2019 NFL mock draft: How Kyler Murray decision could shake things up

2019 NFL mock draft: How Kyler Murray decision could shake things up

Kyler Murray has fans of two sports on the edge of their seats.

The Oakland A's prospect announced Monday he will enter the 2019 NFL Draft, but that doesn't mean he'll end up playing football. Such a decision might end up making the most sense, but there still is some question about where Murray will be selected.

So, let's look at where Murray is projected by some to end up, and which players the 49ers and the Raiders might select in the first round. 

CBS Sports

Oakland Raiders, No. 4 overall: Alabama DL Quinnen Williams 

New York Giants, No. 6 overall: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

San Francisco 49ers, No. 7 overall: Clemson DE Clelin Ferrell 

What it means: Ryan Wilson's mock draft has the 49ers trading back with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who select Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins in the No. 2 slot. With a QB going so early, the Raiders would be able to select one of the draft's elite prospects. 

The 49ers, who do not need a signal-caller with a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo in tow, also would benefit from a run on QBs early in the draft. Ferrell, fresh off a national championship at Levi's Stadium, would be an immediate upgrade off the edge. 

SB Nation

San Francisco 49ers, No. 2 overall: Kentucky OLB/DE Josh Allen

Oakland Raiders, No. 4 overall: Alabama DL Quinnen Williams

Jacksonville Jaguars, No. 7 overall: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

What it means: There were no trades in Dan Kadar's mock draft, but he still has two QBs going in the top 10. With such a run taking place after the 49ers and the Raiders step up to the podium, they're left to pick from plenty of strong options. 

Allen had to look up who Ronnie Lott was, but the Kentucky product would improve a 49ers pass rush that tied for 22nd in the NFL in 2018 with 37 sacks. The Raiders again are left to select Williams, who ultimately might prove to be too talented to pass up on. 

The Draft Network

San Francisco 49ers, No. 2 overall: Ohio State DE Nick Bosa

Oakland Raiders, No. 4 overall: Alabama safety Deionte Thompson

Miami Dolphins, No. 13 overall: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

What it means: If the NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals draft Williams No. 1 overall, as Benjamin Solak projects, the 49ers would be left to select an edge rusher who some consider to be the best player in this year's draft. San Francisco likely will have plenty of options up front at No. 2, but Bosa "falling" might be an ideal scenario.

The Raiders, meanwhile, desperately need help in the defensive backfield, and Thompson could be the ballhawk free safety the Silver and Black are seeking.

As for Murray, being selected at No. 13 still would provide a nice financial windfall. Da'Ron Payne, the 13th pick in the 2018 draft, received a signing bonus worth $8.566 million -- nearly $4 million more than what Murray would have to repay to the A's if he chose a career in pro football. 

Colin Kaepernick 'Icon' jersey offers NBA stars another way to show solidarity

Colin Kaepernick 'Icon' jersey offers NBA stars another way to show solidarity

Recently, some prominent NBA stars have come out in support of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, displaying their solidarity in different manners.

The Warriors' Kevin Durant, for instance, donned a black No. 7 jersey to and from a recent game at Oracle Arena, bearing the phrase "#IMWITHKAP" on the chest.

Steph Curry, wearing the same attire, recently posed for a photo with his son Canon.

The Lakers' LeBron James wore a nearly identical jersey getting off the plane when he and Los Angeles made the trip to Oracle to face Golden State earlier this month.

James took his support of Kaepernick a step further when he was asked about Kaepernick's reported settlement with the NFL at All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

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If Durant, Curry and James -- or anyone else for that matter -- like the black-and-white look, and want to show further solidarity for Kaepernick, well, they're in luck.

On Wednesday, Nike announced the release of a limited-edition Colin Kaepernick 'Icon' jersey -- the same one James wore as a tease getting off the plane in Oakland. As Kaepernick explained in a tweet, the jersey is dedicated to "those true to themselves on and off the field. Proudly, unapologetically and against all odds."

"We believe Colin Kaepernick is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” a Nike spokesperson told The Undefeated. “The jersey marks Nike’s continued product collaboration with Colin."

The NFL logo is notably absent from the jersey, which should not come as a surprise given Kaepernick's recent litigation with the league. 20 percent of all proceeds from the sale of the jerseys will go to the Know Your Rights Camp he founded, which raises awareness for youth "on higher education, self-empowerment and instruction on how to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios."

So, if you're in the market for a new black-and-white look, or simply want to show more support for Kaepernick, there are certainly worse ways you could spend your money.

49ers receiver Trent Taylor excited to learn from new coach Wes Welker


49ers receiver Trent Taylor excited to learn from new coach Wes Welker

As a short, slot receiver, Trent Taylor has been compared to All-Pro wideout Wes Welker for his entire life.

Now, Taylor will have the chance to learn from Welker directly, after the 37-year-old reportedly will become one of the newest members of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan's staff.

Taylor didn’t hold back when asked what his thoughts were when he first heard about Welker heading to the Bay Area.

“I thought it was freakin’ sick,” Taylor told NBC Sports Bay Area. “He’s been a baller in the NFL for 10 plus years and it’s always just cool having a guy like that coaching you. A guy with that type of experience and the guy people have compared me to my whole life.”

With only an inch difference in height between the two -- Taylor is 5'8", Welker is 5'9" -- Taylor is more than ready to learn from Welker. Tips from the receiver who led the league in receptions in three different seasons and racked up over 1,000 yards five times will be very valuable.

Even more than Welker’s physicality, Taylor believes his mental approach to the game is even more powerful.

“It’s going to be a cool opportunity to be able to work with him and hear what he has to say to me, what kind of advice he has, and I just know he has that ‘dog mentality’ that you want in a football player," Taylor said. 

“It’s cool to have that in the coaching position, and it will be cool to see the way that he coaches us and the fire that he brings into work every day. I think it’s going to be great.”

While Taylor knows what his new coach is capable of, he can’t wait be in the same room with the five-time Pro Bowler to watch Welker’s own game film.

“I haven’t been able to just sit down and break down his film,” Taylor said. “But I feel like we will have the opportunity to do that. I’ll probably press that subject pretty hard. I feel like he’s going to try to be humble about it but we need to see his film. That’s for sure.”

Welker’s level of productivity is the gold standard for a slot receiver, and that’s the goal for Taylor and the rest of the receivers room. Taylor understands its immense value.

“I think it will be good to be able to ‘learn’ somebody who played the same type of position with the same body type,” Taylor said. “You don’t run into to many guys like that in the NFL. So it will be an interesting perspective to hear from.”

Welker reportedly will be joined by former Cowboys wideout Miles Austin in the receivers room, who was hired as an offensive quality control coach. Taylor appreciates that both coaches are not that far removed from the game, which helps them be even more relatable.

“Two guys who played a long time in the NFL, and haven’t been out of the league for that many years,” Taylor said. “They’re still pretty fresh in it. It’ll be great. I think it’s going to work out great."

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Taylor, however remains inspired by Welker's mental toughness and looks to get everything possible out of his new coach.

"I think he always wanted it more than the guy across from him," Taylor said. "And that’s what made him so great. that’s what makes anybody great. Just having that 'want to' and that fire that you’re never going to stop. That you’re not going to give up."