Hey George Kittle, what was Jimmy Garoppolo's chin line like back in middle school? Asking for a friend.

Why are we talking about Jimmy G, the middle school student?

Because, according to 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, the All-Pro tight end has been busting out old images of his quarterback during team Zoom meetings.

"Recently, we've been doing offensive skill meetings together where [49ers coach] Kyle [Shanahan] has been running the meetings himself," Juszczyk said Tuesday during a conference call with Bay Area reporters. "And we usually start the day with some banter. Jimmy, he's always involved. We have a very close-knit group and we can all poke fun at each other. People love throwing up old pictures as their background. Kittle is the king of it, as you would imagine, of always keeping things light and putting up pictures of Jimmy from middle school or high school prom or whoever it is. So, we have a good time with it, but then we always buckle down and we get a lot of really good work in."

That's amazing. We want to know where Kittle got the images. And we need screenshots from these Zoom meetings.

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Aside from Kittle embarrassing Garoppolo, Juszczyk went into great detail about the 49ers' Zoom meeting during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"We've done a number of different things," Juszczyk said. "We've had position meetings where I've been with the running backs and it's just us. Kyle loves to come in and interrupt and crack some jokes and just kind of keep things loose, and really just check in with us on a personal level, just see how everyone's doing, what's going on at home, kind of get away from the football for a second. Other than that, we're football all the way in our running back meetings."

Zoom meetings can never replace on-field work, but Juszczyk is enjoying the change of pace.

"It's been super refreshing, to be totally honest with you, how much work we have been getting done in these Zoom meetings and how much I've been able to learn going into my eighth year and playing in this offense for quite a while now," Juszczyk said. "We've really been able to dive into the nitty gritty and the details of this offense because we don't have anything that we're really preparing for that ... we don't have practice where we have to get ready for a certain script and we have to run these plays this week, so we have to install them quickly and we can't really go over them to thoroughly.

"That's not the case right now. We can really go through everything thoroughly and learn as an entire group, where wide receivers are learning exactly what the tight ends are being coached when we're in these offensive skill meetings with Kyle. And across the board, everybody is learning what everyone else is learning. So it has been refreshing and I think it has been really productive."

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No one knows when the 49ers players will be able to return to the training facility in Santa Clara, but for the time being, they are still learning the playbook and getting to look at embarrassing photos of Jimmy G.

So, at least the quarantine hasn't been boring for the 49ers.