49ers tight end George Kittle has been compared to five-time Pro Bowler Rob Gronkowski numerous times. As far as compliments are concerned, that's a major one.

But not everyone has positive things to say about Kittle, specifically FS1's Doug Gottlieb who said despite his talents, Kittle is "not really a blocker."

Well ...

The thing is, Kittle is certainly a blocker -- a well-known one, as a matter of fact. 

During the 49ers' recent 20-17 loss to the Ravens, Kittle received an overall 72.9 grade from PFF and a 78.1 run-blocking grade. That's his best of the season.

Of. The. Season.

“That was probably as good as of a run-blocking game in terms of how much a tight end in outside zone can move the edge setters,” Shanahan said about Kittle after Sunday's game.

“He dominated in that game. Our edges were as good as they have almost ever been and that’s why we were able to put a fast running back in there and just stay on track and just hit the numbers pretty hard. He was very impressive and so was McGlinchey on the edge too.”  

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If that's not good enough for anyone, the tweet above has a few clips of evidence to show it.