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Winchester World of Whitetail
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June 27, 2011, 12:06 pm

Winchester World of Whitetail
It's hard-core whitetail hunting at its finest. This adventure-hunting-reality series is prime for whitetail fanatics across the country. Join host Ron Spomer as he tells all, including his strategies and tactics for taking big bucks. Viewers will also tag along and be 'on-location' across the country as Ron hunts with resident experts and consults with ranch owners on how to manage for more and bigger deer, and tests the latest new products for hunting monster whitetails.

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Ron is from a small town, farming family background in rural South Dakota. He began hunting small game and exploring the natural world as child, poking, prying, splashing and groping through the mud and weeds. Self-taught do-it-yourself hunter, naturalist, birder, wildlife photographer.

Ron has spent last 40 years as licensed hunter, pursuing everything from bunnies and waterfowl to Harlequin quail and grizzly bears in North America. He has also hunted South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Ron graduated with a BS in English from the University of South Dakota. Self-guided, wilderness backpack hunter. Have taken two bighorn sheep on my own, four Dalls and a Stone while guided. Many wilderness hunts for moose, elk, mountain goats, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou. Extensive hunting for whitetails, mule deer, pronghorns, black tails, Coues deer, etc. Seven African plains game safaris. Owned and trained labs, Springer's, English setters over which I've taken all N.A. upland birds and most waterfowl.

Ron has photographed the natural world and its Wildlife around the globe; images published in hundreds of magazines, books, catalogs, ad campaigns. Self-taught birder with over 500 NA species on life list. Strong curiosity about and interest in native plants, habitats, geology, ecology and their impact on wildlife populations and behavior. He is a student of ballistics and optics. Hand loader of center fire cartridges and shot shells for 35 years. Experience with dozens of brands/makes of firearms. Former bow hunter. Authored six books on hunting and wildlife natural history. Articles published in well over 100 consumer magazines. Ron is a former information officer, writer, photographer for South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks and for Kansas Fish & Game.

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