Kittle viciously pancakes Von Miller with impressive block


To say that the 49ers imposed their will on the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night would be an understatement. 

San Francisco absolutely boat raced the Rams 31-10 on "Monday Night Football" at Levi's Stadium for their first home victory of the season. 

The 49ers' dominance over their division rival can be summed up by this video, and this video alone. 

Tight end George Kittle, well-respected for his blocking ability, pancaked one of the Rams' newest players, Von Miller, for a nasty block. 

Welcome to the NFC West, Von. 

“It was awesome. I know like there was a highlight, I got a pancake on it, and, yes, that was an awesome play," Kittle told reporters after the game. "[Kyle] Juszczyk helped me out a ton on that. We did that all night with all those motions. We had Juice doing it. We had Jeff Wilson doing it. We had Deebo doing it. We had Trent Sherfield doing it. And so just the fact that we can use all these guys that have a physical mindset and an aggressive mindset on those plays, it allows us to attack those outside edges when they have fantastic outside edge players.

"Like [Rams linebacker Leonard] Floyd's really good. Von Miller's really good. They have studs out there, but when you can double-team those and then get up to a DB, it makes your life a little bit easier. But yeah, when you're on the ball 44 times, there's not much, anything better than that.”

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Unfortunately for the 49ers, that one play from running back Elijah Mitchell resulted in a loss of yardage, so Kittle's block was essentially for nothing. 

Oh well, it still looked awesome. 

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