When wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders became a member of the 49ers, it was a relatively smooth transition. 

Sanders quickly had to study the offense, but having some Denver Broncos ties in the Bay Area made it easier -- it was just a matter of learning the terms. When it was time for Sanders to perform, he shined, and that was in large part due to his new head coach.

"Kyle Shanahan, from a play-calling standpoint, is definitely one of the best offensive-minded guys that I've been around," Sanders said on "The Adam Schefter Podcast". "... [Just] how he dials it up in terms of predicting the coverage and predicting what the defense is going to do to be able to get guys open. I've just gotta go out and do my job when the play is called, and I'm thankful that Jimmy [Garoppolo] trusts in me and Kyle trusts in me to go out and make those plays, even though it was my second game with that organization."

The two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver received plenty of action the moment he stepped on the field for the 49ers. In his first two games with his new team, he tallied 11 receptions on 14 targets with 137 yards receiving and two touchdowns. 


The 49ers remain the only undefeated team in the NFL. Sanders credits Shanahan for that as well with both how he runs the team and his communication.

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"First of all, I think they have a great head coach. Even from today, I enjoy watching and hearing him talk in front of the entire team and in terms of his message. His message is very direct. Even though we're sitting here 8-0, he's not gonna allow anything to happen in terms of us losing our focus and us losing our concentration.

"And not only that, he talks to us like grown men. He doesn't talk to us like kids. I love that aspect."

That's all Sanders could really ask for in a head coach.