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Our Goal

We want to make sure you never miss a great sports moment again, whether it involves your favorite team or not.
  • A perfect game in baseball
  • A great Wimbledon 5th set
  • A 5 OT NCAA basketball game
  • A 24 point comeback in football
  • A mid-major conference squad taking down the #1 ranked NCAA football team

Why we're different

  • We monitor the world for trending games
  • We provide more powerful personalization
  • We tell you where to tune in
  • We have unique alerting capabilities

Great game

Good game

OK game

Dull game

We adjust the excitement rating for every game featuring one of your favorite teams. The adjustment is based on factors that might make the game more (or less) exciting for fans. Look for the star to find your favorite games!
An empty circle means an upcoming game with a predicted excitement rating. Giants playing the Cowboys on SNF? Celtics facing elimination? Durant returning to OKC? We capture these X factors before the game even starts.