Kittle surprised by 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin mid-interview


Who doesn’t love a surprise guest in the middle of an interview? What if that guest is one of your heroes? 

49ers tight end George Kittle was mid-interview on ESPN’s “First Take” on Tuesday when legendary wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin casually popped in:

Kittle’s a big wrestling fan, so you could see it pretty easily on his face how excited and surprised he was for the Stone Cold cameo.

“He’s the man -- oh you got to be kidding me right now,” Kittle said as Austin arrived.

Kittle did mention how much he appreciates Austin's great hands. After all, the wrestler has been able to catch all of those beers from the top ropes, a skill that comes in handy.

Austin had a football career of his own. He played at the University of North Texas in the 1980s, and despite wanting to make a career out of it, he only was able to have an impressive “Friday Night Lights” campaign in high school. That’s still really cool.

He told Kittle he wished he could have been a tight end, but spent his time as a running back.

“I got some hands on me,” Austin told Kittle in the “First Take” interview. “I could catch anything and I think I catch beers better than a football, but nonetheless man, I’m not at your level, but damn close.”

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Kittle’s love for wrestling started later than most. He began soaking it all up in college during his Iowa days and went to Wrestlemania a few years back. He also met Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at one of the Super Bowl LIV events last year.


The two-time Pro Bowl tight end has a wrestling personality of his own, so it’s no surprise how quickly he and Austin hit it off. 

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