Deebo hopes to add Sr. to his jersey after birth of son


Deebo Samuel has experienced a whole lot of firsts this year on the football field during a historic season as the 49ers' ultimate offensive weapon. He has put up unheard of numbers with 1,548 yards from scrimmage and 12 totals touchdowns through 14 games this season. 

None of those numbers compare to the ones he tweeted Monday morning, the same morning as his most significant first in such a memorable year. 

Samuel announced to the world on Monday morning that his first-born baby is eight pounds and 15 ounces. On Thursday, he told reporters that his baby was born in North Carolina and was named after himself. Deebo's full name is Tyshun Raequan "Deebo" Samuel.

After the birth of Tyshun Raequan Samuel Jr., the Pro Bowl receiver hopes to make a change to his 49ers jersey. 

"I'm trying to get Sr. put on the back of my jersey for this Sunday but I don't how it's going to work," Samuel said at the end of his press conference. 

Samuel called the birth of his son a "great experience" and "something you can't even explain." He didn't cry but was overcome with joy the first time he saw baby Tyshun. The birth was healthy for both the baby and the mother, too. 

As far as his perspective as a first-time father, Samuel said he has been leaning on teammate Emmanuel Moseley, who isn't surprised by the receiver's spectacular season ahead of being a dad. 


"What's so crazy is, talking to Emmanuel a lot throughout this process, he was like, 'I kind of see why you playin' the way you playin', because you're soon to be a father.' He was telling me, whenever you have a child -- it just changes everything. 

"The way you go about working, you just have a little you running around you think about. So it kind of changed perspective in that area. That's for sure."

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Whether it's dad strength or not, Samuel has enjoyed a season to remember. There still is work to be done on the football. But off it, he'll always remember the numbers 12, 27 and 21 for his son's birthday, just as he will 8 and 15 for how much Tyshun weighed the first time he held him.

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