The NFL season isn't in limbo like the rest of the sports world, but 49ers players still are a bit restricted in what they can do, as a large portion of the country adheres to a "stay at home" policy because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Some 49ers players are using their free time to record personalized Cameo messages for fans, and on Monday, edge rusher Nick Bosa posted an Instagram video calling for his followers to hit him up for any requests.

Of course, Bosa's teammates had to slide into the comments with their snarky responses, and All-Pro tight end George Kittle took the best shot at the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

"I bet your response rate is worse than mine 😂," Kittle wrote.

Recently re-signed defensive lineman Ronald Blair came strong with a pair of eyes emojis.

"Boyyyy if you don’t," Arik Armstead wrote.

So, how much does a personalized Cameo message from Bosa cost? A measily $200, and according to the website, Bosa typically responds within three hours.

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As for Kittle, requests for a message from him are temporarily available. Probably because he's so popular.

Bosa will hope to one day reach Kittle's level on Cameo.