personal level and learn how they got started in the outdoors. Not only do viewers glean expert advice about hunting whitetails, but they also witness mega buck hunts as if "on stand" with the pro's.

A unique feature of "Whitetail Country"... is that our Producers scour the midwest or new and unknown buck hunters.... Guys and gals who excel at hunting whitetails.... Then each week on "Whitetail Country" these new pro's are featured with a full biography and action packed hunting footage. Thompson Center's "Whitetail Country" makes it's debut on VERSUS part of the NBC Sports Group in July 2011.


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